Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Read & Respond--due Friday, March 11

Click on a link at the right hand of your class blog. Read the article, review, or essay written about The Road. Then, respond to what you read with 200+ words, agreeing, disagreeing, complimenting, and criticizing the article, review, or essay and the author.
Include the title and author's name of the article, review, or essay you select.


  1. Rohde pd 4

    I strongly agree that this book is a very graphic image but it relays a message also at the same time, this book is visual. What I mean by this is that when your reading the book you can picture what is going on in the book when they are fighting for survival, the weather conditions that they have to fight are very treacherous and stretch far among them, I can relate a haiku poem to this which is black and cloudy everywhere, dirt and filth everywhere on, depressing hard times. I think this haiku relates exactly to what’s going on in this book. The boy had to suffer a new environment at a very young age and learn his education from his dad by using there survival skills to make it through what ever had come there way on the road such as bad guys that would try to rape them and steal there luggage, times here are very rough. Fighting is a choice it’s not mandatory but you don’t want to give the boy a bad impression you can continue on or give up now and die. My theory in life is that you have to go big or go home which in this case relates back to them carrying the fire and they are truly the best at what they do because they are spectacular at handling any situation that comes there way and making it through illness’s and escaping from bad guys when they are right behind them. I think towards the end when the dad tells the son to keep moving forward he knows that his son has potential and is a very strong person an can make it through this rough situation and continue to carry the fire on his own if he remembers that advise that his dad has given him. I think at the end of the book when the guy with the yellow parka came up to him that he will be in good hands because he is carrying the fire and also that he did the proper thing of letting the boy cover up his dad with a blanket and not taking the boys personal items or his pistol and that he let the boy say good bye to his dad, in my opinion I think the boy will always remember the battle he went through with his dad for his life and will be in good hands till he is able to pursuer his life on his own by living with the guy who was nice enough to take him into his family who will have a boy an a girl around his age to interact and play with.

  2. Onishchuk
    Period 4
    Applied English
    Mr. C.

    Cormac McCarthy: Owning My Hate
    by Levi Asher

    This guy, Levi Asher, has a valid point. Everyone usually praises the book how it is different and how it is so gripping and shocking. Levi Asher does the exact opposite, he puts his true feelings onto his page and I have to agree with him. The author tried too hard to make the book so much different, all the grammatical errors are a sign of that. The book could have been just as thrilling to most people who read it and a lot easier to read if he was to run spell check on it at least. I have the same feelings as Levi with this book and if I was given to read this by myself I probably couldn’t do it. The book had no humor; I believe you can find humor in anything. The dad and the son are too negative even though there in a rough situation. When one door closes another opens, why couldn’t of he been happy when they found the bunker or the house? I realize the situation is dire but if the dad was a little more positive that would have transferred onto the boy and the boy would have more motivation to keep going. (Aka Carrying on the Fire) Levi Asher deserves props for going against all that think this book is god and actually voicing his opinion.

  3. Thomas Highland
    Pd. 4 Applied English

    I agree with Levi Asher that the book English is not all right. The book has incomplete sentences and doesn’t use quotations at all. I disagree though with his feelings for the book. If he is really wanting a book with no punishment and with some humor in it he should get a kids picture book. There is nothing humorous about the end of the world. The Road is a very descriptive and is a visual book. I mean that it gives you a precise picture of what he is talking about. He would have known that if he were to read the rest of it. But all he does is go on and complain about how bad the book was when all he did was read the first 8 pages. Some books have a bad start and get better as you continue reading. But everyone does have a right to their own opinion. I think The Road is a great book. I like how he makes you use your imagination and how he puts the reader in the situation. Like I said the book is a very good at describing what is going on. Yes you have to use your imagination, but most books you do anyway. The book does have half sentences but every writer has their own writing style. It makes the book unique in its own way. If Levi Asher doesn’t like the book then that’s his opinion. But he should try to read more of the book next time before going to criticize it.

  4. Lee Pd.4

    Levi Asher:

    I would say I agree with Levi Asher about the book, it is just too depressing. Like honestly we get it, the people are miserable, enough already. I pretty much could tell you what was going to happen before it even happened. It's just one bad thing after another bad thing, I don't really see how that is exciting, it is more or less just boring. All the book is about is just the world is over, and the man and boy, who you never even get to know there names, are just walking around trying to get to the coast, they don't even really go through many different things anyways, it's always, "Oh no! Cannibals." Nothing ever changes, then when they get to the coast, imagine that, all ash, could've told you that after the first page. I honestly think the book was just a little over the top and too predictable.

  5. Dylan Blumenauer Pd.4
    Cormac Mcarthy's 'The Road' : NPR

    In this review of The Road Alan Cheuse claims that McCarthy can turn the instructions for operating a microwave oven into something resembling a King James bible, due to his genius for language. I absolutely agree with him in that McCarthy is a literary genius. His appocolyptic writing style reflects the very emotions I can see myself going through in those extremely tough times walking The Road. The missing punctuation and the utterly lacking sentence structure make us feel like it is almost a journal made by someone watching over them, possibly a guardian angel recording the last bit of human companionship before the cold, desolate wasteland takes them under its blanket and betrays them. Whether you look at it one way or another people will always agree that it is gripping both physically and mentally, unless you do not like books in which you should most certainly rethink your opinions.

  6. James Wesdorp
    Period 4
    Mr. C
    Owning my Hate By Levi Asher

    I do not agree with this dis on one of the best books I have read.
    The Road has shown what humanity is capable of and shows us that in times of crisis we do not need to worry about proper english. I mean how do you make this right in a world that has gone so wrong and try to be proper. This book shows us the good and the bad side of humanity. This book has no crimes against the English language it shows just how things might be like in a time of everything gone to hell.

  7. national public radio examines the road melissa block i think article has some very good points the article explains how the story is told how much the father and son mean to each other the father loves his wife very much she cares about him and he cares about her they love each other very deeply their love symbolizes how much they love each other when the son is born they are so happy to have their first child the man loves his son and his wife as a family now unfortunately the family does not last much longer and neither doe sthe love and happiness the wife left the father and son she died committing suicide the father didnt want her to leave and he tries to convince her to stay but she ends up leaving anyway

  8. Thie-Hooza
    Pd. 4
    Levi Asher: Owning my Hate

    I with Levi that this book is showing bad grammar to young people. But people have to realize that he is trying to do something different. I liked this book because he makes the characters look and act like animals at least some of them. I disagree with this man too, because Cormac was just doing something different than other authors. There are no chapters but that is something to me to keep on reading. Because I am always waiting and dreading for the next chapter. Honestly, I believe that cormac is somewhat of a "saving earth freak" and that he is telling a story that may just happen in the future to scare people into helping the earth out. This may work but if no one can handle pain or violence they are just going to stop reading the book like Levi Asher.