Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday, January 16

What are your three favorite statements from the prezi or the viewing notes? Why?

What are your three least favorite statements from the prezi or the viewing notes? Why?

Are there hyenas and lions in this school? Explain. 300+ words, just like all blog tasks.


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  2. Zach Thomas
    Pd 4
    I believe viewing notes on day 1 number is 2. The reason I think this is one of my most favorite because in our world everyone is either a jock or a poor person. You have the wealth kids and then you have the weak and the poor kids. The part that is not my favorite is when scar is separate from everyone. The reason I do not like is because scar was smarter and better than mufsa. My other favorites is when Rafiki hits Simba on the head to knock sense into him. Then when Simba figures it out he decides to go home. The Circle of Life is like a movie The Giver. The Circle of Life is like the communities in the movie so who ever does not agree with me then leave our circle. One thing I do not like is when Mufasa tells the hyenas to stay off their land when the lion can not own their own land. Something else I do not like is how the movie shows scar as a communist. Scar just wants to be like all of the other lions. Something I like is that Timon and Pumbaa show Simba that you do not need to live in the past but live in the future. There are a lot on hyenas and lions in our school. You have the people who have the rich families and think they are better because their parents buy them everything they want. The hyenas are the poor people who have to fight for food or just do not have parents who do not have a high paying job. The lions also are the jocks who think because they are higher up then the none jock. The hyenas are us who are good at other things like Math or English. Some jocks do not have the brains to do both school and sports. So I do believe that we have lions and hyenas is our school every day or in any school.

  3. Rafiki is a priest/shaman/mystic/monk/hermit. There is no evidence he is married or has children. Well I found this statement interesting because Rafiki is too good cool for family to me because hes just a ninja living the good life. He is almost like a God but not literally. One other statement is the Genetic Lottery I have never heard of someone call your Genetics the Genetic lottery, but I like this because some people that are huge and muscular there parents are not the same size of them because they won the genetic lottery. One statement I really like is the Environmental Lottery because some people are born into the poor or rich families and they cant change that but eventually the rich families over time will become poor because there lazy and never wanna work and as the family tree grows they will loose money all the time, secondly the poor will eventually become rich because one of the children might win the genetic lottery and go to collage and make lots of money and start the rich side of the family tree. One statement I dont like is the king wants the hyenas to stay in the shadows, well my question is why do they have to stay in the shadows why can they live were the lions live. Secondly I don't like the statement The sun (nature) is the giver of life, the sun is the giver of life but so are humans so in this statements it sounds like the lions are the sun and our parents are the hyenas. Lastly have rich, white, old, powerful american people been chosen to lead the world in money, comfort, fame, and happiness, well not all whites are rich and not all blacks are rich, and this statement is a problem because everyone is equal and should deserve the same. Yes there is lions and hyenas in this school because the football players and volley ball players and all other sports players are respected and higher up on the latter just because they are representing Brandon in sports. But people like me that don't win the Environmental lottery were my parents give me money all the time, instead I have a job and need to make my own money to do my own things in life so there for I don't have time to be a lion of the school instead im a hyena that works almost every day to make my own money and saving for my future. Also the lions now at school may be hyenas in the future and the hyenas may be lions and the hyenas now that may become lions will bring the hyenas up and help everyone become lions and equally respected.

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  5. my favorite statements were about about how the society puts this pressure on us how we got to be perfect we have to be rich strong smart religious and do nothing wrong in their life so they say these statements but in reality they are putting these Nazis stuff in kids movies which it makes them bad people another one would be how they make these hyenas look terrible and live in a terrible place but real animals are way different then these movies portray them to be That these people in these movies are actually very racist and are bad people overall by putting these videos as perverted to these kids to not understand and only for the parents to find out. the ones i didn't like were that these people Which lottery did scar win or lose and i don't know you make your life the way you can but you don't have to be strong to be good you can be smart and not have to be strong another one would be this movie with the girl lion not having enough power and they had more power than the boy lion and Disney made scar look British but in reality the British are very smart. So when you say are there hyenas and lions in the school yes there are and every jock seem to have a lot of money and people favor them they look up to them but the jocks are ass holes they are real jerks if you are not good at sports many people and teachers dont really care about you and or how you feel because you are not as important to the school as these people are they have money strength but in reality they are not really that smart i came from a decent family but my parents split up im not really a jock have no money but me and my friends we have a way better time than wanting to be another fake person at this school only to feel cool so yes i agree that there are hyenas and lions at our high school

