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February 3

Click on a link about The Road at the right side of this blog page. Read it, summarize it in 45-50 words, then write 300+ words in response to what you read. (Pictured is Oprah Winfrey, a famous woman who helped make this novel extremely famous.)


  1. To summarize what Jesse Dornbluth said, she is basically putting herself in 'Papa's' place. If that was her with her kid, living in a world like that. Deciding if it came down to it, if you could kill your child or not, then yourself. How terrifying it would be to live in such a world of nonsense and chaos.
    I completely agree with what she is saying. No, I am not a parent and I don't know what it's like to be a parent. But, I think of it as if it were my little brother, it was just us fighting for our lives. I wouldn't want anything to happen to my brother and do everything I can to keep him out of harms way. But, if it came down to killing him, I don't know if I could do it. I know it would be better for him, so he doesn't have to witness or feel what they are going to do to him. He could die quickly and painlessly instead of being raped and eaten. I just don't know if I could pull the trigger to him, or myself. Maybe, if I was actually in his position, living how they are living I could probably do it. I would rather die than watch some messed up people eat my little brother or hurt him for that matter. Knowing I couldn't do anything to help him unless I killed him. Then maybe I could do it. But, how do you know when the time is right to kill him? If the people catch you, how would you kill him then? They would most likely take your weapon or hold you down so you couldn't do anything, or even worse hit you over the head so you wake up and have to watch them do horrible horrible things to him. How do you know when the time is right to kill the boy and yourself?

  2. Josh White PD#4
    The link that I have clicked on and read through was “Two Views of The Road”. The two views in this short looking article just point out how life could be one day and the struggle that these people and some people today actually go through. They also talk about how this book is like a sublime nightmare and is truly the worst thing that could happen to someone in life that is so innocent just like they say the worst things happen to the best people. Well from what I have read is that it makes me look at life like what if that was me, what if it really was not a dream and I was living in that real life situation, would I rape, kill, and eat someone, well my mind says F no but you never really know unless you're in a situation where you act before you think. Secondly made me realize that the fathers and sons names are not revealed in this book. Also it makes me think why don't these people just find a house and stay where it is possibly warmer than the outside weather, yes there is other men and women out there that would kill you but aren't you less likely to run into someone if you just stay put because if you leave and go somewhere you are more likely to run into that man or women that would kill you. Kinda like real life if you were in an argument with someone or a fight with someone you would try to avoid them and if you found out they were at a store you would probably stay away from the store in which they are at. Lastly makes me think of how is this little boy so calm sometimes and just goes with the flow sometimes, because if I was that little boy I would be scared and asking why do we keep moving why can't we stay put and find food in a house or something. Also this story makes me curious of what it would actually be like to be in those peoples shoes and experience the things that they are going through and just think of what maybe I would do if I was the boy or the son in this situation.

  3. I don't really remember what the Washington Post said, but I did see something about the book being a remake of "Night of the Living Dead", where there is this dad and his son, the very last known survivors of a post-9/11 world, where everything is torn and broken. with bits and pieces of action here and there. And very short bits of dialogue mixed into the action. I do not haven a response at this time, but will eventually.

  4. From all of the articles that I have read it seems to me that all of these sites think that this book and movie are and excellent choice to be able to watch and experience what kind of world it would be like if there was an appacalypse like that. They describe how much heart and soul he had put into his writings and also how much detail he put into all of the things wether it was the wilderness or the people in his books that were killed. He is said to describe all of the deaths in his books so graphically. He also has a ton of sentence fragments in his writing and doesn't use quotation marks a lot of the time I think its to really emphasize some type of style of writing which im not really quite sure. When growing up they said he was so poor that he couldn't even afford toothpaste which I think is sad. He told people that he didn't really care if people read his books, he refused to promote his work. His writings are basically a biography of a starving artist. Its not some guy from hollywoods work. Even though he is very wealthy now and he is a very inspirational person to a ton of people as well as other writers who find his style of writing interesting.

  5. Josh Bradley
    In the Link Oprah Winfrey Loves the road she is saying that the road has many different ways it can help us learn and get stronger as a person. Also she says that anyone can do anything.
    I believe this reading is trying to teach us that you are strong enough to do anything. Also i believe that if you have enough confidence you can do anything that someone asks you to and also if you were going to not be able to do it someone would help you. Another thing is that if you put your mind to it you can do anything just like in the road they are putting there mind to that they are not gonna die and they are gonna keep finding food so they don't die out there. Also some of the things that she says are very important like she says that if you have enough self esteem you can power your way through whatever life throws at you. Another thing she says is that if you have someone to help you along with stuff it will be a lot better cause you wont have to try and get stuff done on your own just like in the book if you have someone with you they will survive and if you are out there alone you will most likely die cause you wont be able to find food for yourself.Also i believe that if you are out there and come along something that you would have to fight off it would be harder to fight them off with one person and if had two people out there it would be a lot easier to fight them off and then if they needed food they could split up and find some food for them selves.

