Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday, January 20

Add 300+ words to what you wrote Friday. We'll then discuss.


  1. i like the how mufasa saved his son and sacrificed his life.
    rafiki is a pretty cool monkey because i think he wants you to see what you future holds and put the past behind you.
    I also believe that scar can be a good guy even though he doesn't get treated very nicely he should be able to get treated just like the others he is no different.
    In this movie I cant say there is noting that I don't like about it this movie is one of my favorite childhood movies.

  2. Well from what i wrote on friday i guess for watching the movie the first time i was kind of surprised that there was that much stuff bad about like nazi and death and rape and incest its quite nasty but in the kids eyes they dont see this i think in the minds of the producers they are quite messed up they are perverts and nasty people the movie overall is quite good but very messed up in many ways the things i quite enjoyed was just the story for a kid it makes them think great and keep there minds on task but in my adult mind i dont want them to watch because its also very very bad so bad that im not so sure if ill let my kids watch it mabe ill let them watch it when the become a teenager but whatever i think the good and bad stuff in movies will always be there but i definitly think its getting worse year by year they are running out of ideas I went to see the movie american sniper and it was one of the best movies i have ever saw I watched it twice in one day the very best movie you can watch probibly the best i have seen in years other than the first fast and the furious back to the lion king i just think this movie is messed up most Disney movies are and i dont understand why they let them manipulated these kids minds like you have 3 year old kids watching animals march like Nazis and the tv shows are all the same it seems like good innocent actors and actresses but then you see the actresses become porn stars like Miley Cyrus and many more i just think disney needs to reconsiderate there programs and change there shows into something a little less scaring for young kids to find when they are adults.

  3. What we talked about on friday was about what we thought was some good opinions and some bad opinions that we thought was necessary in the lion king. When we were in the room we mentioned a lot of unique topics like when scar was a child he was treated most likely like nobody cared about him and that is what caused him to be such a mean person. That is what I think caused him to try to overtake the throne by killing his own flesh brother. At first you see that he is a weak stupid character and then later on in the story you find out that he was hiding something from everyone else. I had origionally thought that he was not capable of being able to overtake the king or anyone for that matter. When he was king the lionesses were in my opinion well capable enough to be able to kill him and for some reason they didn't. I think the creators of this movie intended for the movie to be geared twards the male being the strong one of the group rather than a female being queen. You see that in the movie the girl is much stronger and faster than simba and yet she still doesnt kill scar. Weather she just doesn't want to kill him or she thinks that the kings son should be the one to do it is still very confusing to me. In a way the way the way they portray the females in the Lion King is basically they treat them like objects that are just there for breeding purposes even though they are way stronger than some of the male lions in the group

  4. I take pride in what I wrote on Friday because I took my time to look through the viewing notes and Prezi. Well I will start out with the statement I like the most was the environmental lottery, the reason for this is because some people are born in poor families, average families, or really rich families. The reason the environmental lottery could be good or, bad is well good would be that if you’re in an average or poor family you will be raised as in you have to be your own person and get a job and make your own money and the only things you will receive is the things you need, like clothes, food, soap, etc.. The reason it could be bad is if you’re born into a rich family you could/would get anything or everything you want and need, the reason that would be bad for one person is well in the future they will have no idea how to manage or wisely spend money. The one statement or phrase I don't like the most is the "genetic lottery" well the genetic lottery also could be good or bad for a couple of reasons. First off it could be good because you could be big and strong and be able to do anything that involves strength, but at the same time you could be as stupid as a doe doe bird. One reason the genetic lottery would be bad is that you could be born with a defect but in your mind you have many ideas the American people could need or want but you can’t speak or right so there for we American people will never know what you have going on in your mind. Another reason it could be good/bad is you could get the brain of a scientist but the strength of a 2 year old, and you could be really smart and come up with a new invention and make big money but no one will want to date you because you never got the good looks of the genetic lottery.

  5. I never realized the hidden messages in the Lion King. It makes me wonder how many other movies have secret meanings in them. I don't think I would have noticed any of it if Mr. C hadn't shown it to us. I really thought it was just another Disney movie. Good vs. Evil, good defeating evil, and everyone lives happily ever after. I feel like that happens in almost every Disney movie, the good always wins. But, you never really look at why they win and why the bad loses, why the "bad" are bad. Like Scar, he could have been abused in his childhood, which made him out to be mean and deceiving. Trying to make others have a bad life because he did his whole life. On the other hand, Mufasa grew up to be wealthy and grew into his "fame". He can't help that he was born into wealth or power. But, he can help if he acts that way, which in my opinion I don't think he does. I think that he tries to make it fair for everyone and have peace with everyone. But, it seems to me that he doesn't really try to make amends with Scar or the hyena's. That's when I think that he acts like he is better than them. He still should treat them equally just like everyone else. There also could be a reason why Mufasa doesn't try with Scar. He could have given up on him and thought that it was no use trying to reason with him. Or it could have been that he thought Scar changed for the better. That he could trust Scar, his brother. There could be many meanings to why the relationship is how it is. I think Scar is a jerk and deserved what he got. He tried to kill his own family, I don't care how bad life may have been but turning on family is crossing the line completely.