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  7. The Genetic Lottery slide is my least favorite slide because I do not like to think there is Genetic lottery. The environment lottery I do not like either because it talks about a lottery. The slide about broke from south Dakota I do not like either because he is big but he had to work had to get the muscle and had to work hard to get to where he is and his size helped him. But I'm sure there are a lot smaller guys out there that could beat him in a fight. My favorite slide is the picture with all of them in it. All my favorite slides are ones with pictures. My other favorite is the picture of cheech marin and my other favorite is the picture of the hyenas. I think there are what you would call lions and hyenas in our school and in others schools all around. I also think that the Genetic Lottery will only be a real thing if we make it a real thing. And in the lottery not that many people can win show why don't all the average people get together and start their own clubs and groups and exclude the lions because no one can stand to be around them . Then lions will be forced to change their ways.But I think one day soon or in the near future the Hyenas are going to wake up and realize that they are hyenas. Then the lions are selfish and they don't want a lot of people to be like them so they try to keep their population small. So One day the Hyenas will have more numbers then the lions and pretty soon more people will be hyenas and then people will start to care less about the lions. and they will lose power and get taken over by the hyenas.

  8. My 3 most favorite statements are gonna be first is the genetic lottery and i dont really agree with it because if you work out you can become strong just lie someone else. Also when they say that the only way to become king is to be strong and that is not right because you can be smarter and still be able to be king. Lastly That it says that scar had been abused when he was younger could be true but they dont know for sure and they cant say he was when he possibly could have been treated well even though.
    Ones I dont like is when Simba says that he is going to be king even though there are other stronger people even females that are better than him that deserve to be Queen or King. Also when didibitor was in the house I thought that it was an incorrect statement because he has his own choice whether he is going to be king or not I dont think you should be forced into it. Lastly When they say that just because your a man that you should inherit the throne even though his wife was way stronger than him and could take him down with ease and when it comes to being brave and having a lot of strength she also beats him. I even think that she is smarter than him because she can hunt and he cant.

  9. "Brits are weaker,brooding and sad, smarter (but not in good ways) better than the french but not as good as us."
    It shows the idea that we think we are superior to any other group (race, religion, ect.) just because we are a part of it and we dislike other groups for the simple fact that they are not "us" and because they are different then "us". the thing about it is, is the more differences there are the more dislike that comes from them. the way our ancestors see other groups is influenced into us when we are young aswell.

    "The hyenas dont know the balance of democracy." see the broken part of it is is that the lions treat them poorly because of how they act yet never allow them to learn how to act correctly . The lions just push them down its no wonder the hyenas want it the other way around for once, along with scar wanting it the other way around.

    "why are timon and pumbaa welcomed into the pride but not the hyenas " i would say they are welcomed because they are friends of simbas and are liked whereas the hyenas are not liked because of how they have acted from not being liked in the first place.

    Disliked statements
    we have to feel sympathy for scar until he goes too far. if he was never treated negatively he wouldn't be the bad guy so he would not be pushed to do the things he does.

    Nala is physically stronger than simba . that isnt really proved because simba could be acting playful toward her.

