Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday, January 6

1) What was the best part of first semester?

2) What was the worst part of first semester?

3) Have you seen The Lion King? What do you remember about it?

4) Type one sentence from The Road and explain why it is a cool sentence.

5) What is best part about Lego technical writing?

6) What is the worst part about Lego technical writing?

Type 300+ total words to fulfill these tasks.


  1. 1. The best part of the first semester to me was watching interesting movies that I haven't seen and comparing them to The Giver. I never really knew that movies are alike in many ways. You don't really realize it until you look for it.
    2. The worst part for me was reading books. I really do not enjoy reading books, unless it is a very interesting book I just don't really get into them like I do with movies. That's why I get behind when we read books, it always takes me longer than everyone else. Sometimes I read to fast and mix up words or I don't understand a sentence so I have to re read it or I don't understand anything I just read so I have to re read a page and/or a chapter.
    3. Yes, I have seen the Lion King and I will always remember when his father dies. That part always makes me sad and tear up.
    4. Complete darkness. I really don't think I would be able to live in complete darkness. It's scary and not knowing what's in front of you, if you are going to run into a wall or a person or someone who wants to kill you. It's just very scary and I would strongly dislike that. I know they do too.
    5. The best part of the Lego technical writing would have to be assembling the Lego's how you want them, trying to "make it look cool". That's what I tried to do every time was just try to make it look cool and difficult so others could think while they tried to assemble it.
    6. The worst part of the technical writing would have to be trying to explain how you did it in ways that everyone else will understand, because everyone reads and learns differently so that was a little difficult and the worst part of it.

    Jaeden Spurling

  2. Josh White PD#4 Applied English

    The best part of the first semester to me was the debates, it aloud the students and my self to express our thought on a certain movie or book. Secondly the first semester was good because it was my last first semester of high school I will ever have, secondly my two hardest classes for this year were in my first semester and I passed both of the classes with flying colors.

    The worst part was having all the chapter guides for The Giver. Also another bad part of the first semester is I still cant handle the fact that I got 1 semester left of high school then im off to attack the real world and make big choices in my life and the real world scares me because its coming up quick and school has just went by to fast, sadly to say but if I could I would go back to my freshman year and do it all over again and get much better grades and not fool around the whole time. Lastly the worst part about it is that the end of that semester over Christmas brake I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled actually had them pulled 3 days ago and my mouth is still a little swollen and puffy but ill live.

    I have seen it but I don't really remember anything besides there is a lot of animals in the desert. Also that one lion is trying to be the leader of this pack of animal and desert.

    If he is not the word of God God never spoke, this is cool because it just sounds like a powerful sentence. It sounds powerful because god is a powerful person to most people and some people would say differently because they don't believe in god but I do believe in a god, I just don't go to church every Sunday. I feel that you don't have to go to church just to show that you believe in god because you just need your mind to believe what you want.

    To be able to create something out of a small amount of Lego's, and the creation came from your mind and not a set of instructions in the box and we made our own instructions.

    The worst part about the Lego technical writing was having to make the directions, because I knew how to make it and put it together, but having to make directions on how to build something I have created was a little challenging for me, but 10 piece Lego is harder to make directions for rather than a 3 piece Lego.

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  4. 1} The best part of the first semester was when we watched movies and compared them both. The first semester didn't was a little bit short and it seemed to fly by.This year is just going by way too fast but I do think I am learning a lot of stuff that will help me be better off in my future.2} The worst part about it was how fast the time went by. Its fun and I dont want the fun to end. like I am not ready for it to be over quite yet.3} I watched The lion King when I was a little boy honestly I don't remember too much about it. I can hardly remember anything about it I remember some reason I do not know why but I can remember when the hog and his little friend i'm not sure on there names. but they were both in a mud pond and the hog was farting and it kinda gave it a hot tube effect and I dont know why but this is all i remember 4}.The road is a very cool book I think its a cool book because it does an amazing job by showing the bond between the son and his father. It kinda shows you how to survive an end of the world type of deal. and we all think we are strong enough to survive. And we would like to see ourselves surveying like the boy and his father.5} What I like about the Lego writing technical is how it is turning us all into good writers because we all have so much work until we are where we want to be. 6} The worst part is how hard it can be to tell someone what you are exactly thinking.

