Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 26

Expand on your February 24 blog task, not just repeating words and information, but elaborating with detail and additional insight. Also, predict what Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior and Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome will be like/about. If you have seen these two movies, discuss your opinion of them--and compare them with the novel The Road. Work on The Road study guide on Google Drive when done with this blog task. Type 300+ words for today's blog task.


  1. Mad max and the road are a like because max and the father both have wives that are lost. I predict the the fallowing of the mad max movies will go on about how max killes all of the bikers one by one.

    I think that max will find another wife.

  2. As we watched the rest of the movie “Mad Max” there are more differences than similarities that are in the book. In the book the dad doesn’t chase after the cannibals nor is there a car in the book. But in the movie, Max chases after the people who killed his wife and son. Kills some of the people apart of that biker gang. Something that is off topic but we have mentioned in class is that the creators of “Saw” took something from this movie that they put in there very own. When Max handcuffs Johnny to the car of a man that drove off the side of the road. Fills a broken headlight was gas and puts a lighter at the end of some sort of drain line to wait for an explosion. But something from that statement is similar in the book. How people walk around trying to find shoes because there’s are worn through. That is also in “The Book of Eli”. So not only is this movie similar and different to the novel “The Road” but also to other movies we have watched in class. There are even similarities to the movie “The Lion King”. How the bikers act like animals when they see Jessi.
    I haven’t seen the other movies in the Mad Max trilogy. But I think that they will somewhat be the same as the first one. He might go and try to find the rest of the biker gang and might try to get rid of them. Or something new may come along. Maybe he finds another wife, maybe he just prefers to be alone after he lost his family. I also think that he may have left to police force but hasn’t stopped doing the work he does. He could have bought one of the police cars so he could have it for himself. I’m sure he wants to stop working in the police field. But after the accident with his family, he will stop at nothing to make sure every last one of those bikers are gone.

    Morgen Burkman

  3. Zach
    Pd 4
    The Similarities between the book and the movie are very close is many ways but there are also differences. Max was scared to lose his family just like the guy in the book. Both the husbands lose their wives to something bad. It feel that the director of this movie was trying to show us what would happen if we had an apocalypse just like the book and Cormac McCarthy. Both the movie and the book portray good and bad guys from every angle. A differences is that Max loses his son while the guy in to book still has him. The boy and man in the book have enemies but not like max in the movie. Max wants revenge but the boy and man just want to get free from everything. In the book they have all different kinds of weather but in the movie they do not have different weathers or seasons. In both the movie and the book they have people who will kill for anything they need or want off of someone if they do not corporate with them. In the movie there is lots of towns and places to stay but in the book there’s only one or two places. Max and the Man show us courage and strength to fight against people who either dislike us for some reason or respect certain people. Max is a young guy as they guy in the book is in his 40s or older. The man in the book wants to keep his kid safe, healthy and strong to fight through hard times just like Max tried to do with his kid. Max and the man in the book show us that no matter what goes wrong you need to keep your head high and not stoop to the level of people not as great or well trained as you are.

  4. I think that Max is very passionate about a lot of things. Just like the dad is in The Road. They are very protective of their loved ones, Max with his wife and kids, the father with his son. They both believe in the better of things, the good in things. I think the second Mad Max is going to have some more people after Max. They are going to do what Toecutter is doing or they are going to take after Toecutter and become the "Night Rider". Mad Max 3 I feel is going to have some type of battle or some type of rivalry with Max and some of his people. Their is going to be more violence and more stupidity in the bad guys part. They are going to try and be the "Night Riders" and get themselves into trouble as they did in the first one. Or just get themselves killed. My opinion about the Mad Max movie we just watched is that it was really confusing for me. I was confused why the bikers had a rivalry with the “cops” and why they called themselves the night riders when they were driving in the day? It may just be me but it really confused me. Since there was an apocalypse or nuclear bomb, why was their guys trying to be cops? Was it them trying to save humanity? Trying to keep some order in life? I really didn’t understand it, all I really noticed was that the good guys were chasing the bad guys. The bad guys did some terrible things by trying to hurt the good guys. Like trying to kill them or their family. But why? Why were they trying to hurt them? What was the point?