  6. Taborr Ellenbecker "Square body"

    I don’t know what else to right about. But I will talk about how there are lions and hyenas in this school.
    The lions are the jocks, preppy's, Ms. know it all’s. And everyone one that is in a activity. The people that are in football, i think are treated better by teachers, it horrible to think that but that is what i think. Not every teacher does but when teachers do it is noticeable. Everyone in this class is considered a friend, because i know them but most of all they are not like the other people, they are diff.
    There are people in this class that are considered more then a friend because they are there for me when i need them, and im there for them when they need me. Those people are considered brothers… If you aware of friendship, brother hood means something.
    I want to expand on the people that are born with the genetic lottery. i do have friends that have the luck, but those friends don't walk around walking tall, acting like their sh!t don't stink. that's the issue with most of the people the are born into money, they get everything handed to them, and when they want something they expect their mommy and daddy to get it for them right away, its not cool. I have said this in class about how i will laugh at the people that get everything handed to them, when they have to walk into the real world and make their own money, they will not know what to do. Because everything was handed down to them on a golden platter.
    aAnd how I said that I have friends that were born into the genetic lottery, and that those friends don’t walk tall upon everyone. To me that means a lot also, because they are not talking like they are better, walking like their better, or even standing like they are better then anybody….

  7. Zach

    I believe that we have so many lions in our school because we have the higher jocks who think they are better because of the money they have and the things they own. The smart people who have the knowledge to do something are the hyenas because no one watches them everyone goes to the jocks. There are lots a social cultures in our school or even in any school. Money to some kids is ok now I can go get food to eat. To other kids it is ok let’s go buy new shoes or new cloths. I believe the kids who have lots of money and are strong and wealth won their genetic lottery because they get what ever they want when they ask. But the other people also did because they have a loving family and don’t need money to show their love to family or kids. Many people wake up wondering do I have food to eat or do I have to starve. Others I have food and I can eat all I want because my parents will just buy more. I believe in the movie The Lion King Simba is part jock but also part hyena because of how he acts and what he does. But his dad was all jock and. just wanted to separate everyone from who did not agree to them. I believe that no matter how much power or strength you have should not deny you in any way. Everyone has their differences and their similarities. Mufsa and Scar have their differences. Simba and Nala have both. They cannot always agree on stuff but they have the same strength. I believe the movie is showing us that everyone in the world cannot be perfect but everyone can come together as one.

  8. The lions in the movie are the kings and queen they are the royal family. They automatically get power that they were born into. The lions make everyone around them feel like a lesser person. They can never have enough they always eat and drink a lot they stay healthy. But they are out numbered by all the other animals so if they all would exclude the lions and no show them as much as attention as they do. Then if they did this they would all share the spot light. They have the numbers to switch the spot light they are not smart enough to do it tho and all the other animals are going to get treated worse and never do anything about it and let everyone treat them poorly.

  9. Josh Bradley In the movie lion king there are lions and hyenas and in this school I believe there are lions and hyenas. I believe there are lions and hyenas on this school because some of the students act like the are all tough and stuff like lions and they really are not as tough as they act. Also some of the students in this school act like hyenas cause they are weaker than the average lion and think they can beat a lion so they try and get beat really badly. Also I believe that there are many different stages of lions in this school because a lot of them think they can beat anyone and others think they can just beat most of the people in this school and i believe if you are tough enough to be a lion then you should get out and play sports and things like that to prove you are tough not just say your tough and when it comes to putting your power to the test you are actually weak and get hit around and you can’t stand up to anything on or off the field or whatever you are playing on. I also believe that in the school we are at the people that think they are hyenas are normal people but when it comes to acting like a normal person around friends they are always saying they can beat anyone at something so they play football or some game and they get destroyed by the smallest person on the field so they are more like an ant that a hyena. Lastly some of the school population thinks they are such hot shots and get everything they want from there parents and others have to work for every dime and they think they are lions in that way which to me in the long run they will suffer because they wont know how to handle there money cause they are use to there parents just giving it to them so they will just keep spending and pretty soon they will have no money and there parents will be gone and they cant do anything to get money so they have to sell anything they can to get money. Another thing I believe is that most of the school here thinks they are all top notch and they really aren’t just cause you have a rich family now down the road they will be suffering cause they’ll have no money to get anything that they want.