  5. Austin Sorenson --- The best part of first semester was reading the giver and getting to watch all of the wonderful movies that i will watch over and over again because they were so good. The worst part of the semester was not getting to do enough debates we should have had more debates. I have not seen the movie the lion king it should be a good movie i think. The best part of the lego technical writing was getting to express out creativity and the worst part was having to remember just how we made them the first part and having to explain how to do it step by step. And the best sentience in the road was when the boy says here you take some of this coca cola and the father says no you drink it all its a treat for you and the boys kind of like why but its because it will be the last coca cola he will ever have and that just shows how much his father loves him in all his ways he can. I don't know just how the father can keep the kid happy when he needs to he takes the opportunity to spoil the kid but how they live is just horrendous and its really quite sad you can only do so much for your family and his father has taken it to the next level most people could not even think of living the way they have to being on edge that they need to hide at all times so they don't get killed and being able to live and stay alive is a whole different universe. Another thing i thought was awesome about first semester was getting to write allot into that journal because we got to express our feelings in possibly everywhere we could and people would get to read about it and see what we are going through and become together as a class and not just as a person in a class and by doing this we could feel how everyone else feels and kind of help them out in a way they can still stay a float.

  6. 1. The best part of first semester was the successful Marching Band season. We may not have gotten first in everything, but we got to show the people how much hard work we put into our show. From the countless hours during the summer, the 3-hour night rehearsals, Football games, and not to mention the early morning rehearsals at 6:50 every morning. Plus, the traveling for the competitions is always the time to form bonds with the people that you may not get to see everyday in school, or that you haven't talked to since summer camp. Like we all say, the BVML(Brandon Valley Marching Lynx) is a family therefore we need to treat each other like a family.
    2. The worst part of first semester was not doing my best in all my classes. By not doing very well I am just squeezing by to Graduating on time. But I hope that I can get my grades up this semester so I can Graduate on time with the rest of my Class.
    3. Yes I have seen The Lion King. I watched it all the time when I was a kid. My sister and I would have watched it everyday if we could. We know it so well that we can sing almost every song, and quote it word for word. I remember everything from the movie. From when Scar kills Mufasa, to Simba going to the Jungle with Timon and Pumba, to Simba getting rid of his Uncle Scar in the very end.
    4. I am new to this class so I am not in the same spot with everyone. Also I have never read the book before so I don't know much about it.
    5-6. I was not apart of this class when you got to write the Lego technical writing.
    Morgen Burkman

  7. The best part of first semester was watching movie and really analyzing them. The best part of first semester was all of the fun classes I took. The worst part was having to take speech because I do not like talking in front of people. The worst part was not having an enough time to expand are ideas. What I remember about The Lion King is that Simba's dad died by animals running him over. And that Simba runs away and does not come back until he finds out how the land was. In the movie The Lion King Simba has to show the courage to run a whole place of your own and not have fights all the time. Simba started showing many of these things when he ran away from home and started meeting new animals like the Pumba and Timon. Timon and Pumba gave Simba the phrase Hakuna Matata. When Simba went back he had to fight his uncle who said he was too small to run the land. The Road sentence is "Still they came to trees across the road where they were the forced to unload the cart and carry everything. The reason this is so cool is because of how they had to show manhood ways and use strength. The best part about the Lego technical writing was to get to play with Legos and have fun building things. Building things with Legos was fun because you can build anything you want. The worst part was not being here for most of it because of doctors appoints and other things. Building with Legos is really fun because you can build almost anything with them. I hope I have given you some very helpful words of ideas and things to help you through our second semester.
    Zach Thomas

  8. 1) My favorite part of last semester was when we splitted up into two teams and debated the novels. I liked this because I got to see a lot of new ways of looking at some of the movies we watched. I learned new things about each movie, and had a ton of fun doing it.

    2) The worst part of first semester was when I was gone and missed this wonderful class. I missed some really good discussions for what I heard, which meant I missed out on some pretty good information. I missed some of the movies we watched in class as well so it was a little harder for me to keep up with some of the things you guys discussed in class. That is until I watched the movies on my own time.

    3) I saw the Lion King a while back but I don't remember a whole lot of it. The last time I watched it was when I was a kid. At the time I was pretty immature and was focusing more on how cute the cubs were rather than the other things that were occurring. The main part I remember from when I saw it was when his dad dies.

    4) "Then they set out along the blacktop in the gunmetal light,shuffling through the ash, each the other's world entire." I think this sentence is cool because it shows how much this man loves his son and how he describes him as his world.

    5) The best part about Lego technical writing was seeing how when I thought that I had explained something extremely good how it was hard for others to understand what I was saying. I guess we all think of things differently.

    6) The worst part about Lego technical writing was not having enough time to write everything I wanted to. Or to explain what I was trying to say in the best possible way.

