Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Critical Lens Analysis--due Tuesday, Oct. 19

Select any exhibit and analyze it with 300+ words. Use the "Critical Lenses 101" handout. Look in the EXACT way the "Critical Lenses 101" handout tells you to as a critic. Ask the EXACT questions the "Critical Lenses 101" handout tells you to ask. Have the "Critical Lenses 101" handout with you as you study your exhibit and as you write this blog task. If you do not refer to the "Critical Lenses 101" handout enough or effectively, your grade will be cut in half because you are not following directions and are not thinking in the directed way.

“EXHIBIT” = novel, play, song, sculpture, job, film, poem, concert, painting, myth, sketch, poster, artwork, photograph, t-shirt, television show, board game, military situation, college visit, biography, speech, advertisement, event, place/building (school, office), game, brochure, practice, rehearsal, ritual, haircut/style, website, routine, suit coat, celebrity


  1. I have chosen to analyze in a Marxist Critical lens a popular 80’s hip hop trio called Run DMC the first question you can easily answer is that social classes interact, because Aerosmith which is a rock band does a song with Run DMC. From when Run DMC first start they rise way up the social and economic ladder, a symbol of economic gain is the gold rope that Run DMC wore. Run DMC seems to oppress and exploit certain people in society, they oppress other rappers by saying they are better then the other rappers. Social tensions they are a few, between people who don’t like rap that is the only social tension I can think of. Run DMC exploits people who are lower then them they talk about all the fame they have, and about how other people can’t touch them or stop them. People who are famous are without a doubt given more freedom, because of their wealth they can pay their way out of a bad situation, and because of their popularity they are more likely to get away with more. People who are in the lower class are “suffocated” by their class because they don’t have money to go out all the time; they have to work all the time to support a family. So I believe that they are “suffocated” because of there class. Run DMC rap all the time about how they have lots of money and power, and about how all the girls are all over them, they state clearly that they are richer and more powerful then most people one way they have shown they are richer is the solid gold chains they wore around their neck, because back then most of them were hollow on the inside. But now a days what rapper doesn’t try to get a hole bunch of gold to try and show he is better then someone else.

  2. Cody-Hooza
    In the movie, Jacka$$ 3D, I would say it’s a funny but stupid movie to ever be in! But anyways this movie is Marxists in a way that you wouldn’t believe. Is a system oppressive to its members? Yes, because if you watch the movie, the makers of the film are pretty much telling you to go out and try some of the stunts. But they do say in words; please don’t attempt any of these stunts performed by trained professionals! But after watching that movie, I got an adrenaline rush that would make me do stupid stuff in the film. Are the ruling classes/characters happy, well no but also yes because they are making bank on doing dumb things to make a living! And are the lower classes or camera men or on watchers happy? Yes because they are getting humor off the upper class members doing sweet things! And the lower classes could be miserable at different parts of the film because watching them hurt themselves gives you a feeling of hurt too. A Feminist Lens in this movie when Johnny Knoxville is dressed up as an elderly man, he makes out with an 18 or 19 year old lady making her look like a slut. But it’s part of the film! (Sorry if I ruined the movie for you!) And a Freudian Lens would say; is the id winning in any character? Well obviously yes because they don’t want to do stupid things to hurt themselves but their id takes over and makes them look like stars by hurting themselves. What is going on in the mind of any character in an exhibit? Well everything is going on in their heads because there is pressure on them and maybe their lives are flashing before them in a way. Like are they going to survive and recover from the stunt? If they don’t do the stunt they could feel displacement and guilt to their members. But if they do it they could be hurt permanently and never heel.

  3. Logan Bauske

    I have chosen to do my blog on lil wayne. Lil wayne first started when he was young and has made his way up the social and economic ladder. ways to show that he is up on the social ladder is by all the chains or gold he may wear. also lil wayne sells millions of copys when he makes a new cd. Lil wayne seems to oppress and exploit certain people in society, they oppress other rappers by saying he is the best rapper alive. lil wayne says he is the best rapper alive he raps about himself being so good. He raps about being better then everyone.
    When you listen to the things he says when he is singing he talks about being at the top "Now tell me how you love it
    You know you at the top when only heaven's right above it
    We on
    It's Young Money, motherf*****
    If you ain't runnin' wit it, run from it, motherf*****, all right
    Now somebody show some money in this b****
    And I got my bees with me like some honey in this b****, ya dig?
    I got my gun in my boo purse
    And I don't buzz back, because I shoot first" lil wayne right above it.. this part of the song shows he is up at the top he is also saying he has money and he wont be moving from the top. the stuff that he says in his songs just show that he is at the top and he has money.

  4. tott#5
    the nfl uses marxist lens for exampel they just made a new rule you will be suspended immediately if you do a head to head contact. How there using that lens is cause during practice the coach tells you to knock the other teams head of and do whatever you can to make the tackle but they have a rule holding back players from makin big plays an bein punished for it

  5. *TC*

    hunting is using sig. lense. cuz your out in the field all by yourself and you walk in the field and you hear something walking. and its a deer. its about 30 yards from you. you grab and arrow and place it on your bow and getting your posession. you pull that arrow back and (hit) you just kill that deer. you wait for 1 to 2 hours to get it. once you spotted your deer you used your sig lenses again cut what are doing is u cut the body and grab the deer's heart and bite it now your tough and show that your a man