Thursday, April 10, 2008

Six-Word Description

One of your 20 comments may be just six words, instead of 20 words. Your six-word comment must describe one of the films we viewed. It must be exactly six words, but can use any kind of punctuation. It can be one phrase of six words, two phrases of three words, three phrases of two words--any combination is possible. It can even be six separate words. You must post it here. See my example to help you try it. (This is a famous way to express yourself with few words, but much thought.)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

ABC Chart Vocabulary and Thought Builder--Due Monday

What words are swimming through your minds? What might you include on your worksheet? Remember: you must have three words per letter, one movie per side, two total movies (of the four we viewed).

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Favorite Scene or Quote from Each Film

What is your favorite scene or quote from each film? What is cool about this scene or quote?
(This picture is a fan favorite from Titanic, because it begins the romance; creates the conflict; makes women viewers swoon; and shows men how to be emotional. Earlier I think, Jack stands on the front tip of the ship saying he is "King of the World!" Pretty cool movie-making. Titanic won/was nominated for the most awards ever, I think.)

Debate in Blogging

Which of the four films was "the best"--and why was it "the best"? And is the acting convincing?

Helpful Link to Think About Film as Literature

Copy and paste a link to another website here, then write 20+ words explaining how this site is helpful/interesting in thinking about one of the films we viewed. Your link address must be different than all others included here.