  9. Andrew Alexander

    1. The best part of first semester was reading The Giver and comparing the book to movies.

    2. In the first semester there really wasn't anything that was bad for me. I liked the activities that we did.

    3. Yes I have seen The Lion King. I remember that his dad was killed. I also remember the hog and the little chipmunk singing.

    4. “If he is not the word of God God never spoke”.(5) This sentence is cool because it shows that the man still has his faith when the world has turned into such a terrible place.

    5. The best part of the Lego technical writing was challenging other people. Also the challenges that I faced.

    6. The worst part of the Lego technical was writing the directions out.

  10. Kallie Folk

    1. The best part of the first semester would have to be when we had the debates on the movies we watched. How we would compare and contrast them.
    2. The worst part of the first semester would have to be reading. I don't like to read. Reading makes me sleepy and tired. Sometimes its hard for me to read because I don't remember what I read. The book The Giver was good I just don't like to read.
    3. Yes I have seen the Lion King. I personally love this movie. One of my favorite scenes would be when he hold up the baby lion to the whole kingdom. Or when the king and his brother have a huge fight. Shows me not to back down even if it is family. Stand up for what you believe.
    4. He looked at the boy. I'm all right, the boy said. I think its a net sentence because it is showing us that he is looking at him. Also he got hurt and he is making sure his buddy is alright.
    5. The best part of the Lego technical writing was being able to make your own personal building type thing. I made an L for Love. I thought it was net because everyone is different and builds everything different, so with what you wrote is how they have to build it.
    6. The worst part of the Lagos would be people wouldn't understand your writing so you would have to redo it or explain to them why you put it like that. It just made everything harder because everyone doesn't think the same way so they want to build it the way they think it should be. Over all though that was a fun experiment. It made everyone interact with each other and to get to know some of are other classmates we didn't really talk to.

  11. 1. The best part of the first semester was when we watched Blade Runner. I thought it was a great movie, as well as a wonderful learning experience. The movie went into full detail of the definition of humanity. Not only did it have great lessons, but it also had an amazing cast. They had Harrison Ford as the Blade Runner. How much better can it get than that?

    2. The worst part of the first semester was proof-reading our peer's essays. My reason for rating this as the worst is based on my ability to proof-read. I am extremely slow at finding other people's mistakes in writing because I have no idea how much knowledge they possess. I skim over certain sentences because I start thinking that there is no possible way that someone could mess it up. That probably means that I need to change the way that I proof-read.

    3. I have seen The Lion King, but do not remember a majority of it. The main parts that are memorable to me are Simba's childhood. His father was killed in front of him by his uncle Scar and met his two best friends in the jungle. Timone and Pumba are also a part that I remember because they are the main comic relief of the movie. They teach Simba how to survive in the jungle and eventually he becomes the king of the jungle and removes Scar from power. Although it was a well-thought out movie, I cannot remember most of it due to the amount of years between now and when I saw it. I look forward to watching it again.

    4. The Road is cool because of it's ability to show the surroundings and the conditions that the father and his son live in on a day to day basis.

    5. The best thing about the lego technical writing is the writing.

    6. The worst thing about the lego technical writing is the explanation of how to build your object.

  12. Caleb Andree
    #1 The first semester was very great but I think that it should of been better. #2 In that first two weeks of school it kind of reeked it for me. #3 The Lion King was a great movie but I think the hole class she see it. I think the movie it self has a story inside a story that people don't see the way that I think of The Lion King. #4 "And nothing bad is going to happen to us." As a man or woman we have are knowledge of what to do and what to say to others that are not manly or womanly as you. #5 The best part about Lego technical writing was to write down all the detail of what you have made. #6 The Lego technical was that great that I don't have a worst part about it.

  13. Joseph M. Irvine
    1. My favorite part of my first semester English class was reading the book "Lord of the flies" and reading about the boys whos flight crashed on an uninhabited island and they had to survive until rescue came and how some of the kids killed other kids and acted like animals until they were rescued.
    2. The worst part of my first semester English class was the Finals also known as the semester test because of my sickness of the first semester. Another thing I disliked about last semester not related to English was The drive to CTE (The Career and technical education acadamy) in the morning and having to leave Brandon by 7:15 and then the drive back and the gas that it took to do so.
    3.Yes I have seen the movie "The Lion King" and I remember the scene where Simba and Nala are cornered by the hyenas and also when simba and his father got trapped in a stampede and it turned out scar (simbas uncle) was the cause of the stampede but simba got out but his father did not.
    4.I have not read any of the book as of yet because i have just been placed in this English class but I will await to see what the book " The Road" has to offer for ones entertainment.
    5. I have not experienced lego technical writing as of yet but i am very curious to what it entails.
    6. i have not experienced Lego technical writing as of yet but i am very curious to what it entails.

