Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Giver Predictions & Thoughts

Answer the following questions with a total of five paragraphs (each paragraph should have 4-7 sentences):

What is going to happen in this novel? What will be given? To whom will this be given?

What are most futuristic stories about? Will it have sci-fi elements?

Do you like this book so far? Is it understandable? Does Lowry deserve the wealth and fame writing this book provides for her?

What questions do you have about this novel so far?


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  4. I cant tell you what will happen in the book because i cant follow it. I think that someone is going to rebel, i dont know for sure, but that is wat ive got out of this book.

    Well from what ive learned most futuristic stories are about the future. They seem to involve something like aliens, or unknown space crafts, and stuff like that.

    I dont really like the book so far. It is hard for me to follow. I just dont understand some parts in the book. Lois Lowry probably does deserve the wealth and fame for this book, but i just dont understand it like others.

    Why does the novel take place in such a future that we cant even come close to predicting?

  5. I think that Jonas is going to meet someone at his ceremony in December. I think that that someone will be 'The Giver'. If Jonas does meet 'The Giver' I think somehow it will influence Jonas and change his life forever.
    The apple on the cover of the book makes it seem like it's very symbolic. I think maybe the giver will give Jonas some sort of apple. That apple will probably have a big impact on the story.
    I'm assuming 'The Giver' will give Jonas something. I think it will be an apple to represent something. I think 'The Giver' will give Jonas the apple because he is the main character and the apple seems very symbolic.

  6. Most futuristic storys are about like robots and outer space. In this book everything seems to be the same as things are now. It doesnt really seem like anything has changed 1000 years in the future. I think this book will have a few futuristic elements about it. So far they live in a community that requires them to have a certain dress code, certain things you need to do at certain times, those are kinda sci-fi elements.

  7. In this novel i am predicting that Jonas will start to be a rebel. He will start disobaying the rules of the community. He and his friend Asher will be the only ones who rebel though. Jonas will be given his own community where he can make his own rules and have things the way he wants it. The giver will also join Jonas in his community.

    Most of the futuristic stories that i have heard of is about aliens. This book is totally different it seems like a modern day life. There isnt really any advanced technology so far in the book so it makes it seem like its not in the future. They dont even drive cars so it almost seems like its in the past.

    Yes, I do like the book so far because it is a strange way that they live that keeps me interested. I understand the book so far because of the way we go over it in class. It really helps to read a little then discuss. Lowry does deserve the fame and wealth. She is a very good writer that comes up with some unique ideas.

    If the book is supposed to be futuristic why doesnt it seem like it. Where did the salmon come from since they dont have animals and they dont know what they are. Is the giver the leader of the community. Why is the ceremony of twelve such a big deal. Why cant the parents make there own kids.

    I think this is a great book so far and I am very excited to see what happens. This is a very interesting book by how they live and their rules. Lowry has written this book very well and i may read more of the the books she has written. Mr. C is the best!!!!!!!!

  8. yea it doesn't seem like anything has changed, maybe nothing has changed really,maybe the world has ended and some lived and now the survivers are trying to make the best of whats left.

  9. most futuristic storys will have really advanced tech. some futuristic will have sci-fi elements like people still have to work and have to do stuff for your self. the book is very interesting. yes to book is very understandable. yes lowry deserves every bit of her wealth and fame that she gets from this really good book.

  10. I think in this novel that Jonas and his family are doing something right, and i think they will get noticed for doing the right thing. I think that the little girl will be given to either the Jonas family or to a family that will love it.
    Most futuristic stories are about hi-tec stuff or no worrys in the world like fighting or main powers. It should have some sci-fi elements if its going to be futuristic.
    I do like the book so far, it is understandable. Lowry deserves the fame and wealth from this book.

  11. Well I think that Jonas is gunna start to wonder about the outside world. Also I think he will start to ask alot of questions about the community and if its like that for other people. Right now im not connecting with the book right now to understand what jonas might be given but i know it will be jonas to recieve this thing. I think most futuristic stories are about like all different kinds of technology like robots and things like that. I dont think this story will have scifi elements to it cause to me its like there trying to keep major technology out of there village. to be honest i havent really got into this book yet and i havent really understood it yet. i need to just take my time and read it myself to fullyunderstand it. if a writer can write something that the people like and make money off of it then i think she deserves the wealth and fame for her novels. to have a good question about this novel im going to read it first and not just in class so i can comprehend what lowry is trying to say in this book then i will ask questions later.

  12. We can predict. We can guess there may be some obstacles for Jonas, since every novel ever written has had a protagonist face struggles and tribulations.

    We can guess that the mother's role as judge will be important. What might she do to help Jonas's progress?

    If they only have bikes, have they been nowhere else?

  13. I think Lowry's deserves the fame and wealth this novel provides her because she helps people think harder, the number one factor that separates us from chairs, cats, and bananas. We have the capacity for rational, critical thought; it is only thanks to authors like Lowry that we are able to cultivate the highest levels of our thought processes.

  14. I have no questions about this novel so far

  15. i think jonas and his family are going to break the rules by taking in the a new baby. they know that they arnt supposed to but i think that they will do so anyway. The baby might be given to the family by the community so that is doesnt have to be released. Jonas's dad is the community nurturer so the community might feel that he can take the baby in and give him a chance..

    most futuristic books are about robots and droids. I cannot read these books because non of the stuff that you read in the books will ever happen in my lifetime. Most futuristic books will have sci fi elements in them because it is in the future.

    I cant really say I dont like the book becuase we havent read that much of it. if we were farther into it, it would help me out in this question.

    the author must deserve it because she is getting it. wether ibelieve she does or not does not matter to the rest of the world they will still buy her books. i wouldnt buy it just because i dont like to read about the future. i read about history and i like biographies.

