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February 24

In what five ways is Max Rockatansky highly similar to the dad in The Road?

In what five ways is Max Rockatansky different from the dad in The Road?


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  2. Max protects the people just like the dad protects his son. Max is also similar because he dose not want to have anything bad happen to the people. He also is similar because he gets ride of the bad and tries to stay as safe as possible. He is not similar because he has a wife. He does not go threw as much dramatic things as the father and son do. Also he has not yet killed anyone and had brains and blood splattered on him.

  3. 5 ways similar
    1. Both post apocalyptic world
    2. Both are survival type worlds
    3. Both have hero type characters
    4. Both can't sleep
    5. Both fight to survive

    5 ways different
    1. Not really the same storyline
    2. There are more people in Mad Max
    3. The Road is farther into the apocalypse
    4. Mad Max is set in an older time period
    5. In Mad Max they still have law enforcement.

  4. There is differences in The Road and Mad Max. Some differences are how Max wears clothes, and has a car he drives. He has a wife and they live in a house on the side of the beach. They don't have to walk on a road everyday like they do in The Road. They don't have to worry about cannables in Mad Max, and they arn't living in darkness.
    Some Similarities is that he would do anything to protect his family and his friends as would the dad for his son. Max and the father are more of leaders, they both are the main person focused on. Max has a son so does the father in The Road. Max and the father both try to keep out the bad and keep the good. They are very strong, and protective of the people around them. They are both living in a apocolyptic world.

  5. Max is similar because he is the main character in the movie just like the dad in the road they both have a kid that is a boy they both were married and both love/loved there wife the both want the world to be good and both seem to do just about anything for there family and people around them. How they are different max is moving toward the danger the dad in the road is trying to avoid the danger Max has friends and family The dad just has his son Max most likely has a lot of food to eat the dad in the road is barely surviving Max in the book has a house by the water to live in and sleep at night the boy and the father don't have a house and they are always on the run they are both trying to be the good guys and are both very intelligent and try to help one another the best they can.

  6. Kallie Folk

    Max Rocatanksy is a highly liked man. The Road and the movie are a lot a like. Well to start off the Dad and Max are similar. They both have a son, that they love so much. Also the dad did have a wife and was in love, and Max does have a wife and is in love. The Dad also had a good friend and that would be his son, But in the movie Max has a good friend but its not his son. Max and Papa are a lot a like they are both strong, intelligent men who love there family. The book and the movie kind have the same setting and theme. There are these people trying to hurt and rape people just like in book. It has a lot of bad people that try and hurt people, they don't eat them like in book though.

  7. Max is similar to the dad in the road because they are both protective of everything around.Similar because they both have a son. Also he is similar because neither one of them want anything bad to happen but there always are some things that you don't wanna have happen but they do anyways. He is different because in the road they kill to get food and in this movie max has not killed anyone yet. Also he is different because in this movie he is chasing after people cause hes a cop and the dad in the road is not a cop
    Josh Bradley

  8. Max is like the dad because the dad protects his son, and max is a cop, who protects other.
    Max is alike because max is calm, so is the father.
    They are the same because the both have seen nasty things.
    They are alike because they both have a kid.

    Max is different because he is already by the ocean, the dad and son are looking for the ocean.
    They are diff because max's wife is alive and the fathers wife isn't alive.
    They are diff because max is a cop, the father is a doctor.

  9. They are allot of the same person. They both are the leaders among there groups. He is a strong minded man he stays calm just like the dad in the road. He is the father figure by doing his absolute best to take care of the ones he provides for. He knows he is a good guy and he will never be a bad guy. He wishes that there was know conflict in his country a but he is going to give it his all to try to fix it. They both believe in things things they believe in and they want the world to be a better place. And has long has they both are alive they will want good on the world and do everything in there power to make sure it happens.

  10. Max Rockatansky is Mad Max is like the dad in The Road because Max does everything that he can possibly do for the other people just like the dad does absoluty everything he can do for his son. Both Max and the dad want the world to be a safer and more fun place to life for everyone. You can tell that both Max and the dad would take all of the pain and suffering on themselves so that no one else would have to feel the pain of suffering in a torn up world. Max has a wife and in The Road his wife commits suicide because she can't handle the stress and all of the evil of the world. They both have a kid. Both of them have survival insitics and know just what to do when things are at the worst of the worst. The dad and son in The Road don't have a car to drive and in Mad Max they have cars and motorcycles to get around in.

  11. Some similarities that Max and the dad have are that they are willing to do anything to protect the people they care about. Like how they both protect their sons from the world that is starting to form. But in the movie Max is also protecting his wife from the world that is starting to change. Another similarity is that they both don’t sleep very well. The dad in the novel can’t sleep because he doesn’t want cannibals to come and take his son. Max in the movie can’t sleep because of the horrific sight of seeing the burned man. A difference between the two is that Max is a cop and the dad doesn’t do anything. Max has a wife where as the dad lost his wife to suicide. A few more similarities is that they are both living in an apocalyptic world. The US was hit harder by this than Australia was but none the less. Something that is similar in the book and movie is the bikers. There isn’t really any bikers in book but the men in the book rape women just as the men in the movie did. I am sure that the farther we get into the movie we will find more similarities and differences.