  10. My 3 favorite statements in the prezi, the "Money" in the Lion King. How it is based on food, water, shelter, land, females, respect, power, status. Which is true, they do base it off of that. The hyenas are the poor in the movie, they live in "poverty". They sleep in the skulls of animals and are always in the dark. They don't eat much, barley at all and they don't get treated very nicely. They are an outcast to everyone else. Like they don't belong to be there. I do agree Scar won the brains, but how he chose to be involved with his family made him lose them. He is to caught up in being king and does anything he can to kill his brother and his own nephew. He doesn't care about family or morals at all. He just cares about what he wants. He is selfish and maybe he grew up that way, thinking no one wanted him. But, in reality he chose to act that way and chose to do the things he did. He had full control over that. I agree Mufasa won the muscles but he also won wisdom. He cares about his "herd" and "family". He wants peace and isn't selfish, he is trying to keep everyone together. But he out casts Scar and doesn't value him as a brother. Just values him as someone who is poor and doesn't want anything to do with him. One of my least favorite is how they made it so there was out casts, poor people, and people who shouldn't belong with everyone. I don't agree that it should be that way. It should have ended them all getting along and becoming one full herd and not them still being outcasted. I also don't like how they made Ed have a disability. I agree people shouldn't outcast them, they can't help how they are. But, it doesn't need to be mentioned or shown how he is. As if he is evil or is on the "bad guys" side. They make fun of him and don't appreciate him. They should make it so he is involved more and show they don't need to be outcasted. Another one of my least favorite ones was how they imitated Hitler. I personally don't like the fact they put it in there. It isn't necessary, kids don't know what it means and it't not something that should be put into a kids movie. I do agree there is lions and hyena's in our school. The lions are the ones that get praised for everything and get the spotlight in school. Everyone focuses on them and doesn't really care about the rest of us. There are also hyena's because there really is some bitter people here, that just want to fit in but don't because they feel like they don't belong.

  11. I do believe that there are hyenas and lions in this school. I say this because there are some students are from families that don't have much money, and the student don't dress as fancy as others, and aren't as popular or as well-known. These are the hyenas. Whereas the lions, are the students who are on the other side of the scale who have decent looking clothes and are well known by everyone throughout the school.

    My 3 favorite statements:
    1. People who sound white sound smart
    People who sound black sound dumb.
    I like these statements because they don't really sound racist.

    My 3 least Favorite statements:
    1. When it mentioned the Brits are wimpy and pathetic, smokers. I strongly disagree with this statement. I have watched enough British shows on TV to see the Britians are actually very intelligent. There’s actors like Benedict Cumberbatch,and Sean Connery (James Bond Casino Royale).

    2. This isn’t a statement mentioned in the Prezi, but has been mentioned throughout class and shown in the movie, Scar and the hyenas have found refuge in the darkness of the caves (bad people), while Mufasa and everyone else bask in the sunlight at Pride Rock (Good People), I also disagree with this observation, I believe, deep down, everyone has a good side to them, and should be welcomed to communities of others, such as Scar and the Hyenas.

    ~ Jacob Leonard

  12. In the Prezi, the best statements, in my opinion, are the Genetic lottery, the Marxist theory, and the Environmental lottery. The reason for this is because they are all relevant to life in general. The genetic lottery is something that everybody has taken part in, whether they lost or won. People are born with or without good traits and that affects the rest of their life. The Marxist statement is useful because it shows how strength is seen as a better attribute than intelligence. To me, that is completely wrong. The last statement that I thought was wonderful was the environmental lottery. The environmental lottery is about having the resources given to you by right of birth. Most people who are born into wealth have a lesser view and value of money. That isn't the case in everybody's mind, but it is a typically accurate stereotype.

    In the Prezi, my least favorite statements are about the fact that Scar is smart, Mufasa is king because of brawn, and that the movie is Pro-Democracy. I do not believe that Scar was smart in any way. He had witty remarks and schemes that seemed like a "get-rich-quick" type of situation (the "get-rich-quick" in this case is about becoming king). He didn't think anything through financially (the animals that they needed for food). The other thing that I thought was incorrect was about Mufasa's reason for being king. I have a different view of Mufasa's intelligence based on how he talks and the lessons that he taught Simba. He was the person that showed Simba how to hunt, behave, take responsibility for your actions, and many other lessons. I would disagree and say that Mufasa was more intelligent and stronger overall. The last statement that I didn't agree with was the movie being Pro-Democracy. The movie seems to approve of a monarchy because of the royalty system that is in place.

