Monday, April 7, 2014

Technical Writing Blog Task 3--due April 16

1.) In 300+ words, reflect on your writing improvement. What specifically have you worked on to communicate most effectively with a reader who is obviously outside your head and doesn't "know what you mean" automatically?

To explain her ideas, Lois Lowry had to think long and hard, indeed.


  1. DanielsK
    It helped me with with my writing improvement by having to think long and hard about what i had to write to understand what the other person is trying to understand what i’m trying to get to when trying to put together the pieces. the skills that i have worked on to write are communication with one another and have them read it to see if if makes sense to them as well as it does to me and it will make it easy for me to rewrite the paper so it makes better sense to them and to others too.In order ot get it right the numerous times you had to do, but i am sure other as well as author had to write rewrite there stories so it does get the point across to what they are saying in the stories so basically have to make since when you are trying top write instructions and other things. It really helped me get the paper right and correct for me to understand and the classmates that are in there with. it helped with team work and the communication you need with people.

  2. Johnson
    Blog Task 3
    My writing has improved by a lot, I have noticed by how I write and think. I try to think like a reader first and a writer second. My skills have greatly improved by using more descriptive words and being more fluent in my writing. By being more fluent in my writing I started using bigger words and making my sentences easier to read. It has helped me tremendously by making it have more of a professional look, another area I have noticed that I have improved on would be my punctuations. I started using more comma’s since we started typing about manhood or womanhood. I think typing on manhood was the biggest improvement time for me. By writing on it then revising it then adding even more content has just made me a better writer. Technical writing has helped me in many ways, by making people understand my instructions, thoughts, and ideas much easier. Typing our Lego directions have also helped me because, it shows me how to use more direct, specific words in my writing. Also I have become a better writer through making lots of adjustments in my drafts and lots of revising in my finals to make my final copy, but it can never be perfect until you spend months revising and revising some more. Overall I have learned how to get into the reader’s head by being the reader and the writer, it has shown me to put it in more of their point of view, by looking over my writing and saying to myself will this make sense to them? Will this be easy to understand? By doing so it made my writing more fluent and much smoother to read.

  3. Kauffman
    This is my list about how I understand the ways other people read my writing
    1. It is hard for me to figure out people’s facial expression because I have an Autistic disorder.
    2. Because of my autism it is hard for people to read my writing and they don’t understand my point of view and I don’t understand their point of view.
    3. Because of my autism it is hard for me to understand other people’s directions because I don’t understand them in an understanding manner.
    4. Sometimes with my autism some people think I am weird in a particular way and it is hard for them to accept me for who I am.
    5. Also with my autism I can act differently than other people because it is hard for me to understand people in their own perspective.
    6. Even though I act different than other people and write different I can be quite fun and very imaginative.
    7. It is hard for me to find friends because I have autism because people think that I am weird when I have a disability, so try to accept me for who I am.
    8. It’s hard for me to write clearly than other people because I have autism but with a little practice with it I can be better with my writing.

  4. From when I first started writing I could barely write full sentences. Now i can some what put words together to get my point across. I feel like I have come a long way in my writing. Learning all the difficult conjunctions, adjectives, and gerunds have helped me lift my vocabulary to immense heights. Even though i still lack some spelling skills, it does not slow my writing down because i can spell close enough to the correct way to where people understand what I am trying to get across. Writing is essential after high school. No matter what career you choose you need to know how to read and write to be able to scale the ladder of success and make more money for yourself. When I often write I just write whatever is going through my mind no matter how organized or relevant it is. Being an organized writer is very helpful to your reader, it makes it easier to follow, but I think something speaks about an unorganized writer. I believe that he is speaking his mind because he is writing exactly what the writer is thinking. I believe the reader and writer should try to get into each other’s mind, that way it is easier for the writer to write, and it is also easier for the reader to read. Writing is an artform that will help move society into a better tomorrow. If it was not for writing we would not be as knowledgeable as we are. We would have no way to keep information in tact because if the person who died was the only one who knew the answer and spent 20+ years finding the answer, then they would have to spend another 20+ years finding the answer when they could have spent those years finding solutions to other problems.

  5. Bratland ^^^^^^^

  6. Cain Scott
    My writing has improved greatly after technical writing because I learned how to make things that are obvious to me obvious to other people too, by using specific directions and every single detail I can think of I write down. I also spent time looking up descriptive words and reading other peoples technical writing. Instead of thinking how you’d be thinking when building your own project you have to think how others would think when building your task. At the beginning I would not use very descriptive words because I already knew what it was supposed to look like when it was finished, but after I let others try it and it didn’t turn out so well I realized that not everyone has the same thinking process especially if they don’t have pictures or videos to follow. Also when I wrote my first tech writing I didn’t put it in ordered steps I just put it in a paragraph, which can get pretty confusing if you’re looking at the project then back at the paragraph then back at the project, it is easy for your reader to lose their spot but if you put it in numbered steps then they won’t get lost because they can look for the number of the step they were on instead of searching through the paragraph looking for a certain word or piece that they were on. The more I write the better I get, also letting people work on it and seeing what mistakes they make and don’t make will make your writing better, then you can go back and see what they made a mistake on fix it and hope that the next person gets it right and if they don’t then you just keep repeating the same steps over and over.

