Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Futuristic Stories--due Tue. Nov. 2

Why are futuristic novels and films so popular? What do they do to us? How do they make so much money?

Are we really that curious about the "end of things"? Why do we love to speculate about the future? Should we just focus on the present instead?

Write 300+ words answering these questions.

This picture is from the film The Road, which is about a father and son who try to survive in a world of ash and cannibalism. We'll study the novel and film.


  1. Dylan Brunner
    pd. 4

    Science fiction is a genre of fiction dealing with the impact of imagined innovations in science or technology, often in a futuristic setting.[1][2][3] It differs from fantasy in that, within the context of the story, its imaginary elements are largely possible within scientifically established or scientifically postulated laws of nature (though some elements in a story might still be pure imaginative speculation). Exploring the consequences of such differences is the traditional purpose of science fiction, making it a "literature of ideas".[4] Science fiction is largely based on writing rationally about alternative possibilities.[5] The settings for science fiction are often contrary to known reality, but the majority of science fiction relies on a considerable degree of suspension of disbelief provided by potential scientific explanations to various fictional elements. While SF has provided criticism of developing and future technologies, it also produces innovation and new technology. We love to speculate about the future because it gives us idea's about our future and helps us wonder about how our future actually will be. I think that we should focus on the present more than the future because what we do in the present will affect our future. For example, when we get out of high school what you do after that affects your future and other peoples futures. If you are very successful then you will have a big possibility of changing others futures. If you are not successful at all then you could have the possibility of changing other lives just the same as if you were successful but in a different manner. I think people are really curious about the "end of things" because it could affect they're life, like the prediction of 2012 a lot of people are very worried about the event of the Mayan calender ending even thought no one knows if it will actually happen.

  2. The love of science and the future has always kept the world at Awe, we always wonder about our life and what is going to happen in the future, we are fascinated with who or what will happen later on in life, and with new technology coming out every single day the world is slowing changing as we know it, due to technological advances with the creation of robots we could soon make super robots that would be able to everyone from drive a car to do the dishes. And with the more production so have to more replied upon them we will be, also the amount of smog we would put into the air then creating a world like the one in Wall-E There would be trash and sand everywhere. This is why we need to be independent sometimes in life so we are not relying on other things to do work or help us out. I believe we should focus on both the future and present we should worry about what we can do now you set up a food future for the future people you don’t know and then for your future family. Most of what scientists are saying that we are messing up the environment and destroying Ice caps, if we keep up what we are doing there will be no more world to celebrate and wondering about the future. So in all and all I believe that we as people should worry a little more about the present because if we set up a good present then we can set up a good future for ourselves, family, friends family, and for people that we don’t know. So the most important thing to do is to conserve the world we have right now so there will be future for other people

  3. Dylan Blumenauer Pd.4

    I believe that our love for the "end of things" is our curiosity with the afterlife, if there is one. We're fascinated by the idea that there is a life after death and the stories that revolve around the end make us think and deep down we like things that make us think like that because it's risky, fresh, crazy, out there and just straight up not what we see everyday. If we focus on the present we don't predict/hypothesise on where we are going in society as a whole. If we focus on space travel we can achieve it, if we focus on destroying the planet with nuclear warheads and/or our own selfish pride then we might not realize what could happen if we are not careful. We study these because it keeps us in fear, and fear is healthy. A good amount of fear keeps us on our toes and watching out for signs of things that might not be "decent" and could lead us astray from our morals and bring us to an 'Oceania' like society which is so strict you can be incinerated for commiting thought-crime and face-crime.

  4. Thie-Hooza
    I think if the world didn’t have any futuristic novels or films, we would be stuck in the past and not know what the future will bring us. By making a guess on futuristic things we could have an idea on what may happen or what we will have. They are popular because we get so fascinated with how people think of what the future looks like but some movies and novels look cheesy to people because everyone has a different look on how it may be! Like me I don’t believe we will have floating cars and robots like on iRobot help us through things but I believe we will just have better technology (computers, cars, appliances, etc…) These things may put people on the edge of their seats because the myth on how the earth will blow up or be destroyed on 2012! That’s a bunch of BS. There’s been so many believes on how the earth will be destroyed in the past but hey! We’re still here. They make so much money because most of the movies made have amazing graphics and sound effects. Personally I am not curious about the end of things because I try not to think of that but once someone tells me something bogus and convince me that it’s real. I just lay it off because it won’t happen, our minds don’t have any idea on what will happen. Well if you make a speculation on the future and make a novel or movie we sometimes get so interested on what it looks like and how it plays out making us what to think about the situation. I believe we should just focus on the past because we are having way too many problems at the moment to be thinking about the future! Like: global warming, where to put trash, finding oil, recycling, and etc…

