Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nonfiction Book Project: In-Class Blog Exercise Monday, 3/23

Type a 200+ word section verbatim (word for word) from your book, then explain what is going on in this section. Also, tell why this section is important and interesting. Add 100+ words of your own.

This is a saddening image from/of Hiroshima. How do we work to prevent this sort of atrocity?


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  2. Saturday, August 6, 1938 aunt clara says that what mrs.lowenstein needs is another husband. the first one died the first year of their marriage when he fell asleep smoking in bed and set their house on fire. Fortunately mrs.Lowenstein was out at the time. Uncle martin said she'll never get a husband because she wears to much cheap perfume. But Aunt Clara said she saw Mr. lippmand "giving her the eye" the other day. Mr.lippman's the one with the hearing aid his sister lives in berlin and he is hoping she will be able to go to england before it is too late. Each year mrs.lwenstein throws herself a lavish birthday party and the invitaions say NO MONOGRAMMED ARTICLES because she returns everything for cash no matter what it is. Uncle Martin says she has two reserved seats a Carnegie Hall. one for herself and one for her coat, so she doesn't have to sit next to anyone. and her gloves have to be custom-made so thta the fingers are big enough for her huge Diamond rings to fit. Once Aunt Clara had a heart-to-heart with her and tried to convince her to see a psychiatrist but mrs.lowensein said she has hundreds of friends who will listen to her problems for free so why should she pay someone twenty-five dollars an hour.
    now that I have written that 200 plus words I will now type my 100 plus words but now more like 90 because I am using up space by explaining what I am gonna do with the rest of the words I have to use in this book so far I have seen threw the eyes of a young girl who is going threw the holucust and it has effected me most by showing me that ppl had there daily lifes that they still had to go threw they had familiest to feed and jobs to do and yet even though they were scared for there lives they still did them and to me this is monumental now adays if ppl are scared they will drop everything and run I cant believe how lazy our society has become from what it used to be. and during this time ppl worked together to help each other not just for themsleves and thats what is amazing is that ppl now adays would rather kill one another then help each other just so that they can save there own skins

  3. In truth, homelessness is a symptom of many complex problems: mental illness, emotional instability, chronic substance abuse, illiteracy, unemployment and, most basic of all, breakdown of the family structure. The vast majority of homeless in the United States are individuals who are unable to function successfully in society and who require intensive rehabilitation. And while they many not fit the stereotypes of the older, alcoholic male, neither are they mostly young families thrust out onto the streets by a soured economy and stingy Administration. What’s more, the majority of the chronically homeless would be hard pressed to keep it they received one. Because of emotional problems, substance abuse and low self-esteem, which is more the cause of their plight than the result of it they generally do no have the wherewithal to manage their lives successfully. Those who argue that the lack of affordable housing is the primary cause of homelessness imply that the main problem confronting the homeless is their lack of resources to participate in the American housing market, either because they cannot earn enough money or because the cost of housing is beyond their reach. For those who take this position, the solution is simple; just provide housing that does not overtax their financial resources.

    My thoughts:

    I thought that this section was very interesting to me because housing will not cure homelessness and it doesn’t matter how you do it, theirs just no way that it will. But it is a way to help not increase the homeless population. Most people who are homeless having many variety of reasons why like mental illness and emotional problems, losing jobs and so on. It’s going to take just more then just trying to fine homes for the homeless to try to cure the problem. It’s going to take the economy to get better and us to try and help out more.

  4. Damn, who am I trying to fool? I'm terrified to get out of this car because I know inside the ballroom of that Hilton are ghosts from my past who still haunt me. When i second guess myself at work, it isn't my own voice i hear in the back of my mind, it's the sound of my classmates from long ago-the very people who are now gathered less than one hundred feet away from me-laughing at me, beating me down. They destroyed my self-worth so much that it's taken me twenty years to stop hating myself. If I walk through those banquet doors, is it possible that the confidence I’ve acquired since high school will dissolve into a puddle at my feet? What if who I am today-the life I’m leading now, with all its challenges and recognition-is just a pose? What if that terrified teenager I used to be, the outcast who came home with cuts and bruises, is still hiding inside me? Will she come out if one of the popular kids stares at me oddly or snickers? Will my confidence desert me when I see those familiar faces that caused me such pain? Will it hurt so badly that I’ll revert back to that insecure person who couldn’t stand to look in a mirror because she loathed who she saw?