  5. I think that Mad Max 2 is going to more about the biker gang because it is called The Road Warrior. I also think that it is going to deal more with the biker gang because there will probably be a new bike gang be because the toe cutter died at the end of the first Mad Max. Mad Max 3 will probably have a lot of the same things as Mad Max 1 and Mad Max 2. I think that Mad Max 3 is going to have a setting that is outside of where they are because it is called Beyond Thunderdome. Thunderdome could be the name of one of the bombs that got dropped. This movie is a lot like the road but it also has it's differences. It is very similar to the novel because they are both post apocalyptic movies. They both have very bad people that always try and take advantage of the weaker people. On the brighter side both the movie and the novel have good guys that will do whatever it takes to carry on the fire and not let evil take over the whole world.

  6. I think these movies relate to the road because they are both the same apacolyptic type situations where the world has basically just burnt up from all of the nuclear wars that I believe is what happened in The Road, Mad Max, and The Book of Eli. Also I think that the next two movies of Mad Max will be kind of the same as this one except I think that the world they are in will be even more changed as far as how many things are burnt up in the world they live in. You basically know now that there is no going back to the life you once had. Not just the surroundings will be different but the people will be very different as well since there are no showers left or any type of hospitality left in the world. At the end of the first movie You see them entering the place where the bombs had destroyed everything so I think that the next few movies will either have a black world or it will be a desert type atmosphere.

  7. I think max is like the dad in many different ways you see that he does anything and everything he can do to protect his family at all coast. The Gang of bad guys is the the bad guys in the road. He is smarter than the bikers just like the dad is smarter than the people on the road. Max is also like the dad because he lost his wife and child and the dad in the book in a sense lost his child.I think Mad max 2 will about Max finding a surviving biker or another group of guys similar to them and he is going to try to get rid of the men. Mad max 3 I think there world will be starting to get some what under control and more and more people will want to be good. So the bad guys will be easier to find. And the police force will be a little bit stronger and ready to take on more people.

  8. Why do you think he'll find another wife, Taborr? Are you hoping for him? Isn't he too damaged to develop new meaningful relationships?

  9. I believe after watching this movie that max is very mad at the things that these bikers have done that's why he has become mad and he did also chase after danger and that by doing so got him into some deep sh*T he lost his wife and his kid thank god the dad in the book hasn't lost his kid yet but i believe in the next few movies i believe max is going to become mad again for some strange reason he will be in the same situation I think the second movie will be how he rules the road for the police or how he becomes a bad guy and he will be one of the best robbers or night rider to ever become and that the police will have to catch him or some sort this movie revolves around the road because it seems like they are always on the road and that there are very bad guys and the others you can call the good guys. so when it comes to max he will have rage it seems like in all his movies maybe because he will have a different girlfriends in the next few but thats just how they have to make the movies and by doing so i believe these movies are quite interesting cant wait to see the second third and fourth this summer but i think if max was in the road he would be just like the dad just trying to stay alive with his family but he would be running towards the danger not away and that would probably make a good book to read if you ask me. But for the movie wise i thought it was very cheesy and kind of funny of how cheesy it really was and it made me laugh quite a bit but it was a pretty decent film i'm curious how the new ones gonna look since we have so much better quality.

  10. I predict that the rest of the Mad Max movies will be about Max picking off and killing/getting rid of the rest of the biker gang. And the main similarity of Mad Max and "The Road" is that both fathers have had wives who have been killed or lost.

  11. Jaeden is completely accurate about the passion. Courage in chaos takes immense passion indeed.

  12. The road book and this movie are different because they are having something to eat more than the road. I also think that mad max 2 will be just like the movie we just watched because they will be starting with what they ended up on in this movie. like they will be driving cars around and chasing people. Also i think that mad max 2 will be more like the road because they always change movies up they will be trying to find food that they can live on and at the end of the movie i think they will finally find a place with a lot of food that they all can eat and save for awhile. I think that the warrior will be just the opposite of the road because they will have so much food to eat they wont know what to do with it. Also I don't think the people in the road warrior will get along with everyone so they will fight and one of them will end up get n hit by a car or something to that nature. Lastly i think that mad max 3 will be way different than all of these movies because they will all be fighting for one thing and that one thing is gonna be power they all will want power over every one else and i think at the end of the movie no one will have power over anyone cause they all will be equal.
    Josh Bradley