    I would definitely agree that there are lions and hyenas in the school. The lions are essentially the athletes, the 4.0 GPA students, and the all-state band members. The other people would be the hyenas. The hyenas are mainly consisting of anybody who isn't in a club or doesn't go to sporting events.

  13. Kallie Folk

    Three of my favorite statements from the Prezi are Peacocks and Pheasants, Marxist Approach, and Scar's win or lose. I picked this three because they really stood up out to me. When you think of The Lion King you don't really think much into it about how it can be racist or sexist, you have to take it apart and think. When we here money here it’s like everyone wants to have it, and a lot will end up working to earn their money. When we look into the The Lion King it’s not about money it’s about the kingdom and who should get to live on Pride Rock, but also animals try to make it to Pride Rock and don't make it. I see this statement a reason to fight and earn you only things in life and not let your parent’s money effect the way you act, look, and live. Another would be Scars win or lose, I picked to show us that we may not always come up from the right place or treated right. Which I use two wrongs don't make a right. When Scar was younger I feel like he was picked on and his dad would abuse him, make him feel less like a son and more like a chew toy. But for his brother who is king would be loved and treated right. Scar hates his brother and wishes he was died. I personal think Scar won the brains in the family he is really smart. Also think he lost Power and strength. Also my finally one for this section is Peacocks and Pheasants. I picked this one because it shows that the women get to choice what they want to do. They get to choice we they mate with and who they don't. For reason I see that the woman are more in control. That they should be on top or at least equal. I really liked it because it shows us that as woman we are a leader too.
    Three of the statements I really didn't like are The Genetic Lottery, The Picture of the outsiders and insiders, the one slide that says Sounds white = sounds smart sounds black = sounds dumb. I picked the picture because it remembers of are school. We have the insiders and outsiders in the school. The insiders would be the popular group and the outsiders would be everyone else. Hidden in the shadows of the popular group. It sucks not being able to be a part of friends with someone because the way you act or dress it’s not always about money. We need to grow up and notice that money does not buy happiness it buys rude snobby people. Kind of like the kids in Brandon they think they have to be prefect when you don't your prefect the way you are made not by what you wear or look like. I also really hate racist people. How can you be so mean to a racist that did nothing wrong to you. It really just pisses me off when people can look at people and call them mean names and just think because they are different colored means there poor and not worth are time. NO grow up and realize they are just as much human as you and maybe even a bigger person then you will ever be. They know that it’s okay to be different colored and not white.
    I also believe that there are hyenas and lions in the school. I would say the lions are the kids that play sports and have tons of money. They think they are on top or above everyone in the school. They will look at you weird or mean if you don't have money nor nice clothes. Then I would say everyone else are the hyenas. I also believe that must the hyenas wouldn't even want to be friends with the lions because they can’t be your friend now but if you had money they would try to be all buddies with you. I just wish we could all be treated equal and not looked at different. We live in America and everyone is equal well that's a damn lie. I will someday have a kid and teach them the real meaning of life and kindness.

