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January 27

1.) Type five awesome sentences from The Road (with page numbers). Why have you selected these five?

2.) Type five other sentences, this time of the puzzling/confusing nature (with page numbers). Why have you selected these five sentences as "puzzling"?

TYPE THE SENTENCES LIKE THIS: "He looked like someone trying to feed a vulture broken in the road" (163).


  1. I found a few sentences that I liked while reading The Road. One sentence that I found in The Road that I like is when the son and father find the mushrooms “They pulled the morels out of the ground, small alien looking things.”(41). I picked this one because it shows that even though the world is coming to an end, there is still life. The second sentence that I found interesting, but may not be the most awesome sentence is when father leaves his wife's picture laying in the road. “Then one day he sat by the roadside and took it out and went through the contents. Some money, credit cards…A picture of his wife...he spread everything out on the blacktop...sat holding the photograph...then laid it down in the road also and then he stood and they went on.” (51). I found this sentence interesting because even though he has to move on with his son and not have his wife, that he is willing to put it behind him and just try to focus on his son. My third sentence is conversation between father and son. “You forget some things, don’t you? Yes. You forget what you want to remember and you remember what you want to forget.” (12) . I liked this sentence because it pertains to real life. We always forget the things that we did that were fun, but we always remember the terrible things that happened in our lives. It’s like we keep replaying them in our minds. Thinking that if something different would have happened would the outcome be any different?
    Some sentences that I found to be puzzling would be when the father found all the dead bodies in the trailer of a semi-truck. “He shielded the glare of it with his hand and when he did he could see almost to the rear of the box. Human bodies. Sprawled in every attitude. Dried and shrunken in their rotten clothes.” (47). I find this sentence to be puzzling because if would be terrifying to open the hatch on top of the semi truck and look inside and find dead bodies inside of it. The second puzzling sentence is when these people start walking towards the father and son in the middle of the night. “They came shuffling through the ash casting their hooded heads from side to side. Some of them wearing canister masks. One in a biohazard suit.” (60). I think I would panic if there was people walking towards be in masks, suits, with weapons in there hands. But father kept his calm woke his son up as fast as he could to try and get him out of there.
    Morgen Burkman

  2. "He woke before dawn and watched the gray day break." (11) I chose this sentence because it shows how when the "sun" was up, it was still gray, as in it's like there was nothing.
    "Can you do it? When the time comes? Can you?" (29) I chose this sentence because it makes you really think about what he means when he says that.
    "A rich smell of woodsmoke hung over the road" (31) Gives you an image or even a scent of what it would smell like if you were actually there
    "In this dream she was sick and he cared for her" (32) I chose this one because it also makes you think about what he means when he says "she" who is she? Why isn't she still around? What happened to her? Makes you think a lot about what he is saying.
    "A bench of wet river gravel"(37) It gives you a visual of what they were swimming in and seeing. A clear visual of wet dirty water with gravel in it.
    "He dropped a white stone into the water into the water but it vanished as suddenly as if it had been eaten" (41) Gives you a very good image of what the water looked like, how dirty and gross it was. Almost as if it was completely black.
    "Dried and shrunken in their rotted clothes" (47) You can imagine them with just old, dirty, smelly, disgusting clothes that they could never wash. Wearing the same things everyday.
    "I don't know. Who is anybody?" (49) It really explains that they are completely alone in the world, fearing others as if they were zombies. There really wasn't anybody left but them.
    "You mean you wish you were dead?" (55) Living in the kind of world that they do, living in fear of starvation or even being scared of being eaten I wouldn't blame them for wishing that. It would be tremendously hard to go through that.
    "A person who had no one would be well advised to cobble together some passable ghost" (57) If you were alone in the world that they are, your only hope would be to imagine a ghost for your company? They thought that was best, and maybe it was, but it would be so hard to live with the fact that you really are alone.

  3. Josh White Applied English

    "If he is not the world of God God never spoke"(5), I like this sentence because it just sounds completely powerful.