  13. The Mad Max movie to me is not the best movie to me its kinda like star wars I never really got into it they seem almost to boring. Also I feel that if a character dies how can he come back in a later movie? Secondly I think that Mad Max 2 and 3 will be similar to Mad Max but the exact same,I feel that Max in Mad Max 2 and 3 will be a good guy throughout all movies and will eliminate the bad guys and will loose many of the close people too him; also it relates to The Road in many ways but is not quite as horrible as The Road because there is people that are good guys and people that are bad guys. Also in The Road the bad guys are really evil and do nasty things to the people who are out there just trying to survive. In Mad Max the bad people like the Toe-cutter done do as bad things the worst things I seen them do is kill someone and threaten to lick the ice cream off there face. One reason The Road and Mad Max could be similar is that there is a Dad and a son, but in the end of Mad Max there is just the dad and I predict that in the book The Road at the end only the son or the father will be left to survive and will be lost without the other person. In Mad Max there is a older lady that let the family stay at her farm but somehow the Toe-cutter and his buddies find them at the farm wanting there friends hand back, just like in the book of Eli they stay at a older ladies farm and the people find them wanting the book. This movie, other movies, and the books we have read in class all relate to each other in some type of way so far one thing I noticed about all of them is that there is a sick group of people weather its mentally or physically and then there is the normal none violent, not destructive, no chaos, and tring to survive apocalypse.

  14. The main difference I noticed in this movie compared to the road was how in the movie the dad was hardly ever by or with the son. He was pretty bad at taking care of him in all honesty. He would run off or just let the kid wander around were as in the The Road the father hardly ever takes his eyes off his son. For over half the movie I didn't even know where the kid was, like on the beach scene with Max and his wife the kid was no where to be found. The part that I thought was sweet and related to the book or what I have read so far is how in both the dad gets revenge on the people who did or tried to hurt their kids. In Mad Max Mel Gibson kills every guy who killed his son and wife. In the Road the dad shoots and kills the guy who tries to get his son, so they both show a lot of love in that way. In Mad Max 2: The Warrior Road I expect it to be a lot like the ending of the first one. I believe that he will continue to take the anger of losing his wife and son out on the mad, crazy people of the town. Im guessing that he will also find another girl that he will start to have feelings for but wants to stay distant from because of the recent loss. In the end though I’m sure they’ll become really close and work great as partners. In Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome it will continue the storyline of him chasing the bad people. I think in the third one he will go some place other than the town has been standing by. He will most likely make another enemy and end up killing him in the end.

  15. In Mad Max, there are quite a few similarities and differences, to say the least, compared to The Road. Just off the top of my head, I can see that they are relatively similar in many ways. Max is a man who has lost so much that he can only do damage to "bad guys". The father in The Road is a man who has lost everything except for his son. This allows him to continue in his efforts to survive and get to the south. If it hadn't been for his son, the father would have crumbled along with the world a long time ago. I feel that could be said about Max too. If Max's son had survived, he could have continued to be civilized and teach his son how to be a man. However, he wasn't so fortunate. His son and wife were taken from him, so he must take something from the people (and people alike) who stole his life and soul. Between the two stories, they have vastly different plots, but they have extremely similar characters. Personally, I think the father is a stronger character. This doesn't mean that the father is physically stronger, but I meant that Max just isn't nearly as mentally stable. His world still continues to turn, yet he can't seem to plant his feet and take control of his life. The same does NOT go for the father in The Road. The father and his son are closely bonded and have lives that move as they do. Max, on the other hand, seems to stay in one place while his world keeps turning. His mind is wandering and unstable with revenge. On a related note, I think that the two sequels to Mad Max will follow the same path. Max will continue to seek vengeance as a "Road Warrior" and he will continue to clean up the streets in the movie, "Beyond Thunderdome".

