Friday, February 4, 2011

Senselessness in The Road--due Friday, February 11

Type a paragraph/section from The Road here, selecting a passage that is not mere description or dialogue. Select a passage that seems entirely senseless or pointless--a passage that "doesn't make sense." Then, attempt to make sense out of the passage by answering these questions in 200+ words:

What meaning can you create?

What can you infer from the passage?

What symbology can you extract?

What major themes are likely present?

What can you pull out from "reading between the lines"?


  1. Rohde pd4
    The windows rattled softly in their flames. The candle had burned out and the fire was down to coals. He rose and built back the fire and sat beside the boy and pulled the blankets over him and brushed back his filthy hair. I think maybe they are watching, he said. They are watching for a thing that even death cannot undo and if they do not see it they will turn away from us and they will not come back. What meaning can I create? I think I can create a meaning from this that anything that is filthy isn’t taken care of at the present time, they put everything off sense they only have so much to work with on their journey south. Also I think the man is very wise and uses his skills wisely on thinking about what hes going to do before he does it. What I can refer from this passage is that the man and his son think through all the out comes before they go into a building or something that was abanded, they also think of how they will handle a situation in which case of someone coming up to them at trying to still their stuff. I think the major themes that are likely present are starvation and dehydrated sense there is nothing really to drink or eat and when you do drink and eat its not the best food that you could have going through your system. What I can pull out from reading in between the lines is that the boy and the son are very organized and have a well thought plan on how to handle anything that comes there way

  2. James Wesdorp
    Period 4
    Mr. C
    On their backs were vermiculate patterns that were maps of the world in its becoming. Maps ans mazes. Of a thing which could not be put back. Not be made right again. In the deep glens where they lived all things were older than man and they hummed of mystery.

    I think that this passage means that the maps and places of the time before the ruin of the United States(because we have no idea about the rest of the world) have become useless and unmeaningful because the roads are becomming just parts of the ground and the cities are just barren wastes and nobody could live in them if the tragedy that led to this unforgiving and unbearable life on earth was a nuclear war then the metal would be radio active.

    I think that the part where it says that, In the deep glens where they lived all things were older than man and they hummed of mystery. I could take from this and say that this is mother nature and that it still has a few tricks up its sleeves for those who endure the hardship and the death all around them and be pure and have faith, the world will rise again and so will humanity.

    The symbolism from this entry is that even though things are disappering and things tend to get a little rough there is always that small spark of hope that makes everything just feel better and brighter.

    The major themes in this is that there is desruction and misery, but also after enduring this you have prosperity and life in the time of hate and destruction.

    When i read between these lines there can be many different meanings and different symbols that others see. I know that I can see how things can be torn down and destroyed, but there are those who keep hope and show that they can and will make a return when the time is right.

  3. Hooza- Thie
    When they got to the curve in the road the man was still standing there. There was no place for him to go. The boy kept looking back and when he could no longer see him he stopped and then he just sat down in the road sobbing. The man pulled up and stood looking at him. He dug their shoes out of the cart and sat down and began to take the wrappings off the boy’s feet. You have to stop crying, he said. I can’t.
    What meaning can you create?
    The boy is upset that his dad would do such a thing to a guy. But the boy and the dad would have been done for if they didn’t catch up with the stealer. The father can’t handle anymore of this and he’s just getting sick of becoming safe or getting to a better place.
    What can you infer form this passage?
    I think that the boy is carrying the fire but doesn’t realize it until they start doing bad things to others. But if they don’t do those bad things to them they could be killed by the bad people. I don’t think it was necessary to steal all the man’s clothes off his back making him naked. The dad was just rather upset.
    What symbology can you extract?
    “Carrying the fire” the boy is starting to realize that they are making a difference and making it far to having a better life they just have to keep trotting on.
    What major themes are likely present?
    The boy is having feelings for the people they encounter on their journey to a better life. And every person they see, the boy keeps on asking his dad, did you kill him? Even if they didn’t kill the person they are more than likely going to die because of starvation or exhaustion.
    Reading between the lines mean to mean, to read what is implied but not expressed on the surface.

  4. Bauske. logan pd.4
    Once there were brook trout in the streams in the mountains. You could see them standing in the amber current where the white edges of there fins wimpled softly in the flow. They smelled of moss in your hand polished muscular and torsional. on thier backs were vermiculate pattersn that were maps of the wold in its becoming. maps and mazea. Of a thing which could not be put back. Not be made right again. In the deep glens where they lived all things were older than man and they hummed of mystery
    i think that the world is ended and they are the only few people left on the road. there used to be fish and mountains and now everything is ash . there is nothing left. It says there WERE trout in the streams. there was smells other then ash and dead corpse. of one thing which could not be put back.. are they talking about the fish or are they talking about the world? i think its the world and nothing can be put back together and nothing will be made right again. so i think that everything is ruined and nothing can be fixed. and the maps and mazes are like the maps and mazes of life. we ruined everything that was there and now they have to put the peices of the map together like the boy and his father had to do when they wanted to see where they were.