    "There'd be no surviving another winter here"(4), This sentence kinda relates to south Dakota because if winter is ever worse then what its been in the past people may not know how to survive.

    "He pushed the cart and both he and the boy carried knapsacks"(5), This sentence is puzzling because it just goes to show that most people don't have what other people do have.

    "He woke before dawn and watched the gray day break"(11) This sentence brought in my interest because it makes me think of a time when the would could end no more sun no more wild life just the human population dying.

    "Inside the barn three bodies hanging from the rafters, dried and dusty among the wan slats of light"(17)This puzzled me because if I walked into a barn like that my first thought is the person who hung these bodies could be watching me and I could be next.

    "It was the first that he'd seen the boy smile in a long time"(19) this sentence is awesome because if you have a heart and you care for someone and you see them smile and they have not smiled in a long time that would sure make me happy if i made someone who has not smiled in a long time, smile.

    "The boy smelled the mushroom and bit into it and stood chewing"(40) this is also a great sentence because the boy is finally able to eat something that is good for him and he needs the food.

    "He stepped back down and reached up and opened the door and then climbed in and pulled the door shut behind him"(45) This sentence is amazing because it just makes me think of a time in life were you shut the past away and live on in the future.

    "Then he pulled himself u and rolled over and sat up"(46) This makes me think of a time your camping and you wake up and the weather is just right and you sit up jump out of a bed and go fishing or something.

    "As if he'd done something wrong"(50) this puzzled me because how could you do something wrong in "hell".

  4. What would u like for supper?he said. Pears. (pg.148) because it means they will live.
    He wouldnt stay in the bunker by himself. (pg.146) The father is the only person in his life and he never wants to loose him.
    They sat on the cot with a checkerboard between them, wearing new sweaters and socks and swaddled in new blakets.(pg. 148) This is saying no matter how bad things get, they will always get better.
    Hehad been visited in a dream by creatures of a kind he'd never seen before.(pg.153) Its kinda creapy!
    They hurried, leaving a maze of tracks behind them and then they set out back north through the woods keeping the road in view.(pg. 104) They have a huge will to survive no matter wat.
    Jake Garner

  5. Great sentences:
    1. "I will kill anyone who touches you" (77).
    2. "We're the walking dead in a horror film" (55).
    3. "The man fell back instantly and lay with blood bubbling from the hole in his forehead" (66).
    4. "He'd had this feeling before, beyond the numbness and dull despair" (88).
    5. "The whump of the falling trees and the low boom of the loads of snow exploding on the ground set the woods to shuddering" (97).

    I liked these sentences because they are descriptive and exciting.

    Puzzling sentences:
    1. "His shoes were bound up with wire and coated with roadtar and he sat there in silence, bent over in his rags" (50)
    2. "He looked at the boy but the boy had turned away and lay staring out at the river" (51).
    3. "Tattered gods slouching in their rags across the waste" (52).
    4. "He coughed until he could taste the blood and he said her name aloud" (54).
    5. "When there were three bullets in the gun instead of two" (56).

    These sentences puzzle me because they have no explanation behind them. They don't explain the man's shoes being bound, the reason that the man says "her" name after coughing, etc.

  6. 1. "At evening a dull sulphur light from the fires" (51)
    2. "He piled the wood on the coals and fanned the fire to life and trudged out through the drifts to dig out the cart." (34)
    3."The dream bore the look of sacrifice but he thought differently" (32)
    4. "A rich smell of woodsmoke hung over the road" (31)
    5. "Yes you forgot what you want to remember and you remember what you want to forget" (12)
    I have selected these because they are some pretty interesting sentences that I thought were neat.
    1."He lay listening to the water drip in the woods" (11)
    2."Damn you eternally have you a soul?" (12)
    3."Their eyes bright in their skulls" (28)
    4."The air grew thin and he thought the summit could not be far" (33)
    5."A low thunder coming from the river" (37)
    The reason some of these are puzzling is because they are kind of mediphorical statements and if you don"t get it nothing makes sense.

  7. (#64) "Because the bullet travels faster then sound."

