Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Haiku Heroes

Post your haiku here for extra credit.


Anonymous said...


erosion present
shaking among the road
down through out the trees

black and cloudy everywhere
dirt and filth everywhere on
depressing hard times

starvation likely
amongst everyone we see
health probelms are likely

trees falling around us
sleeping isnt a option right now
we must leave right now

packing and running
shivvering and paranoided
wise and very skillfull

stinky and gross
tired and possibly very sick
running from trouble

Anonymous said...

Period 1
Applied English
Mr. C

Man and son hug long
Night and day surviving ray
Knowing, loving, dad

Food for the strongest
Death to those who are weaker
Survival means life

Son takes care of dad
Love and hate never wait
Yes carry the fire

Eating each other
Raping, killing, murdering
Run father and son

Don’t go dad I’m sad
The fire is within you son
His life has ended

Skin torn off them
Bodies hanging from the roof
Must go quickly now

Anonymous said...

The boy and the dad
Starving, tired, on the run
Over and over

The day of Terror
Bombs, Nukes, Battle and maybe war
Who or what survives?

The burnt world of ash
Only human beings there
Carrying the fire?

Familys are gone
No one can get along yet
Disappearance of people

Bunker? or Forrest?
Sleeping in warmth or the cold
Which one is better?

Start, middle and end
Weakness, starvation and strength
Different feelings

Anonymous said...

Period 4

Long road and a cart
Father and son love, never apart
Together from the start

Mirror to see behind
Ocean only thing in mind
No time to unwind

Burnt smell, lots of ashes
A lot to learn, no classes
How to get past this

What’s ahead, time'll tell
A father who isn't well
No hope, all just hell

Now what do we do
Trees are dead, people are too
The ocean, isn't blue

Only one in the pistol
Nasty food for nutrition

Anonymous said...

Dylan Blumenauer Pd. 4
The man and the boy
Wandering the Wilderness
Survival at Work

Cannibals lurking
The Road is never-dying
Don't turn back or die

The future is hell
What has become of humans
The Sun is Jobless

The Death of Old Skin
The Phoenix will rise again
life will start anew

Paradise on Earth
Happiness Clouds the spirit
Ironic in Thought

Starving Mindlessness
Hopeful of change in dark times
Rampant Thoughts of Death

Anonymous said...

Lee pd.4

scattered all over
the dead bodies everywhere
how did this happen?

chaos in the world
absolutely no order
eating eachother

ash and dust covered
grey dull and dark colored world
will there be color?

coughing and spitting
inching closer to his death
the man will soon die

boy left on his own
he knew he had to grow up
he became a man

cold wet and dark
dont know what is around you
man that takes some heart

Anonymous said...

Bauske Logan . Pd 4

Gun loaded with one
Starving for a meal to eat
To live or to die?

Go from hope to hell
War? Nuclear explosion?
What will happen next?

Will there be any hope
For the smart man and his son
In the ash filled world

Colorless, ash filled,
Trying to find anything
While holding the fire

Carrying the fire
As they walk along the ash road
The man and the boy

The man and the boy
Anything to stay alive
Heading to the coast

Anonymous said...

applied english p4
suffering, dying
staying strong for the child
protective, loving

despare everywhere
trapped inside a world unknown
hope on the inside

awake in a nightmare
longing to live the old life
mixing of the two

decay and the death
moving south on the erie road
growing and rebirth

running for your life
longing to live in safety
death will find us all

following the heart
searching for other children
someone to play with