  14. 1) The best part of the first semester was learning and watching the movies and comparing other movies the book The Giver. It was neat and interesting to watch different life styles but yet, comparing to the book. Also, another thing was that interacting with my peers and learning what they had to say in the Juxtapositions documents that Mr. C shared with the whole class. We did a lot of those documents.
    2) The worst part of the first semester was taking the semester test. Taking the semester test was easy but way too long but easily understood. I still got a good grade on it. Also another thing was doing the Juxtoposition documents. I thought it was kind of a waste of time but also a good incentive. I thought everybody was trying to race through it and not take the time and think about it but otherwise some did take their time.
    3) I have seen the Lion King multiple times but I was at a young age at the time and when you grow older you learn more things and you forget more of your younger years. I remember Simba or whatever his name is fighting for his life and then his dad saved him and his dad died. That's about it.
    4) One sentence from the novel The Road is that "You forget what you want to remember and you remember what you want to forget" I said this because it is in fact very true. It was really real what he said because you do in fact forget what you want to remember and remember what you want to forget.
    5) The best part about Lego technical writing is trying to put together someone else's design that they made.
    6) The worst part about Lego Technical writing is that you have to explain specifically the steps to make your logo or design.

    -Dylan Widmann Period 4 Applied English, Mr. Christensen
    January 6, 2015 11:44 AM

  15. The things that I remember from the lion king when i first saw it I thought it was an innocent movie that had no intentions to harm anyone or anything. Later i come to realise that when you pay close attention to the movie it really has a lot of other references that some young viewers may not get. I did not realise this when I was a kid because when your young you dont get many of the adult concepts that we understand now. They throw in some interesting ideas about the movie that really emphasises what is happening in the world of the lion king. They really do a good job of throwing refrences into the movie by showing a lot of symbolism. When they are putting scar in the middle of the moon is a symbolism of a communist nation. Also in that same scene they show that the hyennas are basically like hitlers followers because they are marching just like they do in the old movies that you see with the nazis they march the same way.

  16. The best part about the first semester was that we watched movies and got to discuss the movie so had more things we new about the movie. Some things that happened this semester were very different and i liked that because i don't always act the same i like to be different. Also i believe that in last semester the movies were very good and i really didn't understand it but when we discussed the movie in class it made me learn more about it.
    The worst part of the first semester was that some of the movies we had watched were very different and i really didn't like watching it but when we discussed the movie i got the movie way more. Also the movie were very long and i kept forgetting what was going on.
    I have never seen lion king until we watched it in English class. Also never seen it because i really don't like watching movies in free time.
    I believe that the one sentence in the road that is cool is Always be ready for whats gonna happen. I believe this is the coolest sentence in this book because you should always be ready for everything in the real world.
    The best part about lego technical writing is that the writing made me learn more than i already learned. Also this helped because i needed to learn more.
    The worst part about the lego writing was that at some times it got boring because there was no more to talk about then we come up with something to talk about and we talk about that for a week and it makes it better.
    Josh Bradley pd 4

  17. The best part of the 1st semester is watching movies of course. my favorite movie is Pleasantville.

    The worst part of the 1st semester was reading, but I have noticed if the book has action that I like I will try and read it.

    I have seen the lion king a long time ago, but know that we have watched it in class I really like the movie.

    he picked it up and held it and sniffed it. I like this because it shows that he is curious of what is still left.

    the best part of the lego building is trying to figure something out to build. and challenging others to and figure it out.

    the worst part of the lego building was trying to figure out what the other class mates build what. but its worth the hard work to try and push yourself to try and figure it out.

  18. 1) The best part about the first semester is when we watched the movies and compared them to each other and compared them to the book that we read.
    2) The worst part about the first semester was having a full schedule.
    3) I have seen The Lion King. I remember when Simba runs away because he thinks that he killed his dad. I also remember when Scar becomes king and he makes the lionesses do all the hunting and the hyenas don’t do any of the work. I remember when Simba and Nala meet each other after being apart from each other for many years.
    4) A quarter mile down the road he looked back. This is a cool sentence because it shows the journey that they are about to embark on.
    5) The best part about Lego technical writing is that we get to build cool little constructions of what we want to describe to other people how to build it.
    6) The worst part about the Lego technical writing is that the instructions take a very long time to write out because there are so many steps involved in explains how to put it together.