    Morgen Burkman

  12. Similarities:
    1. Both have a son.
    2. Fight to survive.
    3. Encounter many obstacles.
    4. Involve cannibalism or freaks.
    5. Care for their son.

    1. Not the same storyline.
    2. People in Mad Max have names, whereas people in the "The Road" aren't, except for Ely.
    3. One has police where the other doesn't.
    4. Max sleeps where the dad doesn't.
    5. One lives by the lake, where the other doesn't.

  13. Similar
    1. both have the similar enviornment setting.
    2. the people all live in the similar world.
    3. there is not laws in both story
    4. Max and the father all have a son.
    5.Max and the father all have to protect someone.

    1. Max's wife still alive
    2. the story between MadMax and the road are different.
    3. madmax is before the war happened, the road is after.
    4. the enviornment is like the road, not too bad.
    5. people dont eat people in the mad max, but the road does.

    Kevin B.

  14. Caleb Andree

    The Road was during a later time of time period then Max Rockatansky highly.
    The Road did not have any cars like in Max Rockatansky highly.
    The Road did not appear with any cops like Max Rockatansky highly.

    The towns are very distorted in both
    It seem that most of the action is on then crappy highways in both
    Theres always have to have somebody love each other

  15. Similarities
    1) Max is similar to the dad in The Road in the way that they are both good people who don't like the bad people.
    2) Both Max and the father in the book have trouble sleeping because their constantly thinking and having bad dreams.
    3) Both Max and the Father are loving dads who want the best for their sons and would kill bad to protect them.
    4) In both the novel and movie the bad guys travel in gangs and hurt people for no reason.
    5) Max and the Father are both carrying the fire after their worlds as they know them come to an end.

    1) Max in the movie goes after the bad people and tries to kill them. The father in the book tries his best to stay clear of the bad guys and get as far away from them as possible.
    2) In the movie their not having to run around looking for food and killing each other because of it.
    3) The people in the movie live in a house their not having to move around to find shelter and stay safe like how they do in the book.
    4)In the movie the wife is still there taking care of her son and living with the the dad but in the book the wife commits suicide and leaves the family.
    5) The father in the book is sick and could die any second and although Max puts himself in a very dangerous situation everyday he doesn't have a terminal disease that promises his death at any moment.

  16. In Mad Max, Max Rockatansky is an apocalyptic police officer of sorts. This can also go with The Road because like police officers, the father is also very responsible. A similarity that made itself clear to me at an early scene of the movie was Max and the father's intelligence and courage in terrifying situations. Max, like the father in The Road is calm and unbreakable in the face of danger. Much like Max in Mad Max, the father in The Road has to face his enemies because it is his job. It is the father's job to protect his son and it is Max's job to protect his community.

    Unlike Max, the father is shown with his son more often. This indicates an amazingly strong bond between them. I assume that Max is close with his son as well, but it just isn't touched on that much in Mad Max. Another difference between the two stories is Max's family and the "family" in The Road. In Mad Max, Max Rockatansky doesn't seem all that worried about his family's keepsake. He goes to work and lets them do their own thing. The father in The Road, on the other hand, is always worrying about what his son is thinking and for his physical protection. While on the topic of the two families, I also realized that Max has a decently functional family, while the father from The Road has a broken family. The father is also terminally ill, whereas Max is not. Finally, the last difference is the lack of an awesome nickname for the father in The Road. In Mad Max, Max Rockatansky is also known as "The Road Warrior", while the father is just known by his title in the ruined world.

  17. Max and the dad both have people hunting for them. Max and the man both have sons. The man and Max both live in an apocalyptic world. Both Max and the man like to help people. They are both good guys. Max lives by the ocean and the man is searching for the ocean. Max has a wife and the mans wife killed herself. The man does not drive and Max drives. In Maxs world it is more civilised and there are rules but in the mans world there is nothing.

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  19. 5 ways its similar:
    1. He is protective just like the dad.
    2. He likes the good people and doesn't like the bad guys just like the dad.
    3. Both apocalyptic.
    4. Both there fighting for life.
    5. Both are similar because they both have a son.

    5 Differences from the dad in the Road and Max.
    1. Max's wife is still alive.
    2. They both have a different story line.
    3. Max has an easy job while the dad has a difficult one.
    4. The environment is very different than The Roads.
    5. They live in different places like houses instead of the ground and where ever off the road.

    Dylan Widmann PD 4
    Mr. Christensen

  20. Zach Thomas
    Max is protective of family and people around him just like the dad in the book.
    Max and the dad will do anything to take care of their kids.
    Max has a wife and the dad had one.
    They both have to try and get food from anywhere.
    They are both on the road heading somewhere.
    Max has a car but the dad in the book they don’t.
    They have restaurants but in the book they don’t.
    Max and his family have a dog but the dad won’t allow the boy to have one.
    In the movie they allow people to ride with them but in the book they have no one.
    In the movie he can relax whenever and has warmth but in the book they have to stop at certain times.