    (#60)" The boy took his truck from the pack and shaped roads in the ash with a stick."

    (#60) "He turned on his side and lay listening."

    (#61)" He could see a break through the trees that he was a ditch or a cut and they came out through the weeds into an old roadway."

    (#60)" One in a bio-hazed suite.

    I choose these sentence because they really stand out to me and they help you understand what is kinda going on in the book.

    (#60) "something woke him"
    (#59) "Did you have any friends?"
    (#58) "will you wait tell morning?"
    (#58) "she was gone and the coldness of it was her final gift".
    (#58) "what am I to tell him?"

    why is the book asking these questions? Is the woman dead? are the talking about his mother? I find this to be a very good book but there are some odd phrases.

  8. Zach Thomas
    Period 4
    Jan 27, 2015
    “The truck tooled along slowly. He made truck noises” (60). I think it is a part of my top five because it is very interesting. “The boy smelled the mushroom and bit into it and stood chewing” (40). This sentence tells us that they have life and could live. “There were bales of hay in the loft floor and he squatted and sorted a handful of seeds from them and sat chewing” (118). This sentence tells us that they may have even more hope to get through this horrible episode. “It with a grape flavored powder to make drinks with” (119). This sentence shows us that they do not have to drink just plain water but now they can have a grape flavoring. “Can we have a fire” (126). The reason I like this sentence is because it tells us that the kid was cold and need warmth to not freeze overnight.
    A puzzling sentence I found was “He wrapped their coats each in turn around the trunk of a small tree and twisted out the water” (126). The reason this is so puzzling is because they boy could have gotten cold and could have froze. “He began to think that death was finally upon them and that they should find some place to hide where they would not be found” (129). This is puzzling because I did not think that he would think like his wife and just leave his kid alone to die or be raped. “Memory of her crossing the lawn toward the house in the early morning in a thin rose gown that clung to her breasts” (131). This is puzzling because he is still either worried about his wife or he wants to be with her up in heaven. “Crossing the grass he felt half faint and he had to stop. He wondered if it was from smelling the gasoline.” (133). This is weird because he thinks he is close to dying. “But when he bent to see into the boy’s face under the hood of the blanket he very much feared that something was gone that could not be put right again” (136). This is puzzling because we do not know what he could put right again.


  9. "What would they cut it with"?


    I chose this sentence because I am still thinking about what they would cut the metal tailor with when there is probably nothing to cut it with.

    "dried and shrunken in their cloths"


    I close this because it shows immense details.

    "we may have to unload the cart"(44).

    They are having to unload their car on a bridge, and and having to reload the cart also. Taking time. this sentence to me is saying that they are vulnerable.

    "he woke whispering in the night and the man held him" (36).

    I chose this sentence because the I think what has happened through the past years is getting to the boy.

    "The sound of the river faded. then is returned" (37).

    I chose this sentence because its saying that they are getting closer and closer to the river.

    “he pushed the cart up under the trailer but the handle wouldn’t clear”(45).

    Just their luck that they would have to unload their cart

    “were not the first ones here. so probably nothing”(46).

    But their was something. Bodies

    “he got one leg over the edge, and hung there resting”(46).

    Chose this because it is funny they boy did it

    “a faint whoosing” (47).

    chose this because i thought when you jump into something it was just the slam of you hitting whatever you were jumping on

    “the boy was crying”(50).
    I understand that little kids get scared, but i think it is sometimes to much

  10. Josh Bradley Pd 4
    Here are the 5 sentences that make the road awesome "When the bridge came in sight below them there was a tractor-trailer jackknifed sideways across it and wedged into the buckled iron railings" (pg 43). "He put his ear to the side of the trailer and whacked the sheet metal with the flat of his hand"(46). "He wafted away the smoke and looked down into the trailer"(47). He'd carried his billfold about till it wore a corner shaped hole in his trousers"(51). "The truck passed on and the black diesel smoke coiled through the woods"(62). I selected these 5 sentences because they were the ones that brought back memories that i have had in my life time. Also picked these sentences because they are sentences that are easy to understand and they have a good meaning to them.
    Here are the 5 puzzling sentences from the book."A creation perfectly evolved to meet its own end"(59). "They were all day on the long black road stopping in the afternoon to eat sparingly from their meager supplies"(60)."What in gods name are you talking about"(42). "They came to an old iron bridge in the woods where the vanished road had crossed an all but vanished stream"(66). "The new snow lay in skifts all through the woods along the limbs and cupped in the leaves"(76). I picked these five puzzling sentences because the sentences that i picked a couple of the words in the sentences i did not know what they mean and after seeing the sentence and looking up the words i did not know the book makes more sense know.