    My Own:

    To fill you in on what is going on in this section is Jodee is sitting in her car, and not wanting to go into her high school reunion. She doesn't want to go inside because she is afraid that those same kids she grew up with would be the same as they used to be and make fun of her again. She is sitting and pondering in her car whether to go in or not, she thinks that now that she's successful maybe she has nothing to worry about, but then maybe she does. I think this section is important because it shows people how much you can really hurt someone, and how much of an impact you have on everyones life.

  5. Mrs. Hatsuyo Nakamura, the tailor’s widow having struggled up from under the ruins of her house after the explosion, and seeing myeko, the youngest of her three children, buried breast-deep and unable to move, crawled across the debris, hauled at timbers, and flung tiles aside, in a hurried effort to free the child. Then, from what seemed to be caverns far below, she heard two small voices crying, “tasukete! Tasukete! Help! Help!” She called the names of her ten-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter: “Toshio! Yaeko!” The voices from below answered, Mrs. Nakamura abandoned Myeko, who at least could breathe, and in a frenzy made the wreckage fly above the crying voices. The children had been sleeping nearly ten feet apart, but now their voices seemed to come from the same place, Toshio, the boy, apparently had some freedom to move, because she could feel him undermining the pile of wood and tiles as she worked from above. At last she saw his head, and she hastily pulled him out by it. A mosquito net was wound intricately,, as if it had been carefully wrapped, around his feet. He said he had been blown right across the room and had been on top of his sister Yaeko under the wreckage. She now said, from underneath, that she could not move, because there was something on her legs.

    This part of the story shows a mothers struggle to help save her children when she can hardly move from the shock of what has just happened. She also has to find her children before they die from suffocation or get crushed by the ruble. This brief exerts show what someone will do when everything that they love and have been use to gets destroyed in seconds.

  6. “It’s going to be extremely dangerous,” he said. “Some of you might not make it back.”

    He explained only the essence of it the details would come later. The following morning at down, men of C Company, along with one platoon from F Company, were to head east in a convoy of trucks to a little place on the brink of the American lines called Guimba. From there, they would walk thirty miles through enemy territory in a stealth operation considered so important and yet held in such tight secrecy that no one else besides General Krueger himself would know about it. There was a prison camp, he said, full of the last ill and stick-figured American survivors from Bataan and Corregidor. The task before the Rangers was to liberate liberate these prisoners before the Japanese slaughtered them all. “You’re going to bring out every last man,” he said, “even if you have to carry them on your backs.”

    It was a plum assignment, but the risks were immense. As Mussi put it, they’d be “behind the eight ball” for the duration of the raid.

    This tells the begaing of the assualt to rescue the imprisoned allied troops. Telling the huge risk it will be.

  7. At 7:00 p.m. she was hovering over Lakehurst. The passengers got ready to debark. They had already packed, and their baggage stood ready near the stairs. Stewards hurriedly stripped the beds in the cabins so they could be made up freshly for the passengers who would be coming aboard that night to make the return trip to Germany.
    So sure was the crew that the Hindenburg had arrived safely that those confiscated cigarette lighters were being returned to their owners.
    Now the time was 7:10 p.m. From the ground, the waiting spectators could look up and see the passengers at the great airship’s windows. The mooring cables were being prepared for dropping in the hatches. The photographers and newsreel cameramen got ready to record the event.
    At 250 feet up, the Hindenburg was coming in fast. Some onlookers wondered if she wasn’t moving too fast, and making too sharp a turn. But to Herb Morrison, who was covering the event for Chicago’s radio station WLS, she seemed to be doing fine. “Here it comes, ladies and gentlemen, and what a sight it is,” he intoned into his microphone. “The ship is riding majestically toward us like a great feather. She’s standing still now. They’re dropping ropes out of the nose of the ship. The ropes have been taken hold of down on the field by a number of men. It has started to rain again…..”

