Friday, December 21, 2012

Thoughts Thursday--due January 24

What concept we discussed these past two weeks, whether briefly or at length, struck you as particularly fascinating and relevant?  Type 300+ words extending our discussion(s) to your life experiences and the world's vastness.  Connect to Mad Max, as well.

Agree. Disagree. Expand. Seek. Wonder. Ask. Muse. Doubt. Affirm. Connect. Confirm. Share. Research. React. Respond. Analyze. Assess. Align. Judge. Realize. Think. Discover. Explore. Extrapolate. Ponder.  


  1. Cole Reiter pd. 3
    I think that The Road is somewhat like the movie Mad Max because. The bikers in the movie are just like the cannibals in the book. There also the same because they have the survival method the survival in the road is hiding from the cannibals and the survival in the Mad max movie is killing the bikers so that everybody else is safe. They are also different in some ways such as Mad max is not about an atomic bomb going off just insane people. That are some ways that The road and Mad max are alike.

  2. Bentson pd.3
    I think the road and mad max are very much alike because they both deal with a road and deals with bad people. Besides in the road there dealing with cannibals and in mad max there dealing with bikers. Also what is different about the story is that they try to stay safe and are looking for safety and food and in mad max there is one guy who ends up killing all the bikers. There also like because they deal with a father and a son.

  3. Vollendroff 3
    If you look at both the book and movie Mad Max, they both are dealing with being on the road, and the troubles and turmoil they have to face from being on the road. In Mad Max there is anarchy and madness that controls and infests the road. There is only a small shred of sanity left, which is the cops. This is one difference between the book and movie because in the book there is nobody left to preserve order.

    Something that was disturbing in The Road was that even after so much death and destruction, the human race becomes a primal enemy to moral values. The human race is always favoring their primal instincts. The human race is terrible if you think about it. People will destroy an entire village, women, children, or anything weaker than themselves if it is their way. They will do it just for the thrill of power. They will also do it for survival.

    If you think about how the cannibals are acting, they are doing it for control and power, not just for survival. The way they travel looks like an army, and armies represent power. It is horrible how the cannibals are creating children just to use them as slaves or for food. It is immoral to sacrifice even the youngest soul for survival, and the man is trying to protect moral values by protecting his son. He is trying to protect the smallest portion of order in the darkest days of mankind.

  4. Mork 3 The book and the movie have some similar and differences. The road is just like the mad max by having a real long road that is going on forever. The boy and dad are kind of like the enimes they are traveling everywhere. The road and the mad max they both have bad people and there are good people. The mad max has good shelter. But the road does not have very well protected shelter for the boy and the man. The man and boy are pretty much seems helpless when it comes to food. But yet the mad max can drive and get there food. It is not far that the boy and dad cannot drive to get there food. The boy and dad have to walk every where they are going. So I do feel bad for the boy and dad they do not have very good shoes to wear. Their shoes are not well and good for them. But it seems like that there should be an easier way for the boy and dad to get to where they want. They do not even have a chance to get food either. That have to savage what they have when they do find food. But yet in the mad max they have stores and can drive to get what they need. I personally think that the boy and dad should find a place that they may be good for a will till they do get things figured out. May be even if the boy and dad when they do find food maybe the pack more to last them until they find another place like a house or even a barn. But it probably would not make since to them.

  5. Briggs 3 Some of the similarities I have noticed between the road and Mad Max are that the settings are similar in that there are tons of long extensive roads that the characters in each story travel on. In Mad Max humanity held on to what order and sanity in had left. I think that is what society was like in the road before the people started eating each other and everything fell apart. Max is like the man and the boy in The Road In that he is carrying the fire by catching the bad guys and trying to maintain decency in the world. It is hard to imagine that the whole world at peace because It seems people somewhere have something to fight about or someone or something to hate as long as war goes on the world becomes closer to being like it is in mad max or the road.

  6. jeremy rome p.3

    this week i when i was reading the book 'the road' there was a part that was very intense when the father and son saw a working truck with people that seemed like canables came by. and when one of the canables grabed hold of the boy the father shot him. i think it relate to the movie because the father is killing these bad guys trying to get his son back and will do any thing he can to get him back. even though that the dad and son have to travel by foot, it is simlar to mad max because mad max had to travel with his wife and son. even though i havent seen the ending of it, im sure that the max got his son back just like the father did when he shot the canables. gas is a valuable recourse in the book to, whe n the father ask how much gas he has on that truck, in the movie the bandents chases after a gas truck that has a reasonable amount of gas in the truck. i have learned that much in the book and movie for simmilarity.

