Friday, December 21, 2012

Thoughts Thursday--due January 10


What concept we discussed this past week, whether briefly or at length, struck you as particularly fascinating and relevant?  Type 300+ words extending our discussion(s) to your life experiences and the world's vastness.  

Agree. Disagree. Expand. Seek. Wonder. Ask. Muse. Doubt. Affirm. Connect. Confirm. Share. Research. React. Respond. Analyze. Assess. Align. Judge. Realize. Think. Discover. Explore. Extrapolate. Ponder.  


  1. anderson 3 mr c had mentioned that the key to a 70 yrs of pay is a diploma i kind of agree with that because the way this world goes everything is built on hard work and determintion which the diploma is a symbol of. people look at that stuff constantly but what the diploma doesnt help is how hard the person trys and applies them selves thats the real money maker

  2. rome 3
    what i see in reading this book so far is, the world has been nuked, or the earth alingment is off, causing one part to be cold, wet, and dark and the other part to be warm. I think that in their journy, they will find important things that are valued in the long run. The whole thing is about going south to find warmth, but i think that in their journy, they will bond closer as they fight their way tawrds a land free of canables, the cold, and darkness. when they make it, i think that they will find a land full of life. as they find this, the dad will find a specail person to fill the role as a good mother.

  3. Vollendroff 3

    I have a few theories of why there world is a morbid wasteland full of death. One idea of mine is that they had a tectonic plate shift affected the crust of the earth causing severe volcano eruptions and earthquakes, leaving cities in ruin.

    Another idea is that major war broke out and everything went Fubar (to crap). From multiple countries, using whatever weapons they had against each other. They destroyed each other’s military leaving only civilians behind, leading to full anarchy. Or they had all their nukes set off and just a few people survived.

    The beginning dream in the book made me wonder if the creature described was dormant in the earth, and woke to cause the destruction. It may have come out due to some oil drill or construction project. It may be a creature that lives at higher temperatures that is bigger than any we have seen. The pressure from the depth would have made its skin denser also.

  4. mork 3 I have a few on why the world would end. It is maybe because it wants to start all over. Another one is because it wants to get rid of the national date.

  5. Briggs 3 the book bring out the things that are wrong with society through an apocalyptic story allowing the reader to reflect on the real world and see the similar problems.

  6. Lo p.3
    This book so far happened to be the second interesting book even though we have not gotten far out of it. No chapters in this book but, they replaced the chapters with the three dots at the bottom of the book.

  7. Hamsa 3
    I love this book so far. Everything that i have read so far seems like an alegory for real life and how people act or would act twards eachother in a time of extreme peril. I truly do love this book but i do hope it will pick up in the near future because im starting to fall asleep just listening to all the description. He does a great job of it but I think he over does it a little to much. I am excited to see what is in the rest of this book.

  8. Lloyd3
    in the past the world there has been multiple people that say the world should have ended by now. I have alwasy asked myself what I would do if I was put into the position of kill or be killed.

    Through the book thus far we have met 2 poeple; a young boy and his father. It appears that the 2 are the only ones living after some sort of an apocalypse. Putting myself in that situation I tell myself that I would try and keep my son as healthy and as happy as I could, but really thinking about that is that i dont know if i would want my son to live aslong or longer than i would. If he were to live longer than I would he would be on his own for aslong as he was alive for. As selfish as it sounds it would be better for him if he would die before i would, and it would be safer if he were to die befor myself.

  9. Hamsa 3
    I love this book so far. A post-apocalyptic tale of a man and his son trying to survive by any means possible. It is a spike in my interest having to do with the end of the world and how everything has fallen apart. Everything that I have read so far seems like an allegory for real life and how people act or would act towards each other in a time of extreme peril. I truly do love this book but I do hope it will pick up in the near future because I’m starting to fall asleep just listening to all the description. He does a great job of it but I think he over does it a little too much. I am excited to see what is in the rest of this book holds.
    I have a few ideas on how this “end of the world” thing could have happened. Maybe there were zombies and they ate too many people and they had to nuke the area to prevent the zombies from spreading the disease any further. Maybe the world just got into a World War three, and this time they used bigger and better nukes or just used more to the point that it would have destroyed the world and almost humanity as we know it.
    I kind of don’t like that there are no chapters. It bugs me also that the book has horrible sentence strategies. If I knew the reason why it was like that maybe I would accept it but as of right now I don’t. If the book gets happier in the end and they all live happily after and the grammar and sentence structure gets better as it goes then I will like it. The last thing I have to say is I hope that it gets better for the two.

  10. Grant Dougherty pd. 3
    I am very fascinated about this book and how they could only see ash and just by the colors in the book. There has been some redness in the book and a lot of grayness. The book writer just keeps on continuing with the book so he doesn’t put chapters. He puts continuous sentences in the book just because he keeps explaining himself. Sometimes he has only 3 word sentences that is very descriptive and well thought. This book has been a very interesting book and isn’t a book that you read every day, the book is extremely different from the original books. The writer just seems like this book should go on forever and ever because of the writing he uses and the continuing hints. This book has fascinated me and I would like to continue reading, and developing this book, and figure out other ideas he has put into this book. Elaborating on the no chapter part, because he like to continue he doesn’t want to sit there and be bored with his book and move to a different scene he wants to tell the story how it is. His dialogue is very fascinating because he shares how people actually talk and how people just answer with (yeah) or (alright) and so on. This book is very different and is very interesting to read and I can’t wait to hear the finishing words to this book. I believe it won’t end just abruptly but will end with a twist or may not even end. I would like to see the author write a few more books to elaborate deeply and just continue the story that he has written. The book is extremely fascinating and I recommend it to everyone that needs a good/different book to read.

