Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 19

Actor Robert Duvall as Ely in the movie.
Write 300+ words to react to the Ely section of the novel (pages 161-175).

1.) What's the wisest thing Ely says? Why is it wise?

2.) What's the weirdest thing Ely says? Why is it weird?

3.) What does McCarthy accomplish by including Ely in his plot?


  1. During yesterdays class time, we read a section in the novel. In the novel we read about the boy and the man leaving the bunker and setting out back onto the road. On their way they come across a man named Ely. Well that's what the elderly man said. In the reading Ely says wise and weird things. I will start with the wisdom that the man spoke. The younger man but not the boy asked him if hes had anything to eat in awhile and the elder said that he ate just now after the man gave him food. He also says he is ninety so robbers and thieves don't rob him and do bad things. He just acts old and helpless so they wont do anything. He says he isn't really ninety but that's what he tells them. He says some rather odd weird stuff like the man is asking him if he wants to stay with them for the night and there will be beef stew with crackers and coffee and then the old man says "What do I have to do?"... What would you think? What has he done just to get food and to stay alive. Was he a slave at one point? Did he have to do disgusting and unusual things just to get food? The author, McCarthy, accomplished by adding faith and kindness and a sign of hope for the apocalyptic world. He shows that even in the worse time there will always be faith and hope somewhere. He also says what if the son is a god and he was the last god on earth... The old man says he would not want to walk with the last god on earth or ever. Even though they don't judge.
    Dylan Widmann
    Mr. Christensen

  2. I just keep going, I knew this was coming. That I think was the wisest thing the old guy said. Even though he wasn't ready for it, he is still living. and carrying a small fire.

    the weirdest thing he sais was "what do I have to do"? that goes to show what ely has done for anything.

    McCarthy accomplished Simpathy in this plot. The boy cares so much abou this man nbut the man doesn't care.

  3. The wisest thing that Ely says is I think he lies about his age because he says he is 90 but the boy says no your not and he says ok. I feel that he lies about his age so he is more protected and so people dont mess with him or try to use him for things that he should not be used for. Seconldy I feel like he lies about being blind becasue he wants to be protected so he says he can be blind so if someone trys to do something to him in reality he can see what they are doing. The weirdest thing that Ely says is what do I have to as in he thinks that he has to do something bad or give something up for them. Also this is weird because its almost sad that he asks what do I have to do beause its a old man and he should just be cared for and not used for things. McCarthy acomplishs a kinda plot twist because he adds ely into the group and its a poor old guy who soudns like he has been living a long horrible life in some ways. He also accomplished greatness by getting my attention more and I because more interested with this old man joining the group because its someone new and different.

  4. In the book Eli is definitively been through a lot though his life he is a little different lies about everything It was kind of weird you can kind of tell it seems like hes working for someone because the weirdest thing he said was what do I have to do to get food and its like what have you had to do to get food that just says something he has had to do a lot of things. The wisest things he has said is That he is 90 years old because who would want to eat an old guy that's meat is probably terrible and most likely he got away with many things with saying he is 90 years old. So if you ask me in any situation it seems like anyone will do anything for food and it really seems like this road will change people for the good and for the bad and i believe eli is working with the bad trying to get these people stick with them so they can kill them eat them ext so in this world you have two choices be the good guy or be the bad guy or just try to stay alive and stay out of peoples lives but this is a whole knew situation that know one knows what it si and i believe that eli will do anything for water and food and i think hes gonna do something thats gonna change this book in a bad way so he might be working with the bad people just to get a meal if he finds the guy and the boy and brings them to the bad guys but i could be wrong but i dont think i am i think eli is just a different guy trying to survive in any way he can.

  5. Andrew Alexander

    The wisest thing that Ely said is “People were always getting ready for tomorrow. I didn't believe in that. Tomorrow wasn't getting ready for them. It didn't even know they were there”. This is wise because Ely did not feel that he had to get ready for anything. The weirdest thing Ely said was “What do I have to do”. When the man offered Ely food. It was weird because Ely has probably had to do terrible things to get food in the past. McCarthy accomplished sympathy for Ely and another story of someone after the apocalypse.

  6. Andrew Alexander

    The wisest thing that Ely said is “People were always getting ready for tomorrow. I didn't believe in that. Tomorrow wasn't getting ready for them. It didn't even know they were there”. This is wise because Ely did not feel that he had to get ready for anything. The weirdest thing Ely said was “What do I have to do”. When the man offered Ely food. It was weird because Ely has probably had to do terrible things to get food in the past. McCarthy accomplished sympathy for Ely and another story of someone after the apocalypse.

