Friday, September 3, 2010

Practice Blog Task 9/14 Tuesday

To practice blogging, answer these questions today during class time:
      1. 1. It is good to be unique, so why do so many of our rules prevent total/pure uniqueness?

2. How is Jonas's world similar to ours? How is Jonas's world different from ours?

3. What are the benefits of living in Jonas's world?


  1. Onishchuk, Vadim - Period 4

    1. It is good to be unique and to have a personality because with out it how would people stand out from others.

    2. Jonas's world is similar to ours by the amount of rules they have and all the rules we have. There different for the same reason since there a lot more strict and there community revolves around conformity.

    3. Benefits from living in Jonas's world is everything is so called "perfect." No crimes are committed and no one is emotionally hurt since there is no emotional attachment.

  2. Lee4
    Yes I think it is good to be unique. When you are unique people are different from each other and you find different things about different people. Life isn’t as boring because you never know what you might find each day. Because it is something different. But sometimes I think people make those rules to protect the weaker people. People who can’t handle criticism well. To make sure everybody is treated the same, but aren’t the same people. Jonas’ world is similar in a way that everybody is supposed to be treated the same. And we both have rules. But it is different in the way people express themselves. The benefits to living in Jonas’ world is that you are protected against discrimination, being sexist or any other things that would judge you for being “different”.

  3. because they dont want us to be an indvidual they say we are but in reality we are not our own person were wut everyone puts us out to be.2 it isnt similar to ours and its different from ours cause everyone is the same and not there own person.3 the benefits are that you dont have to worry about being less of a person cause everyone is programed out to be the same.

  4. Rohde pd4
    1. I think it is good to have a lot of unique rules because then that way it teaches us how to act because if we didn’t have rules things would be really hectic.

    2. Jonas’s world is similar to ours in the way that he volunteers and we can volunteer to help people just like he can. His world is different from ours in the sense that they don’t have as many education opportunities and options like we do.

    3. The advantages of living his world is having options we don’t and maybe learning in a different way that we maybe haven’t try or ever considered doing and might be a really good way of learning.

  5. Thie-Hooza
    In some ways it's good to be unique. But when your with people you don't hang out with much you sometimes aren't unique. Our rules aren't that strict as Jonas's but ours just try to keep us out of trouble. Jonas's world is nothing like ours we don't have to take emotional pills or listen to the loud speaker dude! Jonas's world is way different then ours! Because we or I have few rules to follow unlike most people. The benefits are that everyone is programed the same.

  6. Johnson-The purpose for these rules is due to the fact that, yes uniqueness is a very good thing to have except when your uniqueness involves harming either, verbally or physically, is in play.
    Jonas's world is similar to ours is the head of the community or the "elder councel" is acting like a dictator. The reason I say that is because they never ask the citizen if they wanted to do the "assignment" or if they wanted to conform, they just did and made the people like it. The worlds are different because conformity has ruled in Jonas's world and in the real world, in alot of places, conformitty isn't the best thing to be. The benefits of living in jonas's world is that the community all works together. Work hard not only benifits you as a person but also it benefits as a whole community.

  7. Hjelmen-Most of our rules are there to help us so that we do not get hurt or into trouble. Jonas's world is similar to ours by having the same problems or symptoms. Also that they have a river to fish in and have stuffed animals to comfort them when they need it. His world is different to ours in the way that they think most of the animals are imaginary and that some of the symptoms are stopped in Jonas's world. One of the symptoms includes horniness they sovle it by giving them a pill that stops them of thinking of it. The benfits to living in Jonas's world would be that you would have to worry about a job because you will be assigned one no matter what. Also that everything is controlled so no one would be hurt mentally.

  8. tott
    No not all the time but in some situations yes

  9. But Bredin--isn't "hectic" just fine sometimes? Isn't "hectic" awesome and happy and cool and unique and fun and pleasurable and wanted and desired and hoped for and longed for and needed and human and personal and glad and welcomed?

  10. Like which situations, Mr. Tott? Give examples, please. I like your thinking, but I need more to grasp your thoughts and make your thoughts mine.