  10. Joe Irvine- a statement was made by a class mate saying he didnt agree with the genetic lottery and he stated that anyone could work out to be equally as fit as others or more fit or stronger then the others and thats not at all true yes they could work out and become stronger but some people are just naturally stronger then others even to the point where they are stronger then somebody who works out when they themselves do not. also the genetic lottery cant determine how active one is but it does decide the shape and size of ones bones and how their body cycles threw proteins and vitamins and the genetic lottery isnt really a lottery because how each living thing is is made up of what its biological parents were made up of and so on and on.

    I believe there are lions and hyenas in our school. The lions are the kids that have rich parents and don't ever have to worry about money or possessions or worry about having to get a job themselves to do things like my shoes or a go out to eat or even get a car because their parents have enough money to give them what it is they want. Some lions in the school even go to the extent to show off what it is they didnt actually earn they just got from their mom and dad. The lions also have extra free time on their hands from not working that they all hangout or form groups. Then their are hyenas those whos home maybe isn't intact like having one parent there and money being an issue so they don't have nice things given to them. They then actually have to work for nice thing but because they are working for the nice possessions they don't actually need they have no time for friends and become slightly outcasted and may feel like they dont belong because of the time they dont have.

  11. Caleb Van Hemert
    My favorite statements was about how society puts this pressure on us that we have to be perfect in every single way or else we are nothing. This is a complete and irrational expectation for anyone. No one is going to be perfect at everything that they do. Everyone is going to make mistakes no matter how hard you try to not make mistakes. In the Lion King Mufasa and the lions and portrayed as being perfect and that they have everything figured out. In reality the hyenas are more like the everyday person in the aspect that they make mistakes and they realize that they don’t have to be perfect in everything that they do. In the Prezi where is said “did Scar win or lose the genetic lottery” was like a trick question because you can look at it in two perspectives. You could say he lost the genetic lottery because he is at the bottom but you can also look at it in the way that he doesn’t have to do as much work because he is at the bottom with the hyenas. You don’t have to be strong and muscular to be successful in life. If you are smart and intelligent that will get you way farther in life. I agree that this movie is sexist because they value being a man is being better than being a girl even though Nala is smarter and wiser and stronger than Simba. I agree that there are hyenas in our school and they are the people that are quite and they don’t say a word and they can get mad once in a while. There are also Lions in our school. The lions are the people that think they are better than everyone else and that everyone should listen to them even though they aren’t the smartest people.

  12. Kallie Folk

    I personally think that The Lion Kings is a great movie. I love how they tried to make it so real in the life of animals. It shows us fighting, loving, caring, and lying everything that happens in a human’s life time. You can never be prefect. In my family I have an older sister and we fight all the time over stupid things like clothes, and trying to always be right. Well doesn't the same thing happen in The Lion King Simba and Nala fight? Simba always thinks he needs to be right when really who is right must of the time Nala. Nala is a very smart lion she is strong and independent. Also in some families people get favored and that has to hurt and leave you with hatred. In my family my step mom favors her two boys and let them get away with everything. They think they are like Mufasa. Kind of like in the Lion King how Scar was diffidently not favored in his family. Mufasa got all the power from his dad because his dad loved him and wanted him to be king, well he hated Scar and didn't want him. How would that make you feel? I bet that made Scar hate Mufasa even more now. So to get back him they fight. Scar also tried to get Simba killed twice and Mufasa when crazy. The second time he didn’t make and Scar was damn happy he had lost his brother finally. I would never feel that way or nor could I have kill my brother to become king. Not only to kill the king to become king but to get rid of his son so he doesn’t take over. I feel like sometimes people can be immature about the way they handle things. So when you feel like you have been bullied or not wanted talk to them or to someone. There is always someone there for you like Simba had Nala and Mufasa had the monkey. I love the movie and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  13. I feel that most of Brandon Valley is made of lions. Although this is sort of bitter to say, I haven't liked anybody in Brandon; with the exception of my family, friends, and people who aren't completely full of themselves. Brandon has high rankings in South Dakota for being one of the best high schools, but that means nothing if our community isn't friendly. Who wants to work with or hire a genius if they aren't friendly? They would come to work with a know-it-all attitude with a hint of I-am-better-than-you. That being said, not all hyenas are friendly or smart. By no means am I saying that I hate all of the lions in the community, but I do strongly dislike a large portion of them. Other lions in the school are great in every way possible. They can be athletic, smart, fun to be around, and friendly. Those lions are the ones who deserve everything that they have or will achieve. Overall, I don't necessarily hate Brandon, but it definitely isn't where I will be living in the future.