  5. weise
    Mr. C
    Applied English
    Pg 170 "There is no God and we are his prophets." ~Ely

    In this sentence Ely has contradicted himself. He states that there is no God and then turns around and says that they are God's prophets. I think Ely did this because he wants there to be a God, to know there is a better place after he leaves the road but does not want to be disappointed if it turns out there is not. Although in hopes that there is a God he wants it to be known that he as well as the others are close the him saying that they are his prophets make them closer to God.
    In this passage I like to think I see hope. Ely has hope for there being a God but does not want to show it. Everything about Ely shows that his nature is to push people away, not to get attached, so by being so negative he is pushing the boy and man away. In return this passage gives the reader a lot to think about; for example if God has all this power why would he allow for this world to come about, why cant he just save the survivors? I would like to keep a positive view so I think God is putting the survivors through a hard time so that when something good comes along they will cherish it.
    In this passage it is all about God, and death. Here I think God is a symbol for hope. That even in the worst of times you can have hope in your heart. I believe death is a symbol for despare of giving up and letting the world take you. You have to be strong of will to keep going in such horible conditions.
    I think the theme here is just the will to stay alive. Everything that happens is a shove to stay alive. The father knows that he has to protect the boy at any cost, even if that means his life.
    In this section it is all about hope for that which is unknown. hope that there is a god even though he hasnt presented himself. its about trying to find the good in a horid situation but knowing it is possible.

  6. Lee pd.4
    On page 236 it says, "He wished he could hite it from the boy but the boy was right. What was there to hide?" He was talking about a dead corpse that would float onto the shore. He wished the boy didnt have to see that but he realized that there was really nothing he could do. The boy has been through so much. There isn't really anything he hasn't seen. What would it do if he did hide the body. The boy has still seen things that no boy should ever have to see. He saw a dead baby that was cooked. The kid will be scared for life, you can't hide reality, and in the book, death is reality and the boy already has figured that out and the man figured out that the boy has already seen some nasty things.

  7. Dylan Blumenauer Pd. 4
    Pg. 188-189

    Watching while they opened up the rocky hillside ground with a pick and mattock and brought to light a great bolus of serpents perhaps a hundred in number. Collected there for a common warmth...

    I believe that this paragraph points towards what happened to the planet in The Road. This, in my opinion, leads towards the Ecosystem Collapse which is caused by a few links on the circle of life being removed and the circle of life crumbled and failed. The snakes in my opinion signify the temptation involved with obtaining the precious mineral/ore inside the rocky hillside. To prove this temptation I looked at Adam and Eve, one snake brought about the way things are now and in the end it was a great bolus of them and they were writhing and blackening while we watched and felt no remorse, worse off we did the burning of the serpents. I believe it was either a sign from god that if we continue our path of destruction and removal of the beauty that surrounds us we will end up dead and lonely wandering the road for the rest of time. It could also be a sign from satan that all those who commited to the excavation and destruction of the planet had better be prepared for the utter downfall of society and the crumble of the ecosystem.

  8. the boy was sitting on the steps when he saw something move at the rear of the house across the road a face was looking at him a boy about his age wrapped in an outsized wool coat with sleeves turned back he stood up he ran across the road and up the drive no one there he looked toward the house and then he ran to the bottom of the yard through dead weeds to a still black creek come back he called ki wont hurt you he was standing there crying when his father came sprinting across the road and seized him by the arm what are you doing he hissed what are you doing theres a little boy papa theres a little boy theres no little boy what are you doing yes there is i saw him i told you to stay put didnt i tell you now weve got to go come on i just wanted to see him papa i just wanted to see him the man took himj by the arm and they went back up through the yard the boy would not stop crying and he would not stop looking back come on the man said weve got to go i want to see him papa theres no one to see do you want to die is that what you want i dont care the boy said sobbing i dont care the man stopped he stopped and squatted and held him im sorry he said dont say that you mustnt say that

  9. later when the boy was asleep he went to the house and dragged some of the furniture out onto the lawn then he dragged out a mattress and laid it over the hatch and from inside he pulled it up over the plywood and carefully lowered the door so that the mattress covered it completely it wasnt much of a ruse but it was better than nothing while the boy slept he sat on the bunk and by the light of the lantern he whittled fake bullets from a tree branch with his knife fitting them carefully into the empty bores of the cylinder and then whittling again he shaped the ends with the knife and sanded them smooth with salt and he stained them with soot until they were the color of lead when he had all five of them done he fitted them to the bores and snapped the cylinder shut and turned the gun and looked at it even this close the gun looked as if it were loaded and he laid it by and got up to feel the legs of the jeans steaming above the heater the man cares about the boy and his safety. he loves the boy dearly. the man and the boy mean a lot to each other. the man is the boys father he takes care of him. dont judge a book by it cover.

  10. Vadim Onishchuk
    Period 4
    Mr. C.

    Watching while they opened up the rocky hillside ground with a pick and mattock and brought to light a great bolus of serpents perhaps a hundred in number. Collected there for a common warmth.

    This makes no sense but a lot of sense can be made from it. All they had been there will power and that is all they need to continue there journey. The serpents were possible snakes or some nasty reptiles, who during a time of crisis all banded together to try to survive as long as possible. You know the world is at an end when you see a bunch of snakes, not shedding there skin, not burrowing down into the earth, but huddled together like they got the idea from the humans they use to attack. The earth has been used and abused to get the most possible comfort, resources and shelter out of it as possible. Longer you last, the harder it gets. Everything is showing you death and I believe you would have to be stronger mentally then you would have to be physically to carry on. They savor all of there times of luxury, when they don’t have to be running for there lives, when they do have something to eat, and when the weather isn’t freezing cold with a chance of snow. I think this passage represents a mental battle more then it does a physical obstacle that they have to overcome. They have been playing with death this whole time and still trudging on through and I bet that seeing even serpents of the earth huddling together for warmth hurt there motivation more then anything they could of ever seen.