Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Technical Writing Blog Task 4--due April 23

Write 300+ words about the merits of technical writing practice. When/where/how will you use skills you develop when rehearsing technical writing? Attach some sort of information found on SDMyLife to earn credit.


  1. Kauffman
    I found a decent technical writing manual with lots of pictures, charts, and icons to help you. This one is how does a Vevo LAZR protect you from a Laser light. A lot of people asked a lot of questions and answers on how the Vevo protect you. This interests me because I like lasers and they are fun to play with and fun with you pets. But this laser is for lab projects like for science and chemistry. It has a lot of warning signs so you don’t hurt your eyes. This is a good example of technical writing for people to understand on how to work things and build projects.

  2. Kauffman
    The only subject that inspires me is to be an artist because I have achieved a lot of goals in art class and art is my favorite subject in school. If you want to know why art is my inspiration send a question to me then I will answer your request. Some other interesting facts that I like about art is that you can be inspirational with your project it may be hard to do but it is quite fun to do in the future of present. My favorite subject to do in art is sculpting with clay. You can make many imaginative objects/sculptures with clay. Clay can be a little messy and sticky but messing with clay is a blast. Also you can go on the wheel to make pots, bowls, cups, and flower vases. Being on the wheel can be a lot difficult but you will get the hang of it because you need to center your clay in place so it is in the middle of the wheel so you can start making pots. Clay is fun to do you can make lots of sculptures like a figure person, a water pot, and a pet dish for you pets.

  3. Lucas Swenson
    Technical writing is very helpful and useful in todays world. Especially with the variety of things you can write about for technical writing. Technical writing is to inform your reader how to do something or make something by writing directions. Technical writing can be used anywhere and everywhere. Workplaces are great places for people to use technical writing because people always need to know how to do something. Schools are another great place where technical writing to be used. For example, if your in science class you need directions to a lab or if you're in math class you need directions to do a math problem. Technical writing is even on cars and in their owner's manual to tell you how to fix something or tell you what to do if something happens. Everyone these days needs directions to know how to do something and technical writing is what helps you make those directions. For technical writing you can write in all different types of ways. Like using bullets to start off each direction or you can just write all the directions just in a few paragraphs but thats not as organized. You need directions to do anything even when you're making a puzzle or building a snowman. Technical writing is used everywhere and its all around you and you can use it whenever you need to make something or do something. Technical writing is the most used writing there is in my life, at least. I see it everyday when i open my car door or look under the hood of my car or go and fill my car up at the gas pump. Everyone has used it before in their lifetime and everyone will use it sometime in their life. Next time you go to a gas station look at how theres directions to help you know how to put gas in your car the right way.

  4. Cain Scott.
    Technical writing is important in every-day life. Teachers use it almost every day when trying to teach you how to do something they may not be writing but they are giving specific directions. Even you use technical writing every day, when you ask someone to grab you something you say go grab the remote from under the couch on the right side, you don’t say go grab me the remote because then they will take forever to find it. It’s also important in many sports, coaches use it all the time they give you specific ways to shoot and play defense in basketball, different ways to hold the football and throw and catch the football, specific ways to hit, field, and pitch in baseball. Technical writing is everywhere and we don’t even notice it, even when we are cooking food following recipes we are using technical writing, if the recipe just says throw in as much flower and eggs as you think you need whatever you are making isn’t going to turn out the way it should or the way you want it to. Also pilots and air traffic controllers use technical writing every day, if they didn't use specific directions and elevations then it would be very dangerous to fly. This shows the importance of tech writing and how it is around us every day and we don’t even notice it.