  6. Zach Thomas
    The Washington post tells us about the book and how their lives are. They believe that it is the end of the world and everyone is trying to fight for food. The post also believe that it is a profound novel taking us to places people do not want to see or do. They believe that he is not trying to keep his son alive and is just trying to kill him to eat the young child. The unnamed man was still having faith in himself and his child. The boy and man encounter many things from almost being eaten to trying to stay alive. This life they are trying to live is hard and will make us all think about how our lives are now and not take things for grant it. We have people like this now but we need to not seek to their level and keep our heads high. I do not believe this site is good because they say we are going into something that we don’t want to but we don’t have to read this book. We have choices. Our choice we make are our decision not everyone else’s. We all live our lives day by day. We all get money when we have jobs or disability. This post says that we are not making the choice but we are. We don’t choice to have the apocalypse. No one wants that at all not even me. Many of us may make bad choices but we all cannot have that perfect life or the best of both worlds. The music people we have in our lives aren’t to blame for our kids doing drugs or drinking or bad habits they have. Kids make their own choices and decision that they want to.

  7. The article that i have clicked on an viewed was TWo Views The Road by cormac mcCarthy and it was basically talking about all the hardship this dad and the boy had to go through and it was explaining all about this nightmare and what had to have happened for all of this to happen and about the nuclear bombs and how scary and unknown this world really is and they are just summarizing this stuff about the book. What i read was basically about how this author approached this book in making it very realist and apostolic and he really got deep in making the book by all the great vocabulary he used but what this article was saying is how deep he got in the book and they summarized part of it in how this dad and son have to go through this terrible world and have to figure out how to survive without getting killed by having no food or water or killed by one of the crazy people and they kind of explain some of that and they explain that there had to have been some atomic bombs go off for this to happen what i have a question is about how could you survive a atomic bomb if it went off how could these people that did survive not die and that's what confuses me in a lot of ways. So when they are explaining what they have read and what probibly happened to get to this stage in life that they are living in im just in kind of a wonder of how they lived what happened to get this way and why is this world they are living in so messed up what has happened to this world was it a huge war or did some kind of crazy thing happen and it really makes me wonder how these people did survive this bombing that author in this article was talking about

  8. A son and father are striving to survive in the wilderness. The only thing the world has left to offer is ash floating and falling when the wind chooses not to breathe.
    The world is a harsh place for them right now they are surrounded by nightmares and frightened to sleep. Their on a journey to the coast in search of something more, tells the father the boy is better off to have nightmares because if was allowed to dream he would know his end. I believe his father wants him to have more nightmares because he doesn't want his son to think how he is going to die and for that reason I believe that the father thinks that nightmares are supposed to be good. I think the father wishes he could do more for his kid, but right now they have nothing so they have to manage wisely what they live off of. This story has made me think how I am so thankful for everything I have it has really enlightened me. I believe even if you have everything you possibly could ever imagine then give to others it will make their world so much brighter. I think just a smile or nice hello could help left one person’s spirts for the rest of the day and you to will be happy that you did a great act of kindness. I think we shouldn’t take everything for granted. We are so lucky to live in a world where we can have clothes on are back and live a normal everyday life. So I would have to say this book has taught me a lot.

  9. The 300 word blog task I’m going to type is over what I have read in the book. It is a extreme and primitive world full of many individuals who will not contact other people for fear of being killed so those individuals won’t join together. This isn’t good because the boy in the novel has never really interacted with anyone other than his dad. He hasn’t even had a legit childhood, because he has been either starving or running for his life. Peanut Butter. He has endured and seen so much, that most adults wouldn’t be able to deal with. So I think he is a very strong individual. His father is all so a person of caution when it comes to everything they do. He is this way to make sure he can keep his son and himself alive. Especially in the buildings they enter, they try to be very aware of their surrounding so they do not become dinner for peter pan and the lost boys.
    ~Jake Garner

  10. I chose to read and summarize the article called Two Views. This article shows how even though there is hell on earth a father still loves his son and will protect him with his life. It also shows us how this world could turn into The Road if we don’t take care of it and just trash it. I completely agree with the statement that is made and he says that this father has infinite love for his son. I agree with this statement because he is willing to lay down his life for his son and die for him. The author of this article also says that The Road is a living hell and I agree with that statement too. I agree with that statement because how much worse can it get than people eating people for food and men raping women just so they can eat the babies. You can’t even call them men, they are savage animals. This author says that they don’t use punctuation because they are too tired and weak to care about proper grammar. I completely agree with this because if you barely have enough food to survive and you don’t have much warmth the last thing on your mind will be if you are using proper grammar. He says that the son needs him to keep reassuring him that they will survive because there is no one else that he can talk too. The boy also needs his father to love him and give him a reason to keep on living. Even though the father doesn’t tell his son that they are eventually going to die he knows that they will. He doesn't tell his son that they are going to die or else the son would lose the only thing that he had and that was the hope that they might survive. I agree with the fathers decision with not telling his son that he is going to die because it would be way worse if the son knew that he was going to die.