  11. Caleb Van Hemert
    1.) “Then he just knelt in the ashes” (11). This shows how he may be giving up on life and he doesn't see why he should care to live anymore. “They ate the little mushrooms together with the beans and drank tea and had tinned pears for their dessert” (41). Even though they don’t have much to eat they are still grateful for what they do have. “He found nothing” (41). It is so barren that there is nothing. “The glovebox was open but it was empty” (45). Somebody had already been there and they took what was in the glovebox. “A smoky light out there in the valley” (48). This shows them that there is other people out there.
    2.) “He walked out in the morning and took the river path downstream” (41). If there is no life anywhere why does he waste his energy. “He dropped a white stone into the water but it vanished as suddenly as if it had been eaten” (41). All he can think about is food. “We could stay one more day (42). Why can’t they just stay by the waterfall where there is water for them to drink? “We’re not survivors” (55). Is he inferring that he doesn't want to live anymore? “I should have done it a long time ago” (56). It seems like he wants to die and just have the pain of this world go away.

  12. Awesome 5:
    1. "He put his thumbnail under the aluminum clip on the top of the can opened it. He leaned his nose to the slight fizz coming from the can and then handed it to the boy. Go ahead,he said"(23).
    2. "The boy watched him. Watched shapes claiming him he could not see. We should go papa he said. Yes the man said. But he didnt"(26).
    3. " Ever is a longtime. But the boy knew what he knew. That ever is no time at all"(28).
    4. "By day the banished sun circles the earth like a grieving mother with a lamp"(32).
    5. "They are gone and i am left and they have taken with them the world"(32).
    Puzzling 5:
    1. "Shriveled and drawn like latter-day bog-folk, their faces of boiled sheeting, the yellowed palings of their teeth. They were discalced to a man like pilgrims of some common order for all their shoes were long since stolen"(24).
    2."Can you do it. When the time comes? Can you"(29).
    3. "On the gray snow a fine mist of blood"(30).
    4. "They were all day reaching the river"(37).
    5. "They pulled the morels from the ground, small alien looking things that he piled in the hood of the boys parka"(40).

  13. Five awesome sentences in The Road: "And the dreams so rich in color." (page 21). I chose this because when we dream we dream of vivid pictures so rich in color then sometimes we we remember those vivid dreams rich with color. Secondly, I chose "Dark of the invisible moon."(page 32) I chose this because its always cloudy without a chance of sunshine. Thirdly, I chose "By day the banished sun circles the earth like a grieving mother with a lamp." (page 32) I chose this because this is what happens when we fight with nuclear weapons. The sun hates what they have done. Fourthly I chose, "Tomorrow came and went." (page 33) This is an everyday thing. Days come and go and come and go and come and go but there is never a day that is the same day repeated. The earth is getting older just as how we are getting older every day. Never Repeated. Lastly, I chose "Then he said: The winder wasn't turning." (page 37) He had a nightmare of a toy penguin and this toy but it was going off but nobody wound it up to make it go. His nightmare almost should be like a happy dream because his most dangerous nightmare is living and walking everyday in the REAL world trying to survive and not to be eaten or killed by other people. Puzzling sentences: First I chose, " The cover was gone and the inside of the trailer smelled of wet plywood and that sour smell he'd come to know."(page 47) A little later in the book he said he saw dead bodies. Does this mean he knows what death and rotting flesh smells like? Or is the "sour smell" a different smell he smelt before? Secondly I chose "Who is anybody?" (page 49) because its confusing, are they going crazy? Or are they just trying to mess with each others minds? Thirdly I chose, "The boy was crying." (page 50) because there is still a sense of moral about the living trying to help people. In their days in The Road, if you help somebody with your supplies you're basically killing yourself because you will probably end up using that in later time. I thought this was puzzling because shouldn't the boy know not to help people but help themselves? Wouldn't you think that his dad has already taught him that? Fourthly, I chose "We can't share what we have or we'll die too." (page 52) I chose this because after the man said that the boy was like I know, Why did he want to save the man earlier? If they saved him wouldn't you think the man that they saved could turn on him and steal all their stuff once he gets better? That's why its puzzling to me. Lastly I chose "Her cries meant nothing to him." (page 59) I chose this because he said that he loved her. If you loved someone and their crying, wouldn't you think that you would try to soothe them and tell them everything will be alright? I find that puzzling.