  16. I don't really know what to expect out of this book because i have barely read any of it. Maybe Jonas is going to get into trouble with his strict community. I think Jonas will get into something then he'll be given another chance unlike Asher. He might be given life.

    Most futuristic stories are about aliens and spaceships and far out things. This book is quite realistic, it is very much like today with a few weird differences. I don't think this book will contain any sci-fi elements. It seems like it will remain pretty ordinary.

    I don't think this is a bad book so far but i haven't been too interested in it yet. It is fairly understandable but there's a few things i don't understand yet. I can't decide if Lowry deserves her wealth because I am not far into this book. Everybody seems to like it though so maybe she does deserve her wealth.

    What happened to Asher? Why don't planes fly over the community on a daily basis? Why was Jonas's little sister mad at a kid for breaking rules? Who is the Giver?

  17. kasey i agree with you in the fact that jonas will start to rebel. I think thats how the story is going to turn out in my eyes. It could make for a good book.

  18. In this novel i think that jonas will be given something from the giver, like advice on how to do something or since the giver is old maybe something about the past that jonas doesn't know like how it was before all the strict rules or something and try making things like it was. but then get punished and released.

    Most Futuristic stories are about aliens or outer space. and have some sci-fi elements. Some other stories are about flying cars and robots on earth too. But this one so far is different because its the future and they ride there bikes after they become sevens.

    So far i enjoy this book, it is very interesting and makes me think about how the future would differ from the novel. I think Lowry does deserve her awards and wealth because its very tough to write a book, plus she has won some awards for it so it must be a good novel.

    A question I have is Who is the Giver? and What does he give?

  19. Landon i dont agree with you there. I think that jonas will take the baby and leave the family. In essance he will rebel.

  20. It's the year 3000 or so. Surely there must be some robotics or time travel or intergalactic relations...

  21. I think both of you two are right in the fact that he will rebel just a little bit to show that things can change.

  22. Futuristic stories could be about almost anything like the end of the world, aliens, robots, zombies. It can really be about anything almost. Usually in futuristic stories, the moral usually has something to do with the present world. This doesn't necessarily mean futuristic stories either. It could be that way in a story about the past. Take Star Wars for example.
    This book so far doesn't really have any science fiction elements. Usually when people think about the future they think robots and aliens with motherships. This story isn't like that. The people are the same they just live very differently.

  23. I think that Jonas is going to be the giver. Hes going to break the rules and take the baby and mabey run from the community, and his family wont kn ow what happened to him.Most futuristic stories are about mabey power or ruling over a certin area with really advanced technoligy at their advantage. I think that their are many scifi elements but the community decided to hide most of them to keep from influencing the far i do enjoy this book it is a little hard to understand but if you reread it a couple times it beguins to make sense. Lowry does deserve the wealth she gets from this novel because her ideas give us a new way to look at our world today compaired to theirs.So far my only question is what exact year is it and why they are in flying cars insted of bikes.

  24. you are very smart travis well will have to wait and see

  25. I bet you it does landon jerry entinger

  26. I've already read this book and thought it was ok its very slow at the beginning and towards the middle to end it really starts to pick up and get alot better. The book itself is pretty understandable some parts dont make a ton of sense but all and all its a prety good book. I do think Louis Lowry does deserve all the fame... She wrote a book and probably put alot of time and effort into writing it. She also makes you think and thats a really good aspect to a good novel.

  27. I think this little perfect world is going to go to the ground, because someone is going to rebel. I think that someone is gonna get alot of power.

    I think it'll be given to asher. Most futuristic story's are about aleans and robot's. It'll have scientific elements because it's fake.

    I do not like this book very much. Mainly, because it's not real and i think it's kind of hard to understand. I reed the book in the 8th grade, i wasn't to fond of it.

    I think that Lowry deserves wealth and fame for the time and effort she put into her books. Lowry is a very skilled novel artist and she gets what she deserves.

    I want to know if someone is going to rebel or not. I also want to know why all the babies have the same birthday? Why do the parents have to basically place an order to receive a baby.

  28. Well older people are usually wise Mr. C so maybe he gives Jonas his wisdom.

  29. The old giver can give the young boy good advice the giver is a wised old man and young people arent as wise

  30. Well i think that Jonas is gonna rebel is some kind of way. The mother in the story is a judge and i think she is gonna have to do something against the rules in order to keep her son out of trouble. Jonas is then going to leave the community and i don't know whats gonna happen next. Asher is gonna have something to do with it also i dont know how but he maybe run away with jonas.

  31. I'm not sure exactly what will happen but i think that jonas will rebel against the community.I believe that jonas will give people more freedom of what they can do with their lives like jobs and who they want to be with.

    Most futuristic stories have things like robots,lasers,flying vehicles that run completly on electric and other things like that.The book has sci-fi elements with how conformed everybody is. A primary problem i think America has is to except change nobody wants to try something completly different in short matter of time.

    So far I am enjoying the book,it is very easy to follow and understand, Lowry does deserve the fame she has for making a book as interesting as this one that can make a person of all ages think,and make them wonder.

  32. Well i'm not one for jugding a book when i'm only 5 days into it. I would say there is going to be a big change and some drastice will happen. that will changes there lives as we no it.
    I think the gift of life will be given. It will be given to the boy at the nurcher center.
    They are about what the world will be like. They are about what new things have come around.
    I would say that almost every futuristic book i've read has some or alot to do with sci-fi.
    Yeah i like this book so far but i just can't seem to grab it. I mean its good and all it just could start getting my attention alot better.
    Yeah its well understood. Just really slow going and slow reading not a hole lot of acction. Its not hard reading by any means though.
    Yeah she deserve it be cuz she work hard for it. Just cuz i'm not a fan of the book dose not mean that other people dont' like it for what she is saying in the book.