  16. I think the story is different between Mad max and the Road, because in the road is about the father with his son tried to survive and the father died, but in the Mad max, its more like about Max tried to avenge, because the bad people killed his wife and his son, and in the Mad max, they have cars and motorcycles to drive, but in the road, they got nothing,except a shopping cart. I haven't watch the Mad Max 2 and 3 yet, but I think it will be similar to the first one, Max keep fighting against with those bad people.

    Kevin B.

  17. I predict that in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior and Mad Max 3 is that there gonna be similar to the first one. Like when he gets wrong done he goes out and gets revenge like in every movie. I think that there gonna have similar plots. Comparing this movie to the road like comparing a rabbit to a jack rabbit, one looks ugly while the other looks settled. Mad max is the one that looks settle because it doesn't even look bad from apocalyptic views. In the Road, now that's the ugly picture with the harsh environment with the thieves and cannibals and all the other bad stuff. The thing is, is that the environment for mad max is at an all time high compared to The Road because in mad max you still have food and cars and gas and neighbors and stuff that you need and in The Road you have no food no cars and no gas and neighbors its a fight for survival like survival of the fittest. They have to try there hardest to stay alive and in Mad Max you don't really need to try your hardest to survive because its almost like everyday living.

    Dylan Widmann Pd. 4
    Mr. Christensen

  18. Kallie Folk

    There are so many was the book and the movie are the same. I will make a list for you for how they are the same and how they are different.

    1. The son in the movie had died and in the book he is living as far as I have read.
    2. In the book the dad doesn't have friends like Max does in the movie.
    3. Also the age difference with the sons.
    4. The movie has cops and the book does not.
    5. I feel that the mom in the movie was way stronger than the mom in the book. Why because she fought until the end to try and make her son live. She was the one we showed them boys who was boss. The mom in the book was not as strong. She ended up killing herself and not trying to protect her son.
    1. Max and the dad have the same type of attitude.
    2. Both want to protect their family.
    3. They both were married and had a son.
    4. They both have people that are mean and try to kill them.
    5. The Nightriders would rape the woman and kill and beat up the men. The bad guys in the book did the same thing but they would always eat them.
    6. Papa and Max both thought that they were going to change into the bad guys or nightriders.
    I feel like The Road Warrior is going to be more about money. That they don’t have enough money to buy and get new things. They just went through a bad war. They need money for gas, food, and housing. I don’t really know what to except for the third one. It could be him putting away his badge for good and moving on to bigger and better things. I can’t wait to see the other two movies. It shows us how messed up some people are and that they need help.

  19. The man in the road and max have a lot of emotional similarity's but also a lot of differences.

    - They both are trying to protect their loved ones.
    -the man in the road wakes up in the middle of the night and will walk off by himself, just like Max did after he saw Jim goose in the hospital.
    -Max looses his wife at the begging of the goon up rising and the man in the road looses his wife at the beginning off the troubles also.

    - Max is a BAMF who tries to find bad guys on the road.
    - The man in the novel tries to avoid conflict and hides from the bad guys on the road.
    -Max drives a car gnarly blown motor and the man in the road pushes a shopping cart.
    - The man in the novel always wants to hunker down for the night because he is scared of meeting someone on the road in the middle of the night, but Max keeps driving all night in hopes on finding the men on the road.

    The stuff I listed aren't all direct emotions, but it does show the different mind sets between the two men.

    Jake Garner

  20. Max and the dad both have people hunting for them. Max and the man both have sons. The man and Max both live in an apocalyptic world. Both Max and the man like to help people. They are both good guys. Max lives by the ocean and the man is searching for the ocean. Max has a wife and the mans wife killed herself. The man does not drive and Max drives. In Maxs world it is more civilised and there are rules but in the mans world there is nothing.

  21. The Mad Max 3 and The Road are one of kind. The action in each of these movie are a little old but it’s still good. The Mad Max and the father are kind of in the one world but in different settings. Also the settings in the Road are a little older than Mad Max 3. Mad Max had a crew of cops and The Road is very under estimated without any motor vehicles. But they still came out ok but maybe last a loved one. The type of skills you may have are very harsh and cruel in way that you may be a cold blooded killer. From mostly the standpoint of Thunderdome group and the bad people in the road.