    This part seems interesting to me because of the way it puts the time things happened and how to see in there eyes of what was going on that night also to me it is very cool on how they put real peoples words in there of what they said and things. Another interesting part of this scene is what the night was like as such of it has started to rain again ….. But also when they look at how fast the ship is going they are scared that when they turn they wont be able to make it.

  8. At last we are all together and on our way with the immediate goal of following the Missouri River to the Mandan Indian village where we will spend the winter. Our mission, given to us by President Jefferson, is to find and map the most direct navigable route to the Pacific Ocean-the long-sought-aoter Northwest Passage; make comtact with the Indians along the way, with an eye toward setting up friendly trade between our nations; and observe and record the flora and fauna, terrain, Indian customs, and anything else that might help secure the futre of our country. to this end, I,Captain clark, and some of the other men are keeping official journals of our expedition, but this little red journal I start today will not be part of the official record. As I make this first entry I am sitting on a high bluff above the missouri with my dog, Seaman. It seems as if I have spent my entire life preparing for this journey.

  9. At first glance a small engine looks like a complicated piece of machinery. It is constructed of many parts and components and many different systems. However, each of the components and systems has a purpose and operates on some very basic rules or principles.
    An engine is a machine that changes burning fuel into power. In an engine, a fuel such as gasoline is burned to develop heat. The heat is then used to develop power. Power is used to do work.
    Engines used to power lawn or garden equipment are considered small engines. Engines used in small vehicles such as mopeds, motorcycles, and snowmobiles are also considered small engines. Most small engines work in the same way. All have about the same parts. If you learn how a small lawnmower engine works, you will know how a car or motorcycle engine works. When you find out how a small engine gets fuel you will know how a car or motorcycle engine gets fuel.
    The uses for small engines are many and varied. They are used to do work on equipment such as lawnmowers, edgers, generators, water pumps, and chain saws. Small engines are used to power many types of recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, snow trikes, trail bikes, mini bikes, home-built aircraft and outboards. Small engines are becoming more and more popular for transportation vehicles on mopeds and motorcycles. The things you will learn in this book will help you understand each of these power machines.

    This book is interesting because it relates to what my interests are. When I read something of interest it makes me actually get involved and enjoy reading the book. This book has explained and made things easier for me so I believe this a good choice for our non fiction book assignment. These kind of books are important because they help people learn how to maintain and rebuild small engines. It helps explain things to people who aren't so into the subject. It helps make tasks easier to perform for people. Small engines are a very vital part of the way people live there lives today. This world would be very tough if they didn't have small engines.

  10. Thirteen-year-old Kendra Brown had spent Sunday evening at her friend Joellen's house, finishing their science homework, two bags of Doritos, and a large bottle of Coke. At 10:35, Joellen had looked at the clock. "You gotta get home.”... As she turned onto the shortcut through the well-lit paring area behind Home Depot, she heard a tremendous crash. Without much conscious thought, she rode toward the sound. A large white van was tilted at an angle toward the passenger side. Smoke and a small handkerchief of flame rose from under the hood. Kendra saw a woman in a bathrobe emerge form one of the houses on Back Street. “It’s on fire. Call 911.” As Kendra approached the passenger side of the van, she saw a woman climb out. The woman pulled on the sliding rear door of the van and, with Kendra’s help, dragged it open. “The kids are in the back another woman’s voice screamed as she struggled out through the sliding door. “Open the hatch. And find the baby!” Kendra ran to the back of the van and pried the back hatch open. Two girls clambered out, and Kendra climbed inside over the rear backseat. She saw a boy, screaming and holding his right arm. She grabbed him, passed him over the back of the seat, and the two girls pulled the boy the rest of the way. Kendra glanced at the front seat and saw the driver unfasten his seat belt and struggle to open his side door. Two screaming women pulled the baby, whose car seat had been torn from Patsy’s arms at impact, from the floor on the passenger side. … “Help me,” she yelled to the two girls who stood peering in through the open hatch. A girl climbed in and , between the two of them, they lifted an unconscious child out through the hatch. “ How many were in here?” Kendra called from inside the van. “Is everyone out?” …Suddenly, over the siren’s wail, a woman shouted, “AJ! AJ! Where are you?”…

    A 13 year old girl save the lives of others, not even worrying of her own life. And not waiting for firefighters, an ambulance and Medical Technicians. That is something I would have never thought of doing myself. When I was reading this my heart was going 100 miles an hour. The reason I left it off the way I did is so you have to read this book your self to find out what happens in the end.