    Dylan Widmann
    Period 4
    Mr. Chirstensen

  14. Kevin Bai
    1."It didnt snow again but the snow in the cart up those grades was exhausting work" (33). 2."He sat by a gray window in the gray light in an abandoned house in the late afternoon and read old newspapers while the boy slept" (28). 3."They squatted in the road and ate cold rice and cold beans that they'd cooked days ago" (29). 4."It was colder. Nothing moved in that high world. A rich smell of woodsmoke hungover the road" (31). 5."High rock bluffs on the far side of the canyon with thin black trees clinging to the escarpment" (37). Why I chose these five sentences is because I think these five sentences have shown me really clearly how their world look like, how hard their life are, and how they survive in this kind of bad environment.

    1."And the dreams so rich in color. How else would death call you?" (21). 2.”From daydreams on the road there was no walking” (18). 3.”Raw cold daylight fell through from the roof. Gray as his heart” (27). 4.”Everything was alight. As if the lost sun were returning at last” (31). 5.”They camped in a bench of land on the far side of a frozen roadside creek” (35). For just first four sentences, I just not really understand what’s the meaning, and for the last sentence I don’t understand why don’t they find some place warmer, why they camped in a bench on the side of a frozen roadside creek.

  15. Death is not a lover.(57)
    There is nothing we could of done.(51)
    Then he laid it down in the road also and then he stood and they went on(51) What are we going to do?(136)
    How do you Live?(168)
    These five awesome sentences are sentences that remind you of the real reality. Death is very real and it must come to everything that is born. There is nothing they could of done so that means they have tried there all. What are we going to do the boy is always asking questions. And as we know there is never a stupid question. So in these awesome sentences they are talking about moving forward in some way I feel. Then when he stands up he leaves behind his wallet and everything in it to show us all of our assets are only short term and can only be used if we are alive.

    The boy was crying(50)
    The boy is confused on why they arent helping the man because he thought they were good guys.
    Some money, credit cards(51).
    I was confused why he still had theses maybe he had hope that things would return to normal but when he leaves them he is giving up on hope I think.
    This is a good place Papa, he said. (41). The boy is living in hell on earth but some how he found a spot that he liked.
    Where is the neighborhood(95)
    The boy is confused and doesn't under stand American slag. Something you can't learn from a book.
    Are they dead?(131) That means he has to ask about something he doesn't know. about and he is learning even in a dark way.