  14. One of my favorite statements from the Prezi is when we talked about the different types of lottery. The genetic lottery and environmental lottery. The genetic lottery is when you get the good looks, the brains, and the body/abilities. This lottery gives the impression that everybody needs to have these traits so they can fit in, or be cool. It discourages the people that don’t have some of those traits. Not everyone is fit to be in football, or smart enough to be in all of the honor classes, some don’t have the looks to get the guy or girl. Not only is this the lottery, but society has put this pressure on us that we have to be perfect. If a girl doesn’t get 20 likes on an Instagram picture we feel that we aren’t pretty enough. Society has also ruined the purity in a teenagers life. That some guys think that every girl they meet will give themselves to them just by giving the girl “the stare”. Another one is the environmental lottery, there are people in our school that have loads of money, enough to pay bills and keep a house/apartment, then there are people that don’t have anything. You can’t control the family you are born into. Or the house you live in. The last statement that stood out to me was if we picked someone to rule just because of their strength. In the movie, Nala should be queen instead of Simba being in charge. She is smarter, more wise, and knows how to take care of people. Plus when Simba ran away who took care of the people who were left? Nala did. Who came looking for food and ended up finding Simba begging him to come back but he couldn’t because of his past? Nala did. It’s also like having MMA fighter Brock Lesnar be President just because he is stronger than Obama. But does that mean he knows how Politics work? Or does he know what it takes to run a country? Most likely not.
    My least favorite statements were the separation between the “good” and “evil”. But in the “good people” category it’s the animals with the bright colors, spunky attitudes, and the strongest, most good looking people. But in the “bad people” category are the ones who aren’t as strong, or good looking. Ed in the hyena group has a mental disability, is Disney trying to tell us that people with mental/physical disabilities belong in the dark? My second statement on my least favorites is where the sun doesn’t shine. This movie is a Pro-religion movie, it is saying that the poor people don’t deserve the light and that’s the reason why God doesn’t shine the light on them. For being religious that isn’t the case. Is Disney trying to make God sound like he picks and chooses who he likes. My last statement of my least favorite things is about Timon and Pumbaa. Why are they welcomed into the Pride but the Hyenas arent? Well, I think this goes back to the statement I said before. The only reason they are aloud in is because they are very colorful. The Hyena’s aren’t allowed in because they are dull in color. Or is it because they are friends with Simba? Having the connection to the Pride can help out a lot. If you aren’t connected you don’t belong.
    You can definitely see who the lions and hyenas in school are. The lions are the “popular” kids. The ones with all the money, the nice cars, nice clothes, the biggest house. The hyenas are the ones that don’t have as much money, the nicest cars if they even have one, sometimes they have to share clothes with their sibilings becuase they cannot afford to buy clothes for themselves, and they most likely live in an apartment that only have a few beds. If you have a family with 4 people and only two beds, that means two people wont get a bed. They kids that are the hyenas are the ones we don’t really notice. We see them as weird but are they like that because they don’t know any better?

    Morgen Burkman

  15. I would have to saymy favorite staments from the lion king are 1-2 because its part of life they talk a little bit about responsibility and simba being born in to there world is a huge part of it. I do believe there are some hyenas in this school i would say some of the hyenas in this school are football players because they think there "cool" the administration and the principal because they control what goes on in the school.

  16. My least favorite statements are from day 2 when "The two children venture into the "North Omaha" or "North Minneapolis" region. They are fortunate to be saved by Mufasa; the first of Scar's plans to kill Simba is foiled." I hate it how its so racist and so prejudice. It's disgusting how its portrayed like that I really dislike it. My second least favorite statement is "The sky rains and rains for Mufasa's reign, because he will rule "properly." If he were to rule properly wouldn't he be just like Mufasa? Every bad guy loses in the end. My third least favorite quote is "Mufasa wants to keep the hyenas in the shadows. What have they done wrong, other than being born as hyenas? That is racist. When your born, you cant choose to be who you wanna be but you can choose what you want to be so you can become who you want to be. Clever right? I also think that the statement with "" around them is still racist because that's just basically saying you've done wrong if you were born black. My favorite statement is "Rafiki is a pries/shaman/mystic/monk/hermit. There is no evidence he is married or has children." Rafiki is that one character that you don't really know a lot but you know an idea about him. He is the character everyone loves and with all his kung phu moves hes pretty cool. My second favorite statement is "The shooting stars that follow Simba off into the distance = the KINGS of the past that support him and will ensure Simba's success." I like this quote because it makes Simba believe and have faith in himself and courage to go back and face his fears. My last favorite quote is Timon and Pumba are happy bachelors, living on golf courses and satisfying their ids and avoiding all responsibilities to others. Hakanu Matata. They live off of no worries and they live life just everyday and not thinking of the past but just to keep moving on and on no matter what happens they just keep moving on and on.
    Dylan Widmann PD4
    1/20/2015 11:16 AM