  5. Thelen-3rd

    “Tomorrow will give us something to think about” cleverly said in the ancient roman times by Marcus Tullius Cicero, this continues to be true for past, present, and future generation. The future connects the world together, for everyone is thinking or concerned about it. Many have ideas about what will come next; wither it be the next money booming product or the simple knowledge of how things play out, everyone thinks about what lies ahead. When the possibilities are on screen like Children of Men, I Am Legend, or 28 Days Later, the audience escapes to a probability where the world may come to an end right on screen. As an audience we not only are watching the production of the movie, the million dollar explosions, the car chases, and the alien landings; but going beyond into our mind to think about the possibilities of if this “end” that is being portrayed actually occurred. These types of movies make us think. What would our survival instincts do, how would we react in this situation. We place ourselves inside the plot and resolve with the characters. These exhibits due so well because they are not only entertaining us, like we expect, they are challenging us with risk of endings that we might not enjoy, of scenes that may disturb our minds, that scenarios that we wouldn’t ever think to be possible; all of which keep the film alive as we exit the theatre through the thoughts and questions in our minds. Curiosity is alive in all of us, stronger in some than others. Aliens, cannibalism, nuclear war, does watching these movies to gain some sort of “answer” make it easier to live out the today and tomorrow? Would knowing we are all going to give into the selfishness and eat each other make you more at ease or more afraid and not live on your life the way you should? While the movies are great for entertainment and making your mind work in ways and generate thoughts to make you go further stretching your mind, live in the present and make everyday a good one not worry about cannibals or aliens for no author or screenwriter can predict the future, though it may be an entertaining one.

  6. thelen-did the wrong blong. my bad.

  7. lee 4
    I think that futuristic novels and films are popular because we aren't absolutely positive about what is gonna happen to us or everyone in the future, so we like it when we get ideas from different people and imagine what it might be like if it was like that. They make us dream and wonder about our life now compared to the future. Will it stay the same? What will be different? Will we even be alive? Robots? See nobody has the right answer so we do get curious and debate about what will happen. People are willing to pay for stuff that really doesn't matter because nobody for sure knows what will happen. So people should focus on the present but if they dont its not really hurting anything.

  8. tott
    I think that futuristic films make us really think hard about how we are living our lives and how we should live them. I think its a very good learning experience to see how things are when you let your world become a dump and not takin care of the environment. I think its a wake up call to some people and to show them this isnt the life we have to live but if we keep it up wut we are doin this will happen. It makes so much money cause people are very curious on wut could happen to us and everyone else. I feel this way and i kno everyone else feels this way.

  9. futuristic movies can be set in the future or in a non-realistic world. they are popular because they grab your attention. they make you want to watch the movie. it gets you interested. they make us pretend to like them. they do this because they think they are grabing your attention but in reality they really arent they make so much money because in the near future movies are really attractive they make you pay attention they make you want to buy the movie. 3 million bucks is expensive for a movie but then again to see a movie at a movie theater is 20 bucks to get in 30 bucks for food drinks and snacks. yes we are really curious about the end of things because it makes us wonder what is going to happen and you never know what is going to happen in the near future. no one really knows what will happen to the world no one knows who is going to die next whether it a newborn baby or a young person who is innocent. no one knows who is going to have the next disease or have any type of cancer we love to speculate about the future because you never what is going to happen next its like turning the pages of a book you never know what is going to happen no and yes yes because the present is real it is the universe we are living in right now no because we need to put the past behind us and forget about everything else in our past.

  10. Futuristic Blog
    James W.
    Period 4
    I think that post apocalyptic films are so liked these days is because everyone thinks that it could possibly happen. I also see that things like what happens in the movie the Book of Eli, people try to keep themselves knowledgeable with things from the past and other are out to destroy what little we actually know about this.
    This film is one of my favorites because it shows that there are ways to save things and there are ways to destroy them but if one person can unite the hearts of many to show that he cares what would happen to the human race without books or without knowledge then we would all be just pawns for others.
    I believe they make so much money from us because we have the image in our head that we really want to know what will happen to humanity but every movie has their differences and their likes.
    Some people like the zombie apocalyptic film and some people like the end of the world sort of thing but to say one thing they all show a post apocalyptic world and how humanity may die off.