Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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Technical Writing Blog Task 4--due April 23

Write 300+ words about the merits of technical writing practice. When/where/how will you use skills you develop when rehearsing technical writing? Attach some sort of information found on SDMyLife to earn credit.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Technical Writing Blog Task 3--due April 16

1.) In 300+ words, reflect on your writing improvement. What specifically have you worked on to communicate most effectively with a reader who is obviously outside your head and doesn't "know what you mean" automatically?

To explain her ideas, Lois Lowry had to think long and hard, indeed.

Technical Writing Blog Task 2--due April 10

1.) Type 15 super-specific, accurate, helpful words or phrases that have helped you achieve the absolute best results when crafting your sculptures. (Great examples include words like "perpendicular" and phrases like "covering each remaining gray peg.")

2.) Explain why 7 of these words work far better than poorer options. To earn full credit on any blog task, you must write 300+ words.

Technical Writing Blog Task 1--due April 8

1.) Locate a terrific sample of technical writing. Paste the link here.

2.) Summarize the content, telling the rest of us what this sample explains.

3.) Explain why the technical writing sample you found is exceptional. You should type 300+ words for this task.

Images from actx.edu and erikjohanssonphoto.com.