  16. Kallie Folk
    The Road
    "No. There's nothing in the lake"(page 20). I like the sentence because they are saying there is nothing in the lake but in reality there is things in the lake. There could fish or bodies in the lake. Plus how they have been saying the black ash that fills the sky’s will I bet that’s in the lake too.
    "He stood looking up at the gable to his old room" (page 25). This sentence kind of hit me or stood out to me because it would break my heart to see someone looking at what use to be there’s and is now not. Also knowing that is where he had his family and life set but something horrible had happen and now it has not been the same.
    "When the time comes" (page 29). The sentence actually says a lot. When I was younger I bet I asked my dad when I was going to get married and have a family and he would always say when the time comes. There are so many ways you can live by the saying when the time comes.
    "He woke whimpering in the night and the man held him" (page 36). Having that love and affection from someone you care about might just be the best feeling in the world. I have had my days where I need someone there for me and I loved it. Someone that would hold me and tell that everything will be okay just stay positive. I would like to give a big thanks to Alisha for being that person lately. Probably like he would give his dad a big thanks for being that person.
    "He lay listening to water drip in the woods"(page 11). Sometimes it helps people to listen to water noise may claim them down. When someone is mad, happy, and sad maybe water noises will help them clear their minds. Also maybe that was he was doing listening to the water drip.
    “He stood looking around the garage” (page 7). Why would he just sit there and stare at the garage what could have been so important about that place. Most people wouldn’t stay and look at a garage unless it was a memory or a flashback.
    “A blackness to hurt your ears with listening” (page 15). I find it puzzling when your ears can hurt from listen to blackness. How can you listen to blackness? Blackness is probably ash from some fire. I understand that it could give you an ear infection but to say it hurts form listening to it confuses me.
    "Dark of the invisible moon" (page 32). Why would the moon be out if it was dark out or why would they say the invisible moon. If there is no moon in the sky the sky would be pitch black and not a little light up. Why because the moon does brighten the night sky.
    “All day following they traveled through the drifting haze of wood smoke” (page 48). I personally don’t understand how they can travel all day there wood smoke. Woods smoke would probably come back and give some time of cancer or something to do with your lungs. I would having a feeling that they would get sick and die.
    “An hour later they were on the road. He pushed the cart and both he and the boy carried knapsacks” (page 5). Why does he push the cart if they carry everything anyways? What do they need for the cart? I just think it would be taking more energy out of the father because he pushing it everywhere they go. I would just say get rid of the damn cart.

  17. Andrew Alexander

    "Human bodies. Sprawled in every attitude." (47). "Dried and shrunken in there rotted clothes". (47). "One of his eyes burnt shut and his hair was but a nitty wig of ash upon his blackened skull" (49). "Trekking the dried floor of a mineral sea where it lay cracked and broken like a fallen plate" (52). The improbable appearance of the small crown of the head. Streaked with blood and lank black hair” (59). I have selected these five sentences because they are very descriptive.
    “She was gone and the coldness of it was her final gift” (58). I selected this one as puzzling because I don't know if he was having a dream or if he was awake and fantasising her being there. “ My heart was ripped out of me the night he was born so dont ask for sorrow now” (57) This one was puzzling because it sounds like the mans wife died giving birth. “Sooner or later they will catch us and they will kill us. They will rape me. They will rape him” (56). I picked this one because he keeps referring to “they” it makes me wonder if he is talking about a certain group of people. “The clocks stopped at 1:17” (52). I found this sentence puzzling because I don't know if he is talking about all clocks or just the clocks in his house. “ At evening a dull sulphur light from the fires” (51). How long has the world been burning.

  18. Awesome
    1)“I should of done it along time ago when there were three bullets in the gun instead of two” (56) I like this part cause it reminds me of the Mist where the man talks about how he wishes there was one more bullet so he could go with his son and wife.
    2)”She was gone and the coldness of it was her final gift” (58). I love this sentence just because of the way the author wrote it. He makes it sound so pleasant in such a depressing way.
    3)”A creation perfectly evolved to meet its own end” (59). This is another one that I love just in the way that he writes it. He talks about the beauty of his wife and how perfect she is and has become all just so she can die.
    4)”I've taken a new lover. He can give me what you cannot” (57). It interests me in the way she talks about her love for death and hes the only one who can give her peace again. I also find it fascinating that he uses sentencing like this to inform us on what happens to her.
    5)”Were not survivors. Were the walking dead in a horror film” (55). I like this cause what she says is true, in a way they aren't really living their already dead. Their trapped and have to hide from evil people to keep save, and thats no way to live.