  17. Josh Bradley
    My 3 most favorite statements are gonna be first is the genetic lottery and i dont really agree with it because if you work out you can become strong just lie someone else. Also when they say that the only way to become king is to be strong and that is not right because you can be smarter and still be able to be king. Lastly That it says that scar had been abused when he was younger could be true but they don't know for sure and they cant say he was when he possibly could have been treated well even though.
    Ones I don't like is when Simba says that he is going to be king even though there are other stronger people even females that are better than him that deserve to be Queen or King. Lastly When they say that just because your a man that you should inherit the throne even though his wife was way stronger than him and could take him down with ease and when it comes to being brave and having a lot of strength she also beats him. I even think that she is smarter than him because she can hunt and he cant. Also in the lion king society puts everything on us and thinks we should always be perfect.

  18. Favorite
    1) My favorite statement that you made in the viewing notes is that Nala should be King/Queen. She is much more stronger and way more man like then Simba. She does most of the hunting, she can beat him up, and shes smart. The only reason why she isn't King/Queen is because its against traditions, which I think is ridiculous.

    2) Another statement that you made on the prezi that I agreed with is the Environmental Lottery slide. I agree with this because most people who are born with a lot of money in a good enviroment end up making it way further in life. Now this is not true in every case. For example, Marshall Mathers the 3rd or better known as Eminem was born poor in a trailer park but he didn't let that stop him. He took advantage of what he knew and made it work for him. In most cases though money can get you into good schools and extracurricular activities that can help you advance more than some kids.

    3) I agree with the statement you made on we shouldn't arm to determine who gets the best grades. Just because you're strong doesn't mean your smart. If you don't reward people for getting good grades by being smart and reward them for being strong instead kids will focus more on working out their muscles their working out their brains. If the world was like that we wouldn't be having any technical advances and probably wouldn't be making it too far in life.

    Least Favorite
    1) My least favorite statement from the prezi was the one you made about the other animals being happy that a new predator was there to eat them rather than sad and miserable like they should have been. I get where youre coming from in the way that they could be pretty scared that theres another animal in the world to kill them, but at the same time I could see why they'd be happy. When Mufasa died and Simba took off Scar became King. I think thats what the animals were afraid of. Mufasa did his best to keep everything regulated in the food chain but scar just didn't care. There was also way more animals to feed, once Scar took over which meant more animals had to die for them to eat.

    2) In a way I don't like the statement you made on the genetic lottery. I believe that everyone has a different view on things and what they like and find interesting or attractive in a person. Not all people like big strong men, I have a friend who prefers tinier scrawny guys and in her mind if someone looks like that they won the genetic lottery.

    3) One thing that I disagree with was that how you had the outsiders or the hyenas as bad. In my opinion the hyenas were just misjudged and mistreated for so long that they learned to survive by acting the way they do. They did have a lot of good ideas they were just never able to be heard because no one wanted to listen to them. When they did finally get to be at the top and were finally able to be heard they took advantage of that and made the lions feel how they did.

    I believe that their are hyenas and Lions in this school. The Hyenas are the poor kids and the Lions are the rich athletic kids.