  7. Zach Thomas
    Something that Ely says that is the weirdest is that he says that “There is no God.” This is weird because you would think if a bad thing happened in our life time that they would be more thankful to be alive and not being eaten by other fellow people. By including Ely in the book shows us how people have different perspectives on life and religion. Ely shows the kid that God is not real. Ely says the less the people know the better. I feel that is a lie because if no one knows anything about you then you could live a lie and people wouldn’t believe that your life is real or fact. People should know what you choose to let them know about you. When the boy and the man help the old man give him food and something to drink and a warm place to stay. Ely brings a new perspective on how people will see life and what could happen if they just kept going on walking straight. We don’t know the age of Ely but he says he was walking way before the end of the world was coming. I feel like he has been walking longer than 30 years or so. Ely makes the choose to leave the son and father because he was trying to walk and not have to stop until he is hungry again. Ely opens eyes for people who have read the book and for people who have never read it. Reading this book and getting to the point where they meet a new person who they did not know if he would either kill them or eat them or it they were safe. I believe that Ely will be a good addition to the book.

  8. The weirdest thing the old man said throughout this part "What do I have to do?" I think this is weird because that might have been what everyone else had said before their world was torn about and people started dying. Another thing the man said is "What people?" I find this ironic as well because there aren't many people left in the world.

    The wisest thing the old man said is "I just keep going". I think this is wise because it's telling people t okeep trying and carrying the fire, even though your situation is tough and/or looks impossible.

  9. Jake Garner - The wisest thing Ely says is are u a lil boy? I can see that there is someone there but I can’t tell who they are. He is wise for saying that because it make others sympathize him for being an old blind dude. So the other traveling people don’t kill him.
    The weirdest thing the old blind dude did, was when the he asked the man and the kid what he had to do to get stuff and live. This is weird because it means he has done some fucked up stuff for people to stay alive.
    McCarthy make you realize the harsh reality of the new harsh world or at least what is left of it. He makes you understand that the people that are left in the world are so desperate that they will do anything for food.

  10. One of the wisest things Ely says is “I just keep on going”. This is very wise of him to say because he is saying that no matter how bad things get he just keeps on trudging through it all. The weirdest thing Ely says is “What do I have to do”. I find this weird because it is almost like he is expecting to have to do the unthinkable just to eat a decent meal. Ely has been through the worst and he has had to do the unthinkable so he is just expecting to have to do very bad things for a meal. McCarthy includes Ely in this book to show wisdom, perseverance, and strength. When I say strength I don’t mean physical strength, I mean mental strength. Mental strength as in knowing what he has to do to survive. He also tells people that he is 90 so they won’t rape and eat him. He doesn't tell people his real name so other people can’t talk about him and where he has been.

  11. In the novel, there is a semi-important character named Ely. Ely's main purpose is not to be an upstanding person or a main character. His purpose is to give us an idea of how terrible this world of The Road is. The most important thing that Ely says is "What do I have to do?" when asked if he wants something to eat. Immediately after hearing this line, I got a feeling of curiosity. What does he mean? Has he had to do unspeakable things to get something that he wanted? If so, would he do it again? Ely can be seen as the world's lost innocence. At one time, Ely might have been a nice, old, caring man with grandchildren. Now, he is a nearly blind wanderer with a past that most likely has a overall bad vibe. The weirdest thing that Ely says is "Does he believe in God?". This is weird to me because it seems that after seeing so many uncivilized and horrific events, you would no longer believe in God anymore. Personally, I choose to be an Atheist. That usually gets frowned upon because Atheists are associated with being a non-supportive, know-it-all, and snobby type of person. Hopefully, people can just accept one another someday because if we don't, I fear that we may end up in a situation like The Road. Ely is the best possible way for Cormac McCarthy to show the worst of the world in The Road. Not only does Ely make some of the most important statements in the book, but he tells his thoughts on what he wants for the world. He wishes that he wasn't born or even wants to kill himself, but for some reason, he continues to move forward. Ely is one of my favorite characters in the book, even though he isn't in it for very long.

  12. The wisest thing he says is Are we gonna die i think this is the wisest thing he says because he is worried that they are gonna die. But when he says it the old guy says we are not gonna die just keep going. I also think this is the wisest thing he says because he thinks they are gonna die but they keep going and find more food and stuff to survive on. The weirdest thing that they said is they scrabbled through the charred ruins of houses they would not have entered before. This is weird because why would they be going through house that they did not know who lived there. McCarthy accomplishes by putting ely in his plot that then we can compare and contrast this book to the movie the book of Eli.
    Josh Bradley

  13. The wisest thing that Ely says is "When were all gone at last then there'll be nobody here but death and his days will be numbered too. He'll be out in the road there with nothing to do and nobody to do it to. He'll say: Where did everybody go? And that's how it will be. What's wrong with that?" He is talking about dying, he's talking about how everybody will be better off not living in this world, and I think he is right. I think the weirdest thing Ely says is "What do I have to do?" That is so weird and disturbing to me. The things he had to do to people or with people is just disgusting. What makes it worse is that he is so used to having to do terrible things for food that it's just sick and wrong. I feel bad for them, that they have to live that way.
    I think McCarthy wanted to accomplish the "big picture" by putting Ely into this. He is coming out and saying what's real to him about the world he is living in. He doesn't want to live that way and he wishes that he would have died when the apocalypses happened instead of living in it. I completely agree with him. He doesn't want to die by getting eaten either, or getting raped. It's almost like he feels stuck, he wants to die but he doesn't know how he wants to die. He is like a message in the book, he is the message saying that there isn't anything to really live for in this world anymore. If you want to keep going then go but there isn't anything out there but death and darkness.