  7. Wojciechowski 3
    There are several differences and similarities when it comes to “The Road” and “Mad Max.” One of the similarities is that both the novel and the movie revolve around a road and one difference is that in “Mad Max” the mother and son die. In “The Road” just the mother dies in the book. In “The Road” it seems like the dad is suffering both physically and emotionally where in “Mad Max”, Max does not have to worry about anyone else or is not sick or dying. One difference between the two is that food can easily be found in the Mad Max film, but food is for papa and the boy in the road novel.

    It seems like Max is always watching for the gang when they arrive in town. This is like how papa is always watching for trouble in the wasteland. My theory is that Max equals Papa and the town equals the boy. They are always watching over the number one thing they care about. Another thing is that both papa and Max talk about their past to another person.

    Based on my vast knowledge of “Mad Max” and the fact that I finished the book, I have more of an ability to make more comparisons. I know that max was injured in the movie and that papa was hit with an arrow later on the story. Both wounds from the story were really fatal to the protagonists. Also I know that there are also cannibals and thieves in the other mad max movies, just like there are in the road. Another difference in the two is that max had a car that survived and it seems like in the road that barely any cars had survived what ever happened in the wasteland. There are my thoughts on comparing and contrasting the road and mad max.

  8. Boscaljon 3

    The connection between the book and the movie are very similar. They might not have the same setting or plot but they do have the same message. The message is humanity crumbling over each other and the world ending. Most character do relate to one another, with different background stories separating them, but with the same placement. A great example would be the cannibals in The Road and the bikers in Mad Max. They both do different things, but during the apocalypse they represent the people who would break the wall between being human and barbaric. The cannibal, of course, eats people and rapes them as well. While the bikers do almost the same, more raping then killing, the setting is different as well. The Road takes place in literally a post apocalypse world where not a soul can be found. If you do manage to find someone, expect it to be a trap or a cannibal wanting to eat you. Mad Max does have the same concept, except there are actually living people in the world. That’s why they tend to rape more than the book. The main characters in both are somewhat the same too. Max is like the father in The Road because they both have something to protect. Max is protecting everyone because he’s a cop, during this apocalypse. On the other hand the father is protecting his child throughout the book. Finally the deaths of loved ones are alike as well for both main characters. Max’s wife got killed while the fathers wife killed herself, either way they both died. Even though Mad Max and The Road are different stories, they do have many similarities within each other. It’s not only Mad Max as well, for there are several other movies that literally almost have the same setting. I cannot recall watching an apocalyptic movie that doesn’t have a tragic background story of the main character.

  9. Lo pd.3 The road and mad max and Total Recall are a like because they both deal with roads. The road and mad max are a like because they have to deal with survival and finding away out of danger. Having bad guys chase after them. The road other people that are hungry chase after them. Mad max bad guys chase after them because he killed the night rider. Total recall the bad guys chase after him because they want to invade and it deals more into what would happen in the future. They basically all have to deal with survival and the ones that are chasing after them for difference reasons. Mad maz and The Road there all out in the open the road never ends and people never stop chasing them because it is either for hunger or they want revenge.

  10. Burckhard 3
    I believe that the movie Mad Max and the book The Road have some similarities. I believe that the similarities that they have is that the world is falling apart before their eyes. In Mad Max all you see for the most part is empty roads and not a lot of people. Also that the biker group is a lot like the cannibals in the book. They made comments about eating the wife of Max and his son. The biker group is who they look out for, just like how the dad and boy are looking out for the cannibals clan. Max represents the dad in the book because he has to take charge and to watch out for his family as well as the dad looks out for his son. They are both strong, loving, and hard headed. I advise people to take the time to watch Mad Max and read The Road. I enjoyed taking the time of watching Mad Max. It was a very thrilling movie. The ending is not what I expected.

  11. Lloyd 3

    I think the movie Mad Max has vast similarities and a wide range of diferences to the book.

    The similarities that I see are: they have both survived some kind of apocalipse to some scale and are trying to survive. In both the movie and the book the road resembles an endless path, and also resembles something similar to them. I say something similar because before the apocalipse the roads were very noticeable and now when everything is dead with ash on top of it the road is somethng familiar to them like it is always there. It is also a sign of direction, direction as in going south; what they hope is going to be freedom from the carivores that they sometimes hide from. In both the book and movie they live for one thing they have in common. Family, to max the lives to get revenge on the bikers that killed is wife and son, and in the book the man lives to bring is son to the south and rebuild their lives and get things back to normal.