  11. Reiter 3
    In the book The Road there is multiple things that I can talk to you about but what interest me the most is the struggles that they go through. One of the struggles is the cold I mean how they are supposed to stay warm with nothing to use as shelter ? Another struggle is food and without food survival would be imposable. But it only gets worse they have to hide from people that will possibly eat them. I also think that The Road is a great book because it really makes you think and it gets you to see both sides of it. I tend to think that its books that get you cached right away while making you think about it that makes a person smarter such as the book The Road.I like the book alot and i just cant wait to read some more.

  12. Wojciechowski 3

    When i started reading the book i was not very interested. i kept reading so i know what everyone would be talking about, but now i can not stop reading the book. I am finding it very interesting and can not wait to finish it and watch the movie.

    I think that if the world actually would be a wasteland, people would not survive at all. Due to the fact that people are dependent on every thing that has been invented in todays society. in the book, the little boy is lucky because he was born when the world ended. thus having no knowledge of what we have today. the little boy has no idea what anything is, he only knows what he has seen during the wasteland years. also the book is kinda terrifying due to the fact that today countries have the fire power to make a world like that of "the road." for me surviving in this world would be incredibly terrifying and i would only hope to find the answer as to why this happened or what to do to fix the problem.

    in the novel i am puzzled to why he has not even bothered to try and have a vehicle. it would definatly defeat walking all the way to the south. if not even a car what about some bikes, it would probably be great if the boy knew how to ride a bike. part of me also wonders why he does not scavange for ammo or supplies.

  13. Bentson 3
    When i first read this book i didn't like it whatsoever, now that i am further into it i can't keep my eyes off the book and i just keep reading even at home.

    From this novel i have noticed they have reached an end to everything. The only choice they have is survival right now and it seems like a major struggle for them with only 2 bullets, no clean clothes and barely any food and nowhere to bathe. The struggles they go through gives me chills because i don't think i would ever be able to run away from what used to be home and now trying to stay alive and stay as far away as possible from cannibals. They are true survivors as of right now in this story because of everything they have been going through this story gives me chills and i can't wait to hear the ending of the story.

  14. Burckhard 3
    When I first started reading this book I was not to interested in it. Now I want to read further ahead.
    I noticed that they are struggling from the apocolypse that is happening. They have to watch out for cannibals so that they do not get eaten. They are struggling with starvation and always trying to find a good place to sleep. They are dirty and can not always shower. When I read this book I put myself in the position and think of how I would not to be able to handle what they are going through. I am excited to get to the end of this book.

  15. Burckhard 3
    While reading ahead in the giver I get more interested and concerned about there health. I feel as if i'm putting myself in the book and realizing how hard it would be to stay alive. Being in there position I would not be as far as them. When I first started reading this book I was not very interested, but now I am completely intrigued. I think that if the world were to actually come to an end like this I would not survive. I would have given up a long time ago. Watching for cannibols and dealing with starvation would be a hard task to take on. Watching my kid starve and cry and be scared would break my heart. I believe that what they are doing is incredible. To take on a world like this needs a lot of courage, strength, and hope. I strongly encourage others to take on the challenge of reading this book. I am excited to read further and to see what happens to them in the end.

  16. May 3
    I think that they see themselves as the last hope of mankind. If they cannot act sane and not want to eat people then I think they feel there is no reason to live. They want this world to be decent and safe to live in. He wants this especially for his son that has to fight to stay alive every day. Overall I enjoy this book and look forward to reading every page of the book.

  17. Cole Reiter pd. 3
    I think that The Road is somewhat like the movie Mad Max because. The bikers in the movie are just like the cannibals in the book. There also the same because they have the survival method the survival in the road is hiding from the cannibals and the survival in the Mad max movie is killing the bikers so that everybody else is safe. They are also different in some ways such as Mad max is not about an atomic bomb going off just insane people. That are some ways that The road and Mad max are alike.

  18. Boscaljon

    So far this book does have some great predictions for what might come in the near future if humanity keeps up with hating each other. The Road gives us a clear example on what could happen, but this isn't the only book out there. Joining several other books, movies and video games, The Road really sticks out to me. Instead of having a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion, The Road really shows what's reality and what could become our future. The author so far has no gave any specific reason on why the setting is ash. I'm not trying to ruin the setting, but my thoughts are that it wouldn't be a nuclear explosion. Now it could, but I feel that the father would have to worry about the radiation. That's my outlook on what caused it, though it was probably a nuclear explosion. Nuclear explosion or not, the book gives us a sight into the future. What direction society would go, how would people act to survive and most important the tactics to survive. My favorite part of the book are the tactics of the cannibals. Now there hasn't been much yet, though I hope there's more, but the small things that an average loving person would do. An example would be helping a man on the side of the rode, then sadly learning it was a trap. I love when books use those because to me it really grasps our attention and literally asks us, "What would I do in that situation." Of course it's not a book where you choose a decision and you flip to the designated page of your fate (those are really fun) but it at least gives you that feeling that most books don't. That being said let's not forget that society is obsessed with the end of the world. Why? Well we all would like to know, or picture, what it would be like. My honest view on why people are obsessed with the end of the world really comes from personal experience that we all can relate to. Once you've started something you want to finish it. Whether if it's a book, video game, movie, activity, hobby or whatever, we are always craving more. Yet I don't believe in my lifetime the world will end. I'm not excusing such catastrophes to take place either. With nuclear weapons almost available to every country it is very plausible that something could eventually happen.