Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Critical Lens Analysis--due Tuesday, Nov. 16

Select any exhibit and analyze it with 300+ words. Use the "Critical Lenses 101" handout. Use at least three terms/words from the "Critical Lenses 101" flexbook that you haven't used before. Look in the EXACT way the "Critical Lenses 101" handout tells you to as a critic. Ask the EXACT questions the "Critical Lenses 101" handout tells you to ask. Have the "Critical Lenses 101" handout with you as you study your exhibit and as you write this blog task. If you do not refer to the "Critical Lenses 101" handout enough or effectively, your grade will be cut in half because you are not following directions and are not thinking in the directed way.
“EXHIBIT” = novel, play, song, job, sculpture, film, poem, concert, painting, myth, sketch, poster, artwork, photograph, t-shirt, television show, biography, board game, military situation, college visit, speech, advertisement, event, place/building (school, office), game, brochure, practice, rehearsal, ritual, haircut/style, website, routine, suit coat, celebrity
This is a picture from Half Nelson, a phenomenal film starring Ryan Gosling of (The Notebook) about a great teacher who is also addicted to harmful, horrible narcotics.


  1. I have to analyze this time a Rap core band called Hollywood Undead. When I think of social classes with Hollywood Undead I think how they started out they were just six guys, who worked regular jobs, and wore to mask to hide who they were because they never would foreseen that they would get notice until they were big. Social classes that interact between I believe that some members seem more focused on the rapping part and other members seem more towards to rock. I believe that all the members of Hollywood Undead have climbed up to the social/economic ladder then went from working a nice to five to three albums out tours all over the country. The system they are in also known as the music industry has really exploit it’s members at concerts I believe they try to live up their self acclaimed “hardcore” life style by always taking risk, like taking drugs, drinking, at concerts they tend to make a mess of things and also shoot fireworks at the crowd. Though dangerous they crowd enjoys it. Social tensions there are 2 is between people who like the band Slipknot they said Hollywood Undead was just trying to copy them with the mask but the band has said they were hiding who they were because they were so famous and they didn’t need any problems but since there big explosion in the music industry they have shown their faces, and why wouldn’t they when someone sees them walking down the street they can saw your in Hollywood Undead Right the other social tension is I would have to say that they show that the new generation of teens and kids compared to the old generations of teens and kids, there is a lot of tensions between these two generations. I would have to believe that the new generation of youth is ruling now a days and happy with the way how we have taken control, because if you think about it the world wouldn’t work right with out children, if you think about the mall in Sioux Falls About 85% of the shoppers are teenagers, children, or young Adults without the marketing that attracts us the economy everywhere would be lower. The working class is oppressed because there are people who work all day to just eat, but there are kids out there who don’t work at all and can spend $400 overpriced clothes and with bands like Hollywood Undead out there if you put their name on it, people will buy don’t get me wrong they need to make money also, but with the way music has influenced our lives it has shown that teens are the main target of the media. Without a doubt in my mind Hollywood is given more freedom then say an average person would get. For people who listen to them think it’s cool that they smoke weed and drink a lot and get to sleep with all these woman, even though it’s wrong we think they are so cool for it. Maybe other members of the group may be suffocated because if you listen to them now you can tell that Johnny Three Tears, Charlie Scene, and J-Dog are heard more then anyone else in the band. When I think of Hollywood Undead the first thing that comes to mind is that they have money, fame, power, and that they flaunt how much they can party and do whatever they want because of their success, and in most of their songs they talk about how all these girls want to be with them and how they can buy all the Alcohol and drugs they want. Even though I enjoy Hollywood Undead’s music very much you can easily tell they are setting a band example but nowadays what doesn’t

  2. tott

    friday night lights is a phenomenal film its a true story of the 1988 permian panthers and its about this one star player thats suppose to take them to state and win but during the first game he tore his acl and the problem with that is that the whole team and the plays were built around him so they had to pull together as a team and start depending on each other and not just one player well they pulled through and made it to the state playoff game and sadly but true they lost and during this movie i learned that to play in such a sport like football there is no one player its the team and everyone has to do there job or you will loose but if you build up as not only a team but a family you can do anything and everything you want to and plus its the best movie ever its really a true learning experience

  3. Highland Pd.4
    I’m going to do my blog over suit coats. A man or woman can be analyzed roughly the same on this. When you see someone walking down the street at you, you automatically think they are a business person. You know, like a white caller job. If you think with a Marxist lens you may also think they have a good source of money. The coat could be a handed down coat from a dad that was bought on sale, but u may still think that person spent a lot for that suit. Buy also using a Marxist lens you could think they are in a higher power of a corporation or business. They could be a higher class person. Though a feminist lens you see something different. People already portrayed women to be something other than a physical job, something that would involve a suit coat. Now a suit coat may also tell you how a person is. A suit coat could tell you that they may not like to get dirty or may not like to do manual labor. If you think about it, a suit coat could also be just someone’s way of looking good. Don’t be fooled, they could just be trying to portray the image that they are something that they are not.