  19. Rafiki is a priest. There is no evidence anywhere in the story that he is married or he has any kids so that leads me to believe that he is a priest. He is also kind of like there leader so that is why I believe that Rafiki if there Priest. I also agree that Nala should be Queen be because she is smarter stronger and wiser than Simba. The only reason that Simba is king is because he is the male. This film is sexist and Nala should have been queen. I also agree with the statement that you made about the genetic lottery. When a kid is born into a family that can provide everything for them and they don't have to work at all that is winning the lottery but at the same time it is losing the lottery because after their parents are gone they won't know how to make money for themselves and they will end up with nothing. I disagree with the statement that we have to feel sympathy towards Scar just because he isn’t king. I believe this because only lion gets to be king and we don’t feel bad for all of the other lions that don’t get to be king. I also don not agree with the statement that we are smarter than the Brits and that we are smarter than them. This is stereotyping them on how they speak and I don’t agree with that. I also don’t like it when Simba thinks that he should be king just because he is stronger than Nala. There are hyenas and lions in this school. The hyenas are the kids that make fun of the kids that are less fortunate than them. The lions are the students that think that they are better than everyone else just because they are in football or some other sport.

  20. The ironic part about this blog is that it has a huge effect on the students’ grades, but it really isn’t tied directly to the lion king when u think about it. It is tied to people who are somehow tied to the movie. So a blog such as this shouldn’t be tied directly to our grades because it is only partially ties the movie and the prezi. So I can’t directly correlate the movie, the prezi, and this blog..
    -Jake Garner

  21. Favorite Statements
    Film seems to promote anti-intellectualism: Scar is smarter, but not King. Zazu is brilliant, but mocked and pounced upon.(Day1|#8)
    The sky rains and rains for Mufasa’s reign, because he will rule “properly.” (Day 1 | #10)
    The moon behind Scar makes a prominent “hammer & sickle” symbol of communism. (Day 2 | #7)
    These are my favorite statements from the viewing notes, because I think they are true, and I did seen these in the movie too.

    Least Favorite Statements
    RACISM: Scar is like Malcolm X or Martin Luther King, Jr., bringing races together! Scar leads a degraded population to prominence. Does this film imply that races should exist entirely apart? Does it imply blacks & Hispanics should not try to advance themselves, even if they are suffering in poverty? (Day 3 | #3)
    Why aren’t the lionesses summoned to help save Simba? Do they lounge all day long? (Day 2 | #9)
    MOTIF: Again, Nala should be King. She dominates Simba in many ways. She also motivates him to return! Women are often the catalysts behind powerful men. (Day 3 | #13)
    These are my least favorite statements, because for the first one, I don’t think Scar bringing the races together, he was just use those hyenas to make him self to become the king. And the second one, I think maybe those lionesses didn’t know that Simba was in danger, because Scar only told Mufasa that Simba was in danger. and the last one, I think the female lions only can be queen, the king should be a male lion, because they looked more stronger and their size and larger than the female lions.

  22. Caleb Andree

    What are your three favorite statements from the prezi or the viewing notes? Why?
    12.R.1.1 Students can interpret the meaning of unfamiliar words by selecting context clues.
    The students mind is not all that easy for our self. It’s that when you are going thro eight different subject you may feel some moments that you may want to try slow things down but you may don’t have time do that, so you can take everything in.
    12.R.2.1 Students can evaluate how style affects the meaning of text.
    Well that may be true for some of the people. People are different in their own ways but that revolved around their childhood and the time of birth. Meaning of text is a lot of learning that you have to really see what is there to read and make something out of it.
    Students can apply knowledge of text structures, literary devices, and literary elements to develop interpretations
    Students can have knowledge about anything they want or to understand the knowledge but it’s the types of kid have to learn to in order to invest on understanding and knowledge.

    What are your three least favorite statements from the prezi or the viewing notes? Why?
    Don’t get me wrong. I am a firm capitalist. Communism does not, has not worked. However, I do believe in CAPITALISM WITH A CONSCIENCE TOWARD ITS MISERABLE MEMBER. I AM A MARXIST LITERARY CRITIC, BUT NOT A COMMUNIST. COOL?
    This was really out in the sky, how? People might have a big conversion that you might not won’t in the classroom but it’s your class. But do and say what your heart desire it. I faith in you and God does to. Just think about what you preach before you preach. I think about that all the time but some people don’t ever keep to yourself.