Sunday, September 5, 2010

Critical Lens Analysis--due Tuesday, Sept. 21

Select any exhibit and analyze it with 300+ words. Use the "Critical Lenses 101" handout. Look in the EXACT way the "Critical Lenses 101" handout tells you to as a critic. Ask the EXACT questions the "Critical Lenses 101" handout tells you to ask. Have the "Critical Lenses 101" handout with you as you study your exhibit and as you write this blog task. If you do not refer to the "Critical Lenses 101" handout enough or effectively, your grade will be cut in half because you are not following directions and are not thinking in the directed way.

“EXHIBIT” = novel, play, song, sculpture, film, poem, concert, painting, myth, sketch, poster, artwork, photograph, t-shirt, television show, biography, speech, advertisement, event, place/building (school, office), game, practice, board game, military situation, college visit, rehearsal, ritual, haircut/style, website, routine, brochure, suit coat, celebrity


  1. 4.. logan bauske

    Im doing my blog on siuts. if you see people walking around town or anywhere in a suit you first think that he has alot of money and/or power of somthing. People with money usually have better cars,cloths,houses,ect.. and looking throught the lenses it seems like they have power and money. They are wealthy and have money. Even when girls walk around with nice clothes people think she is rich.

  2. Thie-Hooza

    The Movie “Super Troopers” can be thought of as a “Pot Head” movie but when you watch it in depth it’s more of lesson learned. In the beginning of the movie theirs four kids cruising in a crap hole/run down car smoking. And without even noticing a squad car rolling up next to them, they keep on smoking marijuana. The cops see them doing it but instead up pulling them over they fool with the kids and scare them so they maybe don’t do it in the future. While the cops are messing with them they give the marijuana to the non white person to eat so they don’t get arrested for possession. But a Marxist critic would say about this scene that the lower ranked person in the car would get the less favorite thing to do and eat the marijuana to destroy the evidence. And if you watch farther into the movie the other non white person always gets messed with and made fun of the most. In Super Troopers theirs the Highway Patrol and the City cops who technically get a higher rank in life because the super troopers got a bad reputation and only have like 3 miles of work to cover. The city cops have a female officer on their squad and she also gets a lower rank and no say in anything the men cops do. So a feminist critic would say a female is doing a man’s job but is still getting treated lower. But the female officer knows what bad things the men police officers are doing and makes a plan on how to stop them. For instance at the end of the movie the highway patrol lose their jobs because they are not getting enough violators on the road so they become bums and start breaking rules. But the female officer knows that a drug deal is going down so she asks the highway patrol to help her bust the city cops, even though she needs help she acts dumb in front of her boss so she doesn’t get involved. A Freudian lens would say is the ID winning in any of the characters? Yes, every character in the movie follows there ID more than anything, they do funny and dumb things but the consequences are huge like losing they jobs. If you’re wearing a black uniform or on the city cop side you have greater power in life. In Conclusion the white, good looking and higher job levels say you get farther in life but in reality you don't because your ID takes over.

  3. I have chosen to analyze the artist “Ke$ha”. As we all know about everyone of “Ke$ha’s” song has a reference to partying, drinking, or sex. It seems very clearly that her ID has completely taken over her mind, body, and soul. One could even say “Ke$ha” is the prime example of “ID”. She has a total lack for her reputation, health, and her body. Ke$ha has made a prime example of herself to be a “sex symbol” basically because she is attractive, fun, and a party animal, and in my opinion so willing to hand out sex, it shows that she has a extreme amount of power over males, but most of the males “Ke$ha” attracts they are all following their ID also. Ke$ha has really made a narcissist out of her self. Examples are she thinks that the party doesn’t start till she walks in narcissist? YES she has shown very clearly that her ego is immense. All that seems to be in “Ke$ha’s” mind sex, alcohol, partying, and living everyday like you are dying. These are what I seem to notice with a Freudian lens.
    Now with a Marxist lens I determine that “Ke$ha’s” social class is without a doubt at the top of the list but honestly I don’t think she cares if you are poor, rich, ugly, attractive, or anything In her song “Blah Blah Blah” she says she doesn’t care where you live at, or who you are. She states meet me in the back with a bottle of jack, and the jukebox. So she has stated get me drunk I do not care who you are, just have sex with me. Without a doubt “Ke$ha” has flown up the social ladder, she is easily one of the most popular females in music, but are they for good reasons. You could say the way “Ke$ha” is that she is oppressive to guys who care about her, and how she is treated. Then she exploits the partiers in almost all of her songs. Social tensions there could be since she has no care in the world, people who have lives and have to work and not party, there could be a lot of tension between the people “Ke$ha” are with and people who have families to take care of.
    With Feminist lens I have come to conclude that “Ke$ha” has shown us that men are there just for pleasure woman are the ones in control, and that they get what they want. In “Ke$ha’s” society I have to come to determine that the value of woman and man or extremely low it seems like no one cares about them self and what will happen to them. It also seems like the alcohol and the partying has oppressed what the males and females could do in society.
    Don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of “Ke$ha” she has a great voice and good music, but when you look at her from lenses you can see what she is promoting in society today. I found trying to analyze with a feminist lens was quite hard, but with a Freudian and Marxist lens it was simple.

