Monday, March 16, 2015

Due Thursday, March 26

Type 300+ words about the Mad Max trilogy, discussing whatever topic you wish. You may--but you don't have to--select from these options:

1. How did the film-making evolve from one movie to the next?

2. Rank the films from most to least educational/intelligent.

3. Rank the films from most to least entertaining/amusing.

4. Rank the films from most to least realistic.

5. Rank the films from most to least ___________________.


Dylan Decker said...

In the first movie you could really see that there is life on Earth and also when they were first seen together they all had families to look up to. Later in the series you see that everything is basically dead or heading to death. Honestly I think that the first one is the best because it actually has a story line and it makes sense. so From least education to best would be 2nd one 1st one then 3rd one. The list from the least intertaining to the most would first be the 1st, 2nd then 3rd because I think that they keep getting worse as they go. I really did enjoy the first one because you can actually understand what he is fighting for. Realism goes 1st, 2nd then 3rd. Reason being is they have a lot of cars in the 2nd and 3rd one when that is highly unlikely. The last one is im going to rank them on creativity. That meaning what kind of story line the writers thought was necessary and I think in the later movies they dont really have a purpose for MAX they just make it seem like it does. So I think for this one is 1st, 2nd and 3rd movie.

Jacob Leonard said...

Most to least exciting:
1. Beyond Thunderdome - I pick this as number one because it had a little bit of everything going on, from people fighting and killing. Overall, this is the most exciting Mad Max in the trilogy. It had me interested from the start, and up until the end. I'd give it a 9 1/2 out of 10, and because you knew what he was trying to fight for.
2.Road Warrior - Not as much is going on, but it still had bits and pieces of action and suspense, but not as much as the 3rd. I'd give it a possible 6 1/2 out of 10, because some bits had me totally interested, and some parts absolutely left me clueless. But otherwise a good movie if you're interested in cars.

3. Last but not least, Mad Max- This movie was alright, but didnt have as much as the other Mad Max movies had. Only a little bit of everything. I'd give it a 5 out of 10 because I never fully understood what he was fighting for, besides going on a revenge streak after the bad guys killed that one guy of max's buddies. But I did like the overall trilogy, mostly for the action and suspense, because Mel Gibson is a crazy good actor.

Jaeden Spurling said...

The films evolved in different ways. The first one there was still a town, civilization, cars, gas, people, houses, food. They had a lot more in the first Mad Max, it’s almost like he was living in a place before the apocalypse took place. He had a good life with friends, family and was a police officer. There was still discipline and order some what, they at least tried to have it that way. In the second film there is more uncivilized people, no humanity, just sand and the open road. There is people in this one too, but some of them are not civilized at all. They want power, gas and they do whatever to get it. Raping people, killing people, beating people, they just don’t have any humanity left in them. There is definitely more of an apocalyptic feel in the second one then there was in the first one. Shows a lot more reality in this one to where if there was an apocalypse then there really would be no gas, and having to look for food and water. There is really nice people in the second one too. They have gas and they are very civilized, they just don’t want the gas getting into the wrong hands. They want to give it to a town or people who really deserve it. In the third movie that is when it is really apocalyptic, Max has pretty much nothing. He does find a town, but it isn’t a civilized town, it’s a trading town. Where there is people who still like/want all the power they can get. I think the first Mad Max is the least educational. It was very boring to me, and it lost my attention a lot during the film. The second Mad Max was the next one I would rank, it wasn’t completely intelligent but it did show me the selfish things people will do for what they want. They would do anything and everything to get the gas. The most intelligent one would be the third Mad Max, it showed the world really at an end and the only place people felt like they could go was bartertown. The kids had a very good place to live, water, shelter, and food. I think the least entertaining Mad Max was the first one, it was just really boring to me. The second one was a lot better than the first, caught my attention more. The third was the best one, it never lost my attention and it was funnier and had some comedy in it. The most realistic would be the second one, they had gas but had nothing to use it for, no town no nothing, just the middle of no where and people would do anything to get it. The least realistic I think would be the first one. They had a town, and civilization but during an apocalypse I don’t really see that happening as much. I think the second Mad Max had the best special effects. It had a lot more explosions and more violent scenes. The first Mad Max had the worst special effect, it was just made a lot longer than the others so it just didn't seem as realistic. It looked fake to me, obviously none of them are real, but some looked more realistic than others.

zach thomas said...

