Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ideology: Significant Ways of Thinking

Is it possible to be "good/true" to your family (as Dan Evans is) while being "good/true" to yourself (as Ben Wade is)? William Munny has this same issue/problem. Without a wife and much income, he needs money to provide for his two kids. In fact, both of these films have money as a core issue.

Defend Your Citizenship.

What have you done to contribute to and improve the United States of America (other than being born here, which was fortunate for us indeed) that entitles you to more rights and happiness than an illegal alien? Than a legal immigrant?
(This is a fabulous country--no wonder so many people want to come here--that can be improved, of course.)

Why does hate exist?

Why does hate exist? What are its sources? Who hates the most? How is hate acted out? Will hate ever be eliminated? What can we do about it? Shouldn't we fight it like we keep fighting AIDS and cancer? (Racism, of course, is a form of hate.)