  4. tott #5
    Im doin mine on appearence people look at you on wut you appear in if your wearin a suit with jewelry and nice dress shoes people see you as rich nice car pretty wife perfect life. People see you in baggy clothes chains earings people will label you as a good for nothin gangster. If your wearin tight jeans black hair black shirt people will label you as an emo. If your wearin a collared shirt and pants that arent bellow your butt people will see you as a nice innocent sweet child. But the thing is that people need to know is that dont judge people by appearence but by there personality cause if you go by appearence you could be all wrong and if you go by personality you will learn to meet true nice caring people.

  5. tott #5
    when you first see a football player wut do you think most people see us as mean jock, cocky players but there much more than that football players are there own individual player and care and want to be succesful dont judge a book by its cover.

  6. Highland Pd. 4
    With this blog assignment I choose to analyze my job at the Valley Springs Body Shop. According to my Critical Lenses 101 handout, Feminist critic would ask, “How does gender matter or function in this exhibit?” or they would also ask, “How are women portrayed or depicted in this exhibit?” Now at the body shop there are no females working there. It’s like it is suppose to be a male’s job. A Feminist critic would say that women are capable of doing this job too. A female could or may do a better job then a male. But as humans we put in our mind that women have specific jobs and males have others. So in turn we see it different for a female to be working at a body shop working on cars. Now I have seen females working at shops before, but they would only clean up around the shop. A feminist critic would then ask, “Who puts limitations on genders?” In this situation I think the owner of the shop would be the one putting on the limitations. I think it’s the owner saying females are not to be working on cars. It could also be that men are seen to like getting dirty as females not so much. As time passed, humans have developed a sense that different genders are to be doing different things. I believe this is why it seems different to have a female working at a body shop. Now what is your point of view on the situation? Now a Marxist critic would ask “How do social classes interact with each other?” People working at the body shop are not wealthy. It is more of a lower or middle class job. You do a lot of manual labor and you get dirty working on cars. Wealthy people are seen to be business type or doing white collar work.

  7. Brunner P-4

    The topic that I chose to write my essay on is school. From a Marxist point of view, if someone in the school had a lot of money and was rich, girls might like that person more or guys. This is a definite probability because that one person could be a nice person and if you end up friends with that person, then the figure might buy you something nice or something you like to buy friendship. The same with power, no one messes with a person who is stronger than them due to fear. If you’re a considerably big guy, no one who is smaller than you will most likely say anything to you or do anything you tell them to because of fear. Now from a feminist lenses they are not feared as much as a big guy would. They play the role of girlfriend most of the time. Women are portrayed as girlfriends or friends to other girls and a lot of the time gets taken advantage of. Women are not allowed to play football in school I am guessing due to physical aspect. Any other sport though a women is allowed to participate in. From a Freudian point of view guys and girls both follow they’re ID’s in school some will not do homework some will quit school and others fail. On the other hand, Guys and girls both follow they’re super ego too and try to pass high school with the best intentions and try to get into a good college and receive a good job, while others will follow they’re ID’s and will not give a crap where they’re life ends up. Some people end up living with their parents because they made a dumb decision following they’re ID’s and ended up unemployed or having a job that doesn’t have a livable income.

  8. Blumenauer pd.4
    I chose to analyze a movie named Trainspotting. It is an older film and it's primarily about a group of heroin addicts in Scotland, slowly killing themselves and not caring about anything or anyone but themselves. Through a Marxist perspective both the money and the power revolve around heroin, and who has it. Through a feminist there are but a few female characters but each of them plays a very important role, for example the group of addicts involves one woman. She has a kid but nobody in the house knew nor did they even care to know the father but it was allegedly one of the men in the house. As the movie progresses the child dies in the crib due to neglect/sids and the woman goes insane and the first thing they did was "cook up" a shot and try to ignore what had happened. As the movie moves farther on Renton (played by Ewen Mcgregor) tries to quit shooting up and decides he should satisfy a different ID based urge. So he goes to a night club with a couple of the guys from the house. While they are partying it up Renton can't quite find "the one" and decides to leave. As he's leaving the night club he notices a petite gem and decides to go after her, as he starts talking to her she decides to leave and catch a cab, but Renton pursues his prey and she falls for him. Little did he know she was still in high school and he had just bumped uglies with a sixteen-year old. Through a Freudian lense it can be analyzed as he didn't want to shoot up heroin but subconciously his body wanted to get shot or shoot something, (he doesn't shoot up so his body craves female contact through sublimation). The moral of the movie is there's nothing in life but what you make of it. If you decide to shoot up heroin and not care about your health it's okay as long as your happy. If you decide to choose life it's okay as long as your happy.