  11. Vadim Onishchuk - Period 4
    Better to stick out with your head up then get trampled down with the crowd. (Lion King Mufasa reference)

  12. Blumenauer-4th pd.

    1. I believe that total uniqueness wouldn’t exist regardless of what we try to do to make it happen. Even the people who are “different” from everyone else are conformists deep down. Emo kids for example dress up in black, act depressed and hate life (sounds like a different style of conformity to me). I believe that if we didn’t conform slightly we would all hate each other and it would be a chaotic society.
    2. Jonas’s world is similar to ours in that they deep down have emotions and feelings that aren’t socially acceptable, like ours, but its dissimilar from ours in that they can’t allow themselves the feelings/drives of pleasure and joy like we can and they can only wallow in there own self-pity.
    3. The benefits are safety and security but the downfalls overweigh the benefits, without pleasure there is no reward for pain and without a reward for pain then it is purely pointless trying to enjoy life in my opinion.

  13. in jonas's world is like 1945 when the nazi was taking over europe and that the jews where in the consencation camp there they are being brainwash and that they all have and to be the same, look the same, and they are all treated the same. now the different is that there not dying like what they did. and that they were not being used for science. but they dont give birth in the camp and that see a woman.

    Frazer TC

  14. Wesdorp.4
    I believe we should be unique because we would all be robots and all the same boring people. No one would love the personality traits.
    So many of our rules prevent us from being unique is because our leaders do not want us to up rise against them and have the actual people rule this country.
    Jonas’s world is the same because we have rules for what we wear, when we have to go to bed, and also when we have to go to school.
    His world is different because he has to go to school has many rituals and many things that if went wrong they would be released into a different world.
    The benefits of living in Jonas’s world would be nobody would make fun of you and nobody would die from wars.

  15. It is good to be unique because if everyone in the world was the the same. the world would be very boring. I think there are so many rules that try to limit uniqueness because being unique could be a bad thing says someone who has a bad reputation could be labeled as a trouble maker.
    Jonas’s world is like ours because we have laws that try stop trouble from happening. Also we have jobs, school, and jobs we have to do. His world is different because they are very strict their society has to be perfect, if something bad does happen they get “released” they are given jobs and there are no cars. It would be very hard to imagine a world without cars, cell phones, and internet.

  16. weise 4~
    i believe a benifit of livin in Jonas's world is that everyone will be treated equally. where we live there are magaziens and modles 2 make us feel insecure there are jobs that we cant qualify 4, but in jonas's world they are given jobs they arent made 2 feel insecure. i might not believe in all their life choices but i think i that would be nice.

  17. I think it is good to be unique that means you are your own person and your not like everyone. I think it is better to be different and not the same
    People in the giver are all the same and they aren’t themselves. They don’t get to choose what they want or what they are going to do they have people choose it for them
    Everyone in the giver think it’s the perfect world they don’t know how to think forthemselves

  18. The benefit would be a balanced and simple life, you wouldn't have to live in fear. You wouldn't have to worry about pain and hurt

  19. Rohde pd4
    Yes Mr c you are right in a way but when things are hectic it can make it harder or almost impossible for people to follow and pickup what people are laying down and then give up

  20. Highland-There are rules to prevent our uniqueness to solve some serious problems in life. Some people may think of someone else’s uniqueness to weird and make fun of them, that’s why in some schools they have a dress code. Jonas’s world is similar to ours in the way that even people in The Giver listen to their Id, as ours in our word do too. In a way the book is different. In the book no one knows of animals but salmon. It seems as they are less educated. There are benefits in living in Jonas’s world, like it has fewer problems and no major crimes. Crimes that we have in our world are different in the book, but in the book they don’t have rape or murders or anything like that. Their rules and system of government prevents all of that.

  21. Chelsea--it is nice to be treated equally. But is entire "equal" treatment ever possible? Will you and I be treated equally by anyone we meet?

  22. Unique can be good because yess it does make you different from others. But there are people who try and act like another because they either try to fit in or because they can't be them selfs. So that doesn't really make them unique in their own way if you'r always looking up to someone else. It's kinda like Jonas, he want's to be himself and be unique but the world that he's living in or the community won't let him do the things he want's. They pertty much control the people so they can't show feelings or who they really are. Jonas's world can be a bit crazy if you havin't lived a life like his.