  5. Joseph Karnof:
    I have developed a different kind of mind set when I am writing technically. I mean by that is when I normally write I try to make it interesting for my reader and also interesting for myself then I can also continue my ideas but, while I am writing technically I think of how the other person is reading my work and how the directions look because if the directions are hard to understand then its not as fun for the person and that means i have to be more descriptive and that also plays a big part of technical writing if your not descriptive then you are not giving the the clear path to where you want them to go and they come up with a different result at the end.When it comes to SDmylife it help me chose the path i wanted to do when I was trying to figure out what I was going to do after high school and what skills fall in to where but that is also a form of tech writing if you dont fall instructions that they typed for you then your not giving them the information needed and you end up with a different path at the end and it might be something you hate or cant do. In conclusion when doing the tech writing it has opened my eyes to different type of writing and creativity when trying to describe something or when explaining how to do something to someone. Our lego project is a very good example of tech writing when doing that you have to have air tight directions and you have to be able to understand it well also our airplane project that one was alittle bit harder because you had to learn the instructions yourself and understand them before you could translate them in to your own creation and make someone understand them.

  6. When will I use technically writing? I don’t see myself doing that much technical writing for my career, but if I were to do any technical writing, it would probably be on how to write some directions on how to bake or make something , or how to use some kitchen utensil. Essentially, it would probably be about how to write directions. I learned that being specific and repetitive helps the audience understand what they’re being told. It seems as if people tend to overthink technical documents like these, to a point where if there is a case of inconsistency in the way a sentence is phrased, they quickly become confused. Basically, I learned that there is a set of rules or guidelines that must be followed in order to create an effective and easily comprehendible technical document. So in the future I would help my peers understand how to write and understand technical writing.How will I use technical writing skills that I have been taught? I will use it when I am reading a set of directions not to become frustrated and understand that it is difficult to read and understand some writings and it takes time and I will help those who are not experienced with technical writing. where am i going to use technical writing? I would use when I am writing simple directions for my sisters or brothers or even my parents at home. School would be a main place I would you it and will be using it. Even though I don't see myself using technical writing in my career all that much but there might be times when I will be put to the test to use my skills that I have learned through this past semester. I know technical writing will be use in the future for me in some form.

  7. Using technical writing is helpful in all situations where direct results are needed. But I think I have learned a new set of skills when writing instructions. What I am alluding to is that technical writing is far different from social writing because technical writing is focused towards millions of people and the directions have to be creative and exact so that the reader can properly build when is being described. Then social writing is focused between one or more people where the conversation can be more relaxed, less formal and as for detail go it can be tailed to each individual reader. Our lego projects or the paper folding project are excellent examples of technical writing when you're doing it you have to have persics directions and you have to be able to understand it well also our airplane project that one was a little bit harder because you had to learn the instructions yourself and understand them before you could translate them into your own creation and make someone understand them. Then when it comes to my SDmylife account I personally think it does do a good job of correctly aptituting a person individual skills and talents. But as for my scores it shows that I am best suited for either a computer animator, film editor, special effect technician, web developer, and then zoologist which doesn't make make logical sense. Lastly in my conclusion when doing the technical writing assignments it has expanded my horizons to a different type of writing style and detail application when trying to describe something or when explaining how to do something to someone.


  8. Austin Krumbach

    Everyone uses technical writing in the lives everyday, whether its when giving directions to your house or to a specific place or when telling someone how to do something or even build something. Managers and owner of businesses use “technical talking”, if you say, when giving instructions to a new member to their business. They tell the new employee exactly what to do so that way they do not mess up and even hurt the business really bad. They use technical writing when they write the instructions on applications to tell the person applying for the job what to do. Technical writing or talking is used all around you. I bet if you look somewhere near you, you can find something that is an example of technical writing. When I am technical writing, it makes me think differently than i would when I am just normally writing. It puts me in the shoes of someone else. It makes me think the way they would think, just so they can do the right thing instead of doing the wrong thing. When I am technical writing it makes me think a lot harder than I normally would writing just a normal essay. You have to think like the reader because they do not know what you know. They may think something that you meant to be the complete opposite. Use descriptive words to tell the reader where you are placing the object, or where to take a left or right turn at. Use descriptive words to make sure that the reader knows what he or she is doing. So in conclusion, technical writing is more difficult than a normal style of writing, it requires you to think harder about your directions and also requires you to get inside the other persons head.