  9. Johnson womens period 4

    I chose to analyze a Television show called "Farscape". Well, the television show is a about a modern NASA scientist, named John Robert Crichton, who gets sucked into a "wormhole" that randomly opens up in an unknown portion of space that is not known by the Earth kind. The wormhole sucks him into different part of the universe. Using the Marxist Lense, one would think that we now are starting to gain power if we can send a scientist into the universe to explore. We sent him so far out that he got sucked into a wormhole. It took millions of dollars, but inturn it gave us the power to maneuver the outer limits of our own solar system. The Freudian lense would ask what is compelling him to do such a reckless thing? Why would we want him to eplore the solar system due to we are unsure of what is truly beyond? I am unsure of how someone else would answer to that but this is how I do. His ID is telling him that he has to do something dangrous to make up for the things that didn't get his blood going. So he wants to experiment in space. The superego could have went both ways. We must learn to see if other planets are habitable and if they are create a planentary colony. So one way the superego could have went is with the ID and travel into the depths of space. The other way the superego could have gone is it tells him not to go into space and say where its safe.
    As the wormhole spits him out, a ship, that is also a slave and called "leviathan", take him aboard. There are 4 crewsman aboard this craft. All 4 are alien lifeforms to him. The names of the lifeforms are Zhaan, D'Argo, Aeryn Sun, and Rygel. Zhaan is a(), Dargo is a luxan, Rygel which is a smaller alien, and Aeryn Sun which is a Sebacean. Through the femist lense, women would enjoy this aplenty. Aeryn Sun is a warrior who knows how to fight. Zhaan is the ships medic, no man would survive without her abort this biological spacecraft. D'Argo is the strongest and most aggressive about the vessel. His species is a species that would attack and destroy before they ask who or what you are. Proving what most women see men as, brutish. Through a Marxis Lense, they would see that D'Argo is almost unstoppable (though in later episodes he does get captured a few times). They would see him as the most powerful among the ship. Rygel would be seen as the weakest due to his unsuperiority. He is the smallest among them. He stands approx. 2-3ft. Fhaan has to be the wisest where knowlodge is power.

  10. Lee4
    In the movie Superbad, Evan, Seth and Fogel pretty much only follow their ID's. Instead of doing what there superego and maybe just stayin home and studying, or waiting until marriage for sex, all they do is try to get drunk every night and try to hook up with any girl they can find. They make a pact to lose their virginities before they go to college. And the movie pretty much shows that all people want to do in high school is go to parties and do anything they want. And instead of busting Fogel for having a fake I.D., which would be their superego, they bring Fogel along and show him the exact opposite of what cops really do. In the movie, they think that getting drunk every night will make them happy. It might for the short term but when they find out that they are going nowhere in life they will be lost and wont have the degree they need to get a good job. On the other hand maybe the cops grew up hating cops and hated the way the cops acted and stuff so they wanted to show Fogel that not all cops are like that. They were probably following their ID's instead of doing what their superego would tell them to do which is arrest Fogel for breaking the law. Almost everybody in the movie is following their ID's and are having fun at the time. Seth, in this movie, likes to pick on everybody and make jokes and be mean to people. In his past he was always picked on and still is so he likes to make other people feel bad because other people make him feel bad. When he is asked to get the alcohol for the party, he feels like an important person. So I decided to analyze the movie Superbad using the Freudian Psychoanalytic critical lens.

  11. Wesdorp P.4
    Games like Grand Theft Auto are very sexual and guys like to play them because of the sex, drugs, and other crimes they can do. You go around a city stealing cars, picking up hookers and killing people.I see this in the Freudian lens.
    On the Marxists lens I see people playing this game because people like to have the power to do whatever, whenever they want. The players of these game have control on what goes on in the city and what they can do.
    On the Feminist lens I see that girls are getting look at the same way with the game because guys like it when girls dress up like complete sluts, they also see girls as disposable and can throw them away when ever they feel like it.