  11. The road film is based on the Pulitzer prize winning novel, I have not seen the film yet but from what people are saying it is a very good movie. ben Lyons said what a tremendous achievement. just from reading that it makes me want to read more, and watch the movie even more.
    A tremendous achievement to me is getting through something very tough. In which the boy and father are going through in the road. I can only imagine what it would be like, let alone with no one for years but your father. People need to have friends, so they do not get lonely.
    Life changing events cant alter someone's motivation, willingness, caryingness, and lots of other stuff. not only is the events in the road life changing, they are event that can not be forgoten. Like Mr.C told the class. You forget what you want to remember, and remember what you want to forget. Like the father shooting the man in the head and getting brains on the kids face, and in his hair. Nobody wants to remember anything like that.
    I don't know what to think of the road, I can say it is a very good book. Its also teaching us life lessons in a way. To be patient. Don't get mad over little things. Because when it comes down to it, Life is short. Live life how you want to live it. But makes the important moments count...


  12. To summarize what Jesse Kornbluth, Editor of, said in his article "The Film of Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road' Is About To Open, So I Read the Book. I'm Still Shaking." , He basically saying that the dude in the book has a job and his job is to protect his kids. Just like every other parent basically. In the novel he explains his duty to protect his kids from thieves, cannibals, and other predators. He has two bullets and he wants to save them because just in case if they get trapped from cannibals he was gonna shoot his kid and then himself of course so they don't have to suffer while they chop them up and eat them why they burn the wounds to stop them from bleeding out and dying so they can preserve or save them for the cannibals to eat in later time. He says every parents duty is to protect his child through anything. What my response is, is that he is true in every way. Every man and woman's responsibility is to protect their child or children. Even through the toughest times like the apocalypse. (Just like in the "Walking Dead" the Sheriff protects his son and teaches him how to kill zombies and to teach him not to be afraid.) He said that his main key in life is his children. I agree with that. I think once you hold your child for the first time and you look into his/ her eyes, You will always want to be around and protect her/him and do anything that you can and protect her as long as your living. Everybody has their own opinions about things and this is my opinion about this article that I read from Jesse Kornbluth. He is pretty much accurate with his sayings.

    Dylan Widmann Period 4th
    Mr. Christensen.

  13. Kallie Folk
    Jesse Kornbluth says that if you had kids you would know that it’s not easy being the type of parent that Pap is doing. She also says that a way into the book is through the way you feel for your children. She also kind of is saying that the love for your children is endless, and that you will fight for the death.
    I feel that she is so right with the whole kid thing. If you have kid you would fight for that person more than anything. Just for your kid to have a better life. Also it shows how close they are together that they have a bond that can’t be broken. He has many times thought about killing him so he don’t have to suffer. He never could get the courage of actually killing his son, someone he loves so dearly. I mean I guess I never could kill my own kid! I mean you gave them life and then you try to take it away from them. Also this book shows how close they get. Having to travel with someone for a long time being side by side. I would love to have the relationship that the boy has with his dad with my parents. They get to talk for hours and they get to see each other every night, Pap gets to see his son grow up and not miss anything. Well my parents missed a lot in my life and its doe’s kind of hit when you read stuff about how close they are together. Growing up without your parents is hard. I can relate to the boy although my mom didn’t kill herself she wasn’t in the best path of her life. She could have killed herself if she would had stayed on that path. Now I have my beautiful strong and wonderful mother that’s out here with me when I need her most. My dad I see him on the weekends. My life and the road are kind of similar but we don’t live in the kind of world they are living with smoke everywhere and being dirty with no food, we are luck people.

  14. Jesse kombluth wrote about how the first book was so bad she couldn't even read it. she also talked about how bad the book "The Road" was in the sense of the story line of how its about a man and a child walking to the coast and the world is basically dead and all they meet are thieves and cannibals. Also about how their is no "after" because that is "after" like they are there. She also says the book is amazing because it makes you think about how if you were a parent and you were in their shoes with your child how heart breaking it would be to have to go threw that and all the challenges internally you would face as well.