  11. In “assisted suicide,” a patient is still carrying out his own act, but he is indirectly helped by an “assistant.” When the assistant is a motivated by compassion for an incurably ill patient who clearly and repeatedly requests help, the act can be ethical and moral, if not legal. If the assistant is motivated by greed, or if there is uncertainty about he rationality or motivation behind the patients request then the act of assistance becomes immoral, unethical, as well as illegal. There is little case-based legal definition for example; a physician might prescribe a potentially lethal supply of medication, along with information about what dose would be lethal and what dose would be medicinal. There the physician’s intention could be explicitly to give the patient the option of taking her own life; or it might be more ambiguous. (“Don’t take all of them or it could kill you.”) Do we want dying patients to have such information and choice, or should we perhaps protect them form themselves by depriving them of potent medication that might be used to take their own lives? It is very difficult to prosecute doctors successfully in the face of such ambiguity, especially if they are clearly motivated by compassion for their terminally ill patients rather than self-interest. Now my 100 plus words. This section gives a description of “assisted suicide” and when it it’s used and when it becomes legal and illegal. It also show how physicians get around tell patients how they can I die by telling them it they take all of these pills it would kill them, therefore there not really helping them but then they really are.

  12. A man standing in a crow's nest. That is how it began: with a man perched halfway up the formast peering out into the cold and the dark at 11:40 p.m. on Sunday, the 14th of April, 1912. Lookout Frederick Fleet found the sea usually calm. The air screamed thinly through rigging as the "Titanic" steamed through it at twenty-two knots. And the cold stars burned. And his warm breath hissed out into the moonless night. The contrast between the ocean and the sky was a vivid dark line. Below that line was only black Atlantic. Above it, rising from the horizon in every direction, the sky was a dome of stars. Fleet noticed a strange commotion directly ahead, right on the dividing line. First one at a time, then by twos and threes, the stars appeared to be winking out. HE squinted into the night. A silhouette was moving against the starlight. Every second it loomed larger and closer-spreading and sharp-edged. Oh, God. Can that be?...a mountain?...coming down our throats? Instinctively, he banged the crow's nest bell three times, warning of danger ahead. Up on the bridge, First Officer Will Murdoch picked up the phone. "What did you see?" "Iceberg dead ahead!"
    My Thoughts:
    I believe that it shows the importance of the visual fear and confusion the night. It shows that if they wouldn’t have been so cheap on getting the lookout a pair of binoculars to see far away then the whole disaster could have been avoided possibly. It could also have been avoided if they would have thought logically about the icebergs and geography of the location they were in. So all in all I think that the whole thing could have been avoided if they would have considered all the possible obstacles and dangers lurking in the freezing arctic water.

  13. Growing up, there was always drama in my house. Most of my aunts and uncles were getting high, getting drunk, or a combination of the two. Even my grandfather used to get drunk. My grandmother did like it, but there wasn’t much she could do about it. I remember one summer night not too long after Uncle Johnny had come back from the navy and everyone was drinking in the backyard. I don’t know if Uncle Johnny had picked up his drinking problem in the navy or if he had fallen into it when he came back home, but he was well and drunk the night he burned off his hands…Johnny walked over to the dry ice, popping sh*t about having been in the navy and all the things he did-moving a block of ice was nothing. Even I knew better than to go over to that ice. But not Johnny. He bent down to grab the ice by the sides and burned off all the skin on his forearms. My grandmother had to drive him to the hospital because she was the only one sober enough to get behind the wheel that night. That’s the type of crazy shi*t I grew up around. It happened so much that is seemed normal. I though that everybody’s family sat around, got drunk, and played practical jokes that caused second-degree burns.