    Some of the diferences I have seen in the book and the movie are; in the book the apocalipse has nocked out everything and in the movie they still have food and water at there finger tips. In the book the boy and his father have to be careful so they stay out of the sight of the carnivors. In the movie Max wanted to bring attention to himself so the bikers would try and kill them for what they had done to his wife and child. Another is that in the movie the man and the boy has to rely on a shoping cart to store all of their belongings, in the movie the law inforcement get suped up car to drive and keep some of there things in. Along with the car we see that max has a house to go home to at night. In the book the boy and man to into the forrest and build a fire to try and stay warm so they dont get frost bite and die of hypothermia.

  12. The Road is very similar to Mad Max because Mad max is like the father in that they are the last of the so called "good guys" they do not commit crimes and they do not rape or eat other people. Mad Max however is a little bit better in the fact that there are more people than the Road and there are more cars than the Road. I think that the Road is a little bit more graphic then Mad Max because they talk about eating babies and seeing all of these dead and decaying bodies all over the place and how people eat cats and other humans. In some ways I think that the book has a little bit more detail then Mad Max because when I read the novel I can almost see what is happening in my mind, In some ways it is better then a movie because I get to decide what everything looks like instead of other people choosing for me. Overall I like both Mad Max and The Road about the same. I cannot wait to see what happens at the end of the novel.

  13. Grant pd 3
    The road and mad max are very similar, but they are very different in parts. First of all in the road there are no motorcycles or “hopped up” cars. I believe the guys on the motorcycles are hungry so they may be the “cannibals” like the road. In mad max they don’t rape baby’s and or show that, and there really not like zombies they don’t even look that hungry. In the road they are hungry and starving and they are surviving off of eating people and babies. This book and this movie is probably the closest you’re going to get from being the same without it actually being the same thing. I like the movie more because it shows the action I really don’t like reading that’s why I pick mad max over the road. I would probably love the road if I enjoyed reading and if I could picture all of the action and all the description that the book has. The movie is very creative and makes a lot of sense and I would probably have my kids watch it when they get to about 14 or 15. The people that watch this should be a little bit mature because as a kid it’s not really an appropriate movie for the young ones. These two really would represent the end of the world they need gas to survive technically and they are hungry and they are trying to survive on what they have. I would give mad max a 8/10 just because of all the action in the film and how great it was put together. I would give the road a 5/10 because I didn’t really understand the book. In conclusion these were both very good to watch and read and I enjoyed it.

  14. Tanner Anderson pd 3 The road so far is extremely addicting and it’s not even hard to understand its more real to me it’s a very good book to start up your imagination lots of visualization parts in the book and if you’re not good at visualizing mad max was a big help in that department it kind of showed how life was and how the bad people would act and how society would crumble and how a person can change do to their setting and what there faced with. And in some of the film study’s its very interesting to see how the world had ended or was on the verge of ending like in mad max the community was slowly detracting yet there was still food and water and necessity’s . It was all coming to an end so as the story begins to end peoples attitude changed with the settings they were in. to where what we’ve watched of book of Eli it starts with him all alone hunting a cat surrounded by sand and corpses this movie so far has me wondering if Eli has to play a role like the dad in the road or like max looking over his family if so does he succeed like the dad or fail like mad max and go back for revenge . I’m extremely curious what comes next I also think it’s very clever how these books go together although I do think we should have read the road first then the giver to kind of see a cause and affect thing but I do understand that Mr. c. wanted to keep our attention towards the end of the year and so far its working it’s interesting to piece together why things happen the way they do in the giver

  15. Hamsa 3.
    There are many things to compare in all the different entertainment we have had throughout the year of this English class. Wall-e was a magnificent movie. The picture was so clear and clean and the message of the movie was moving. The message of the movie was that we have to take care of what we really love so we can continue our life on this planet. If I was to compare it to another bit of entertainment that we had in this year I would have to choose The Giver. The giver is much like the movie wall-e in the sense that it what we did not plan for had happened. In both the novel and the movie it was the end at some point. The Giver I believed happened after the end and the society restricted itself and prevented from any of the anarchy that had happened previously. Something that was different from the different mediums was the weather or the environment they lived in. In the movie the weather was groggy, unbearable, intolerable, and basically unlivable. In the book they had climate control so they would never have pollution or they had some other technology to prevent it from ever happening ever again. The thing that stuck out to me in the book was that at that point in time they could transfer memories. I believe we can do that now just not to the extent that they can in the book. What stood out to me most in the movie was the scenery when wall-e was out in space playing with all the little flakes and stars and all the other beautiful things in that infamous wonder. In each of the mediums both of the main characters have a partner in crime and they are both females.