    1) “Her cries meant nothing to him” (59). She was his wife and she was in pain. I understand he was kind of lost in the moment of holding his new born son but why does he say her pain meant nothing to him?
    2) “Sited there in the darkness the frail blue shape of it looked like the pitch of some last venture at the edge of the world...and so it was” (48). What does he mean by “and so it was” when hes talking about the boy?
    3)” My heart was ripped out of me the night he was born so dont ask for sorrow now” (57). Why does she refer to him like hes nothing. Hes her son. She says her heart was ripped out when he was born but I think it should give her something to live for now.
    4)”Maybe you'll be good at this. I doubt it, but who knows” (57). Why does she have so much hate for him. What caused her to be so angry with him, or was she always this way?
    5) “A person who had no one would be well advised to cobble together some passable ghost. Breathe it into being and coax it along with words of love” (57). What does this mean? What is she trying to transform into words of love and why?

  19. #1. "He scrambled up the bank and into the woods, holding hands out in front of him. There was wood everywhere, deadlimbs and branches scattered over the ground. He shuffled along, kicking them into a pile and when he had an armful, he stooped and gathered them up and called the boy and the boy answered and talked him back to the bridge. They sat in the darkness while he shaved bricks sticks into a pile with his knife and broke up the small branches with his hands. He took the lighter from his pocket and struck the wheel with his thumb. He used gasoline in the lighter and it burned with a frail blue flame and he bent and set the tinder alight and watched the fire climb upward through the wicker of limbs. He piled on more wood and and bent and blew gently at the base of the little blaze and arranged the wood with his hands, shaping the fire just so" (72).

    #2. "The boy didn't answer. He was close to losing his temperwith him and then he realized that he was shaking his head in the dark. Okay, he said. Okay" (72).

    3. "He sat there cowled in the blanket. After a while he looked up" (73).

    4. "He sat crosslegged in the leaves at the crest of a ridge and glassed the valley below them with the binoculars. The still poured the shape of a river. The dark brick stacks of mill. Slate roofs. An old wooden watertower bound with iron hoops. No smoke, no movement of life. He lowered the glasses and sat watching" (78).

    5. "The boy handed the glasses back and he refocused them. The palestwhip." (78).
    I picked these because some had alot going on, whereas others didnt.

    1. "He rubbed the sleep from his eye with the backs of his hands" (79).

    2. "He looked down at him. All he saw was terror. He took the gun from him" (113).
    3. "He didn't answer. He sat beside the small figure wrapped in the quilts and blankets" (55).

    4. "Dark of the invisible moon. The nights now only slightly less black. By day the banished sun circles the earth like a grieving mother with a lamp" (32).

    5. "He looked at his father and then tilted the can and drank. He sat there thinking about it. Its really good, he said" (23).

    I picked these and choose them as puzzling because you dont know what else is supposed to happen.

  20. "He trudged out through the drifts leaving the boy to sleep under the tree like some hibernating." (pg 98)
    This reminds me of some kids that I meat in foster care years ago. These kids that was in there was not happy at all and seem to be left in the dirt for ever one that passes by to take advantage of. It’s because of they last parents they may had that they think that they deserve the rough in life but they don’t. Kids should be most imported in the world just they can grow up like they parents or better. But some parents don’t care about their kid at all either there parents was mean to them when they was a kid or taking drugs.
    "The wire was cold and it creaked in the staples" (pg 94)
    This is like when some goes into a warehouse and there's a wire fence around the building that he or she have to get over.
    “He could see a break through the trees that he thought was a ditch or a cut and they came out through the weeds into an old roadway” (pg 61)
    Just think of a hide and go seek game in a dark spooky wood that a walking path to somewhere that we want to find out where leads to.
    “I’ll be able to hear you if you call” (pg 70)
    It seems that Papa is like right there with him or I think of the boy is on earth and father is above him like a angle.
    “It was harder going even then he would have guessed” (pg 101)
    The boy second thought himself or under minding himself like he is scared.
    “He thumbed the pack down off his shoulder and sat and opened it.” (pg 69) I think this is like a kid in a candy shop.But you know they problem have not been eaten good lately. so I can see why.