  7. In these technical writing assignments I have improved my writing skills by having to think about the reader if they can understand my directions, and think outside my own brain if that makes sense. Being very specific is one of the things I have learned because when I first started writing directions I would just say place this here and place that one there, but now I know that my reader could take those directions and completely take it the wrong way. You want to be very specific and describe every little thing you have, so that It can be easier on the reader and help yourself improve your writing skills. I have also improved in my direction skills by writing smaller steps instead of writing in big paragraphs, I feel as if the reader will get overwhelmed if it is in one big paragraph. Step by step with less words the reader will understand what you mean and more likely to get each step right instead of paragraphs. I also learned when working with a partner writing directions they too have different ways to put their directions, your words plus there’s sometimes it will help both of you understand different perspectives of writing. Also working with a partner you help each other think of better ideas what should go where and how. It can help you see what others think and make you realize how others think and help you improve in your writing skills. I really like technical writing because its not boring and its hands on things and that’s what most students like and help them understand how to do write and understand better instead of sitting in a classroom writing all day about directions and not trying them out, so this is really improving my writing skills.

  8. Drake Tutt

    There has been many things that i have worked on in my writing skills. Writing is a very important thing to be knowledgeable about. There is all kinds of different writing styles and techniques. but in every type of writing you do you need to know how to address your writing and tell the reader exactly what you are trying to get at.What i have figured out and have learned this year during my AP English class is to write with details. When writing make sure that you include details to describe what you are trying to explain, but remember to not go overboard and give to many details because then it will get to excessive with details. When you give details always make sure to you appropriate words for example, “flawless, extreme and fantastic” not good, cool or nice those are boring and not fun to read. Every type of writing can be greatly enhanced with just a few words like the ones I said previously. My teacher Mr. Christensen has taught me so much about improving my writing that will definitely help me in the future for jobs and everything else I do.

  9. The question is how has my writing improved. In this philosophical analysis of my writing strategy which has improved greatly on all fields. The english teacher of mine is currently superb, he inspires his students by challenging them with an assignment such as this one; which has improved my own writing. It also helps my writing strategy by having to think interminable and stenous about what I am about to write. By using the talents that I have acquired from writing with other classmates and having them correct the readings. Fabricating it effortlessly to revise . In order to get it right the numerous times you had to do. although I am sure others as well as authors have to write and rewrite their stories so it does get the point across to what they are saying in the stories so basically have to make sense when you are trying to write instructions. It really helped me get the paper right and correct for me to understand and the classmates that are in there with. It helped with team work and the communication you need with people. Thank you, that is all.

  10. Blog Task 3


    My writing has improved very much since the start of the year. I would just write out what I was thinking in my head and I wouldn’t describe what I was saying at all. From the writing that we have done in this class, I have learned substantially since september. I have started to put more thinking into my writing. From when we first started technical writing I hadn’t even thought about writing steps for someone else to follow. I had to make it as easy as possible for the person building whatever it is that they were building. To be a good technical writer you have to think how the builder would interpret the steps. You need to be as specific as possible so that the builder thinks the rules are dummy proof. You can make great steps just by brainstorming ways to make the steps as simple and understandable as you can. I got myself to do exactly that. I put myself in the readers perspective and built my craft thinking of ways I could explain the step. By putting in the way your suppose to be looking at the craft is a great way to help out the reader understand where to place the piece. By saying things like,”in the top right hand corner” or “in the middle of the piece,” it gives the reader a general idea of where the piece will actually go. Being even more specific than that, you can say, “One row away from the edge of the green 4x8, put the blue 2x6 in the middle one row away from each edge on the green piece,” if thats not a foolproof step I don’t know what is. I have taught myself a lot about how to write things and make them easy to read.

  11. Austin Krumbach

    In my lifetime, I have done many things to improve my writing. This year in Applied English we have done quite a bit of things that help my writing improve. Technical writing helps me a lot with writing. It makes you be put into the reader's shoes and how they would think. It helps you think more descriptive with your writing, instead of just telling the person something. It is always better to be more descriptive with your writing. If it is not descriptive, the reader will get bored of whatever you are writing. Instead of just telling us who the character is, tell us about the character, tell us what he or she looks like, tell us what his or her personality is like. This helps us get to know the story better. We also wrote a big essay in the beginning of the year in first semester. That really helped me out a lot. When i was writing that, I had to be descriptive with my writing in order for the reader to not be bored out of their mind. I have definitely worked hard on my descriptive writing, all these things have helped me out a lot. You also need to be descriptive when just talking to someone. When you are giving someone directions, you can’t just say turn left up the street. You tell them to go about a mile up the street and take a left of the street “53rd” right after “walmart”. Even just talking to someone, you want to be descriptive. Being descriptive makes you sound more smart than not smart. Being descriptive could help you get a job, or even a new friend. Being descriptive makes you a more fun person to be around. In conclusion you should always be descriptive, whether it is in your writing or when you’re speaking to someone.