  4. Thie-Hooza
    I am going to analyze Chewing Tobacco, or in South Dakota people call it DIPPING! Chewing Tobacco is and addictive plant or drug many people use to relief pain or I use to do better at school and my job. This may sound crazy but when I do chew and do homework I seem to do better at it. A Marxists critic would say how do social classes interact with each other? Well if you don’t have a dip in when around friends they seem to beat on you more and peer pressure you to do it. Do any characters climb the social ladder? Yes, because some people think having the most cans makes you at the top of the list but really there just going to have mouth cancer in the future! And if you don’t the members make fun of the person who doesn’t chew until you got the most cans! (Laugh out loud). I don’t follow this game because I only chew occasionally because in the future I don’t want mouth cancer. Are there social tensions? Yes, there always is when you’re finished with the only can you have, you got to buy another one. This is a waste of money but you’re addicted to it. There are not too many cures to help you stop. I believe the lower classes are happier because the upper classes are wasting more money and on the road to unhappy things in their lives. A feminist critic would say “EWWWW” but more than likely they’ve never tried it. Chewing Tobacco seems to be a Manly thing to do but there are some women who chew but are more than likely doing harder jobs then other women are doing. Your id is telling you that chewing tobacco is good for you and that you need it. But your angel on your should is telling you to find a way to stop or find something else that is better for you but that is hard to do!

  5. Bauske Pd.4

    I’m going to do my blog over nice or flashy cars. A man or woman can be analyzed roughly the same on this. When you see someone driving down the street at you in a nice flashy car, you automatically think they are a rich person. If you think with a Marxist lens you may also think they have a good source of money. The car could have been giving to the person as a gift or they have just saved up the money to make the car look nice. but u may still think that person spent a lot of money to get the car. Buy also using a Marxist lens you could think they are in a higher power of a corporation or business. They could be a higher class person. Though a feminist lens you see something different. People dont usually think of a girl driving a nice flashy car, Now the car may also say somthing about the person. A flashy car could tell you that they may not like to get there whip dirty or they just like to look nice when they drive down the road. If you think about it, a nice car could also be there way of life. If there is a nice car u think its a rich person or someone with a higher power.

  6. pat the womenizer :) Pd 4

    What my blog is going to be over is the work world and how sexis it is when I comes to heavy lifting lets find a guy to do this because im going to act like I cant lift this so I don’t have to do it like when I worked at menards they called it coutesy patrol and there were never girls out in the parking lot pushing carts or helping someone load there lumber in there truck/trailer the only time that there was a girl out there in the two years I worked there was once and she volunteered for it she could hold her own she was a burly gal but she was the only one and when they resufaced the parking lot during the summer there were no girls alowed out pushing carts and they wonder why the guys hate working there nd how

  7. Feminist lens
    people say that women dont have the courage to be bold as strong or be tough like a man girls can be strong independent people who can change our world for the better my motto is heal the world now healing the world amy not be a good motto as you think but if we think about the people living in our world today women and girls can change the world women got their right to vote women are independent and have their own freedom many people say that men are more meaner and nastier than women are i believe than women can do anything i mean after all arent we all in this together many women are not as strong as men are many people say that women are not as smart as men are false that is not true bnecause women have their freedom they have right they can set their own goals in life wome just are more powerful than men are

  8. Dylan Brunner
    Pd. 4
    I am going to analyze using the feminist lenses today a lot of people do not think women can do a lot, and men do all the work well to be honest it is sexist because I use to think this too and come to find out they may not be as physically strong as men but they can be just as smart if not smarter sure leave the heavy lifting to men but when it comes to women they can do the same amount of things that we can in this world today just about everything men do women can do too. In today’s world there are women who do many kinds of things but I am going to talk about the one most people know about which are the house wives and moms, they are the ones that do not work and stay home the majority of the day to take care of home things likes cleaning, paying the bills, and making sure that everyone has something to eat for dinner when they come home. Personally I don’t think that’s fair for them if they want to go out and get a education and a career I am all for it but most men think that they should stay home because they aren’t fit for something like this. Women and men both today have been very successful in what they can do. Even some girls have been more successful than most men. The majority of people today (mostly men) think that girls are not meant to go out in the world and be all they can be most of them think that they should take an easy and relax and take care of the family. For those of us men who are stay home fathers honestly I think that’s wrong and everyone should do what they want to do not be forced or told what we should do.