  14. Kallie Folk

    The weirdest thing Ely says is, when Papa ask Ely if that was his real name. Ely says no. Why does he say that, that is not his real name, but yet goes by it? If it wasn’t my name I wouldn’t go by it. One of the wisest things Ely said was like that he was a 90 year old man. Why did he say that? He said it because no one is going to want to rape and beat up a 90 year old man. I guess if I was him though I would lie and say I’m older than what my actually age is. I would never want to be raped or beat up, I could never live in the world that they live in. How could someone just rape an old man but not only that but beat them up. Also sometime they kill the person and eat them. I think that McCarthy puts Ely in his novel to make everyone feel bad. I also think he puts Ely in the book because they want to show us that the boy has feelings. That he doesn’t just think of himself. The boy made his dad share the food with him. The boy has all my respect because he can still put people in front of him even though the times are rough. I think in a time like they are living I couldn’t put someone else in front of me because I like my food and they don’t have much food as it is. Also shows us how rude someone can still be after you just helped them out and feed them. Ely wouldn’t even say thank you to the boy for sharing his food with him. He still thought that he was better than them and was too good to say thank you. How would you feel if you gave some one food and they didn’t help or say thank you back. I personally think that he put Ely in the book so show us the good and the bad people who still want to help people but they don’t say thank you.

  15. I think that the wisest thing that the old man says is "will it hurt his feelings". This is a very simple thought but I think it is a very important one in the story because it shows a little trace of humanity left in the society in the dark times. It says that there are people who actually care which I think is cool. The weirdest thing that he says is "what do I have to do" and that is because it means that he has probably had to do a lot of bad things just to get some food and that is pretty sad. It still amazes me that this old guy has been alive for so long and yet no matter how tough life has been he made it through it. I think that what he is trying to accomplish in bringing Ely into the book is he might be using him as an example to show that not everyone in the world is a crazy canibal anymore and I think thats pretty cool

  16. “If this is an ambush he goes first”
    The old man have some balls to say that to his son, just because what if they get captured or get killed. And that would be his action to keep your words to yourself that might get you can keep your promise or get you and other in to trouble.
    “Okay means okay. It doesn’t mean we negotiate another deal tomorrow.”
    The father is right but does not mean to your son in that way. The boy is trying to understand things that he can furgh out himself. Just keep in mind the boy being a kid and kids doesn't understand things like a grownup dose. Take your kid as a baby that need everything need to provide for them.
    The boy cares to live and protect himself and him man but his father doesn't care about anything what anyone says.
    Caleb Andree

  17. I think the old man is very wise. I think the wisest thing the old man says is his name is Ely. He is smart enough to keep him self a secret this way no one will ever know who he. Then no one will ever know if he is talking about the same person. Then the boy ask if they could he dinner with him. The man say sure looks like a good place to stop then the son asks the man if he wants food and Ely says what do I have to do. That is a hint to look back in Elys life to tell he has done allot of bad things for food be for in his life. The Author accomplish's the connection to the book of Eli. The book of Eli has a man named Eli sent on a mission from god to bring the bible somewhere good for the good guys.

  18. 1) The wisest thing Ely says in my opinion is “Even if you knew what to do you wouldnt know what to do. You wouldn't know if you wanted to do it or not. Suppose you were the last one left? Suppose you did that to yourself? In my mind this is wise because its true. What if you were the last person on earth. In I am Legend it shows how lonely Will Smith gets when he loses his only companion. We need other people in our live to associate with. If you don't have that, then what kind of a life are you really living.

    2) The weirdest thing Ely says is “Nobody wants to be here and nobody wants to leave.” I dont get this statement. In my mind a lot of people truly do wanna leave the road. Theres several parts in the book were the man talks about how he just wants to give up and die. Not only that but why wouldn't you wanna leave hell on earth to some better place.

    3) I believe theres a few things that McCarthy accomplishes by including Ely in this plot. The biggest one that stood out to me is how the boy behaves in this scene. Like the father said he's almost god like. The son just always wants to help everyone especially the weak. If it wasnt for the boy, theres a very good chance that Ely would have died. McCarthy shows a lot with the sons behavior and true colors in this part. How he isn't even really scared for his own life if it means that he can save someone else's. It also shows how protective the dad is. He didn't want anything to do the old man, he wanted to steer clear of him but the boy wouldn't let him. In a way I wonder if the Man is suppose to symbolize our old society and how self-centered and egocentric everyone was. How we didn't give a crap about anyone but yourself. The boy almost symbolizes the start of a new world and how people should act, in the way that he cares for others so much.