    After discussing my views on what I don't like about Brandon, I feel that I should talk about what I like about Brandon. For starters, the teachers in Brandon are outstanding. I haven't disliked more than one teacher every couple of years. There are a couple that I wasn't fond of, but they don't bring my view of Brandon down significantly. Secondly, the businesses in Brandon are well run and have great service. Those businesses are lions and they deserve to be. Another thing about Brandon that I think is great are our parks and recreational areas. I live relatively close to the camp grounds by Robert Bennis Elementary and they are terrific. You can fish, camp, hike, and even practice for archery. All of these things are great for our community and they are lions.

  14. From looking through the Prezi and the Viewing Notes, I noticed something that I didn’t notice before. When Mufasa was alive the grass was always green, the other animals were fed, and it would rain. But when Mufasa dies, Simba runs away, and Scar takes control..it suddenly stops raining. The grass and trees die, the other animals have moved on which means no food for the Lions. But once Simba comes back, what happens right away? It starts to rain, causing the fire on Pride Rock from the lightning. Does the lightning represent that the true king has returned and that the hyenas and Scar should leave? It’s like when “good” is in charge only the good things can happen to “make things better” but once “bad” is in charge everything goes wrong. I’m sure when Scar took over he didn’t think that everything would die, and that their food would leave. It reminds me that because the hyenas and Scar are different that they can’t rule. That only the ones that know what’s going on can understand how to handle things. If Scar wasn’t an “outsider” would he have been a great king? If Mufasa and Scar where in different places how would have things been different. If Scar was the same color but stronger would he have been king? If Mufasa was the same color but weak would he be treated the way that Scar is? Would it still rain, the grass be green, maybe even be sunny all the time. Or would it be dark because Scar isn’t as light as Mufasa(referring to color of coat). Is the movie saying that only the bright lions(referring back to coats) can make all the happy stuff happen? And that the dark lions make all the bad stuff happen?

    Morgen Burkman

  15. Kevin Bai

    My first favorite statement is number 11 from day 1, "Mufasa wants to keep the hyenas in the shadows. What have they done wrong, other than being born as hyenas?" I think is because Mufasa thinks the hyenas are evil and bad, they will eat all other animals, thats why Mufasa wants to keep all the hyenas in the shadows. My second favorite statement is number 2 from day 2, "Nala should be King; she whips Simba in many ways throughout the film, starting with her pinning him just before they go “into the wrong neighborhood” of the elephant graveyard. Why does he protect her from the hyenas (if she can whip him)?" the reason why I think why Nala didnt become a king is because she is is a female, and the king should be a strong male lion, because I think other animals like the hyenas are more afraid of a male lion's voice, like from the beginning of the film, how Mufasa protect Simba from the 3 hyenas. And the last of my favorite statement is number 21 from day 3, "The hyenas don’t need any lions, do they? Couldn’t they organize?" I think the hyenas dont really need a lion, if they can choose their own leader, but I dont think will be organized that good, because I feel all the hyenas looks same, no one is special, and no one is stronger than others, not like the lions, the male lion always looks bigger and stronger than the female lions, thats why the lions are easier to get their leader.
    The statement I dont agree is number 9 from day 2, "Why aren’t the lionesses summoned to help save Simba? Do they lounge all day long?" I think why the lionesses didnt help save Simba is because they didnt know when it happening, because Scar only told Mufasa that Simba were in danger.

  16. Jake Garner
    Students can recognize and analyze words. Because it is a true statement. Students can comprehend and fluently read text. I agree and disagree with this because some students are more avid readers then an others, so they would be more fluent then the students who do not read as much. I like the critical thinking idea of using the three “lenses” because it helps the deep thinking skills that are need throughout the rest of life. It gives the reader a wider outlook on the material and the situations within the said material.
    The Brandon Valley Schools do have hyenas and lions. The lions are the “popular” kids the best families and the most worry free lives, and the hyenas are the “un-popular” kids who may not have the best family situations and haven’t had a silver spoon in their mouths their whole life. The “popular click”, much like the lions in The Lion King, feel entitled and superior to the “unpopular” kids for some really dumb reasons. I know a machinist names Jared and he could be classified as a hyena, but he has never let that stop him. He worked hard and put himself through school to be a machinist and is one of the happiest people I know, he is also friends with everyone he meets. By looking at the way he has lived his life and how he has played the cards he was dealt, I realized that no matter what situation you are born into, you can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do. If you think that the world has set a path for you based on your “social status” in high school, you’re wrong. Don’t let the world choice your life for you, you be anyone you want to be.. You just have to put in the effort to make it happens. So don’t let the lions keep you down.

  17. The Lion King is the most likeable movies from people around me. People like Mr. C and me are more in depth in movies like The Lion King and more. We see thing that no one saw it that way or thought and think it like we do in class. Like every moment has a big part in life that we don’t realize until you have to be told. You know more about The Lion King now you take movies you like of movies you and your friends and try to go into depth just like we did in class. It might not be so covetable around your friends but at less you have more understand and the the movies you watch.