    I think this shows alot of how it was in the "hood." There was alot of stuff that went on that seemed normal to kids there because they didnt kno any better

  14. Never give up never give in.
    Be motivated in everything you do,
    if you want to catch a dream.
    The sky is the limit.
    Give all that you can,
    if you want to catch a dream.
    -jason Mcelwain

    The Game of My Life

    Page 111
    One of the things the magazine articles say about autism is that kids with autism has no sense of humor, but I don’t think that’s true with me. At least not true anymore with me.

    Page 115
    I was never the best kid on the team and I was never the worst kid on the team. It did not matter what sport it was, I was always the middle.

    Page 141
    I still had my dream of playing basketball on the high school team and winning the sectional title. I don’t know where that dream came from, or when I started talking abou it, but it was always there, for as long as I remember. I told myself the coach could cut me from the team but he could not cut me from my dream. That’s how I look at it . you know Michael Jordan got cut from his high school tram the first time he tried out., so the thing you have to do is never give up.

    Page 156
    The summer before my senior year, I worked hard on my game. Every time Coach Johnson had open gym, I was down there shooting. I really wanted to get ready for the season because I knew this is my last chance to make the team. I also knew that there was a good chance I might not make the team because there where a lot of good players.

    I love this little song about pursuing your dreams. Even if the odds are against u. I have a dream that 1 day autism will be cure. Everyone will not judge the action that disabilities kids and adults. I am leader of a new generation. I am the miracle worker. I am the hero of the next savior-like. I want be recognize the person who stood up for people with disabilities. I believe we as citizen should take pride of those who need help. We take the time to see the character that is inside the people. we as a nation should look for ways to help others out. if we don’t then we have fail to keep humanity.

  15. To get to the point where you would actually smash your pitching wedge on a ball washer or wrap your putter around a tree, you must exclude all prejudices, including: much it cost
    B.if it was a gift
    C.if your fiancée’s father is watching

    Once that’s out of the way, remember one thing: It’s not you. You’re not the problem. Your STUPID CLUB has just missed an easy shot, and therefore it must be destroyed. Why must you keep suffering? You, who have lugged it around and cleaned it and put all your confidence in it. And it goes and does THIS! There… Now you’re putting with a five-iron. Until you break it. By the time you’re teeing off with your ball retriever, the high score you’re looking for is all but guaranteed.

    This section is talking about how to break your clubs. If you’re club missed an easy shot all you have to do is BREAK THE CLUB!!! . But before you do break the lousy club for its miss deeds you have to consider the three basic things 1. How much it costs, 2. If it was a gift, and 3. If your fiancée’s father is watching you from a long distance. There now don’t you feel much better now that you’re teeing off with your ball retriever? After all you just broke every single dang club you had in your golf bag. You will now start scoring higher scores in no time.

    This section is important cause if you stink at golf and you want to break your good golf clubs then this section is the right one for you.

    Breaking your clubs is an work of art, just think of it if you wrap your putter around the tree your making art just like Picasso does with paint and a persons face. But if you’re really desperate you can always cut down your clubs and make nice statue.

  16. The first manual I picked was EUREKA SEVEN vol.2: The New Vision. There are five different way’s and modes, and they are character walk/run, character lift boarding, and now KLF mode for the game, the first mode, or form is the vehicle mode, then it transforms into humanoid mode, then there’s one more mode but not all KLF have this mode which is KLF lifting mode. The character controls are easy to do, to move the character and the KLF you use the left analog stick or directional buttons to move by foot. When you are lifting it’s a bit hard because up is to go down, and down is to go up, and to accelerate to go fast press the X button. When I spoke of only serine KLF that can do lifting mode is the TERMINUS TYPER505 KAI, and the Flestnia, the one’s that can’t use a ref-board is the Scud Bike, and the Hurricane Boar.
    I picked this game manual because of the pictures, the weapons, the fun lifting in the air on a board, and all I spoke of on the top is to inspire you.