    I agree with her in the aspect that if you are a parent and you are reading the book the road and you have a child it would be a good book because of the feelings the book makes you feel. like would you be able to as a parent to make the right decision and do what is best for your child but not you. also being afraid of the fact that if you make the wrong decision and you do get capture by cannibals that you would have to watch horrible things be done to your child. Those aspects would make the book hard to put down. I disagree that its a good book because its aimed and focused on one particular audience and that is adults with children or a child. almost anyone else who would try to read the book would find it very dry and boring because the emotion and feelings would not be there because it would just be them taking care of themselves if the world came to that. In their minds it would be easier they could travel faster and they would have more food to themselves. The feeling of responsibility and having to take care of a loved one is not there and i think the book does not appeal to a large amount of people

  15. As Levi Asher continues to complain about a book that he read 8 pages of, I find myself wondering why he even bothers running his literary blog. I read his article about how awful Cormac McCarthy is and didn't agree with a single bit of information. Not only did Asher call The Road a literary crime, but he lumped all of McCarthy's works together into a category that some might call "trash". Asher also mentioned that his reasoning for only getting a sliver into the book was the lack of punctuation. After reading that excuse, I found it funny that while he was typing this, he make a couple of mistakes in his punctuation. In a quip about McCarthy not using any apostrophes, Asher used the word "don't" without an apostrophe. Irony at it's very best. If only Asher could have pushed a little farther into the book, maybe I would respect his opinion a little more. On a sidenote, he also states that he has a great taste in books. I think that someone's taste in any topic is all subjective. One person could love the books that Asher recommends and someone else could absolutely hate them. To me, it seems as if Levi Asher is a hipster. Loving a book that nobody has heard of doesn't make you cooler because you are basically the only person who has actually sat down to read it. Personally, I don't agree with Levi Asher at all and probably never will. On his blog, he called several other critics "idiots" because they disagreed with his biased opinion. Sorry to tell you, but reading 8 pages of a book and then criticizing it is a moronic thing to do. Levi Asher is probably just getting bored, so he needs to complain about something.

  16. In the article by Jesse Kornbluth he writes about how he likes the book. He focuses on the Father and the Son and the feelings and responsibility the Father feels towards his son. The responsibility of a parent is to protect their kids. The Father knows his responsibility is to protect his son. Jesse writes about the two ways to protect the Son. The Father has a gun with one bullet, but it could be used two ways to protect the kid. One way to protect his son is to shoot someone who is trying to hurt him, or kill his son to protect him from all the bad.

  17. Andrew Alexander.

    I read Levi Ashers article about The Road. In his article he talks about he thinks the book is terrible because of grammar and punctuation. In his article he states that he only read 8 pages of the book. I think that he didn't read enough of the book to criticize it.

  18. We learn that a series of concussions has caused a world-wide blackout, that the son was born after the blackout, that the boy's mother committed suicide soon after, and that the father, who is sick and has a gun with two bullets, wants to travel southwest along the road to the ocean. The novel starts in medias res, so most of this expostion comes in bits and pieces of flashbacks strewn throughout the novel.
    We learn that cannibals and bands marauders threaten the tandem, that the father and son must hide from them in order to survive, that the father and son must compete with these subhumans for food, shelter, warmth, and recources.
    A cannible captures the boy and threatens to kill him. The father shoots him, and they escape. The man only has one bullet left for the two of them. He ponders shooting the boy, should they get captured.
    The father and son find a shelter that is stocked full of ample supplies. This seems like a haven, a home, but the father knows that it is too exposed to be safe for long. They must abandon it.
    The father and son reach the ocean. The father threatens to kill a man along the road, but the boy talks him out of it. The father soon dies, and the boy walks onto the road.
    The boy is discovered by the man with the shotgun who has been following them for some time. The boy goes with this man and becomes part of his family.

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  20. The link that I read was the one Levi Asher called Owning My Hate. In this article he talks about how much he despises Cormac McCarthy and his writing style. He talks about how his main reason for disliking the author and the way he writes is because he doesn't use correct punctuation. I honestly disagree with this statement. I understand how it can be somewhat frustrating to read and understand at times, but at the same time I think he did he wrote this way for a reason. The way I think of it is that he chose this style of writing to show another way in which rules don't apply. He doesn't use quotation marks, question marks, and a lot of other things that we get yelled at by our teachers for not using. In the world their living in, it doesn't matter how they write or talk anymore because thats not the most important thing anymore. Their worlds all out of whack and his writing is just another way to show it. I think the other reason why he writes the way he does is because there's no education in their time so it could be a way to show that their not as educated as we are today. Another reason why he could be doing this is because he wants to focus more on the story instead of the way its written. Sometimes the books that I read I don't fully understand because they go off on big words and other things to try and explain it. In this story he doesn't do that though he just focuses more on what hes saying rather than the way its put down. Lastly I think its just fun for him. Heck I wish I could just type words on this paper and worry about having everything a hundred percent correct, that way I could get more things typed faster and have more time for other things.