Zach Thomas
Period 4
March 23, 2015
The movies all showed the same thing from Max being the hero and savior to people. Max is a hero from the first to the last movie. Beyond the Thunder dome is the highest on my list because they show you that if you have the will to help people you will get stronger. Max shows us that we can show are caring side to people who are in need. My second favorite would be the Mad Max one because It still shows us how they are caring and still have a strong strength. Max in the first movie was just learning how to deal with the road. Max is the second movie really did not show much strength he was pushier and did not care for people who wanted to help. The most entertaining was the third one by far because it has more special effects. The third movie made it look like there was thunder and lightning as the auntie was talking. The second movie was more amusing because it did not make much sense to me but I was still trying to keep up with the film and how it was going. The first one was just not that amusing or entertaining because they did not do much other than shoot every so often then just drive. The movie was just more boring than the other I would say. The second one is more realistic because of all the people and how they are trying to live and stay alive. The third was in the middle because you would have to take a long time to build the town back up to its full potential. The first was not realistic because of how they were doing things from building cars still. They would have to really be out searching if they got all of that gas and oils. I rank them from most to least at a point of view. My point of view on the third movie is that they were stronger but they did not all have much brains to take down the one man they need to. The first movie was out of there will to survive but you do not see want happens with Max and if he ever gets things back on track. The second movie in my point of view has to be the worst because of how they went from no town to all of a sudden a random town just appears. I believe if you make a trilogy you should work the towns in but not so fast unless there were towns when things started out.

Joshua White said...

The film-making evolved from on movie to the next is it did nearly have the same people but it had the same idea and somewhat events in which happen, like the bad people are allways trying to go for the good peoples belongings. Secondly the ranking for educational/intelligent, Mad Max 1 would be the least and mad max 2 would be next and mad max 3 would be the best so far, I rank them like this because they get better and better each time because as time goes on things get better. With least entertaining I would rank them the same as educational because like I said as time goes on things get better each time they made a movie they became better at making the movie. The most realistic would be mad max 3 and least realistic would be mad max 1 because mad max had more advanced things and seemed to have better special effect which is making it better and then the least realistic would be mad max 1 because it was such a cheesy events and the way things happened. The most action packed movie would be max max 3 with the thunder dome and all the fighitng and running and survival and then the least would be mad max 1 because it only had car chases and one explosion was kind of a boring movie to me lost interest fast.

Austin Sorenson said...

1.In these movies they all start and end with the man max himself it starts off with him as a police officer and he ends up changing heart after the enemy killed his wife and kid and it ends with him killing the whole gang who killed his family the next video was more deep in the apocalyptic world and he had to drive vehicles and help the somewhat good guys verse the bad he ended up being a soldier and did a great job then disappears like a ghost the last one you can tell it is very apocalyptic the children are crazy the people will do anything for food or water and he ends up winning against the people again the films i thought wend back wards 3 was my favorite 2 was 2nd favorite and one was my least favorite the educational would go 1 then 3 then 2 and the most realistic would go 1 to 3 to 2 All the films were very good and i enjoyed them the were very entertaining but for apocalyptic views they were kind of like what would happen slowly running out of supplies until there are no supplies left

Anonymous said...

4. I will start off with most realistic Mad Max movie. In this movie it looks to be more realistic because in the post apocalyptic world it seems to me that the town didn't get hit as hard as the rest of the world. I give this movie a 7 out of 10. Next was the second movie because it least realistic because of all of the cars and people and how they are it just seems not very realistic. I say this because of just like the setting and the theme of where they are and how they are. I rank this as a 5 out of 10. Lastly the third movie. I rank this as a 2 out of 10 because I believe it just goes over board and is really fake. Everyone has different thoughts and opinions. Those are just my thoughts about the movies and my own opinion on why I ranked the movies the way I ranked them.
Dylan Widmann
Pd. 4
Mr. Christensen

taborr ellenbecker said...

The movies evolve from one to another by one ending in max going to get revenge.
the last mad max I think is the most important one because it really shows who mad max is himself, from sympathy to protecting the others he is with.
I think the 2nd mad max is the most entertaining because them trying to get the fuel to another part of Australia is entertaining. the first mad max is not entertaining to me at all. its just not appealing to me.
The 1st mad max is not realistic because almost everything is movie seemed fake. The Last mad max we watched the the most realistic because everything that they do is realistic.
3rd, 2nd, 1st.

Anonymous said...

Kallie Folk
I think the films evolved from one movie to the next movie. I feel like in the first movie has more of a town them. In the second movie it has kind of more of a sand life and a couple houses here and there. In the third movie it’s pretty much all sand they build shacks here and there. I would rank the movies for educational purpose would be the second, then I would say the first and also but not least but the first one. I picked the second one to be first because it shows us how to be kind and caring. It shows us how to be respectful and to help others in need. I then picked the third movie because it shows us how to fight for what we want. It also shows us that even though your enemies you can still live on and not worry about them. It shows us how to be more manly and womanly. Last but not least the first movie. I think that it shows us more how to get pay back. I feel like he didn’t have to kill them to get payback for them killing his family. I feel like he could have just arrested them. I would rank the films entertaining for me. I would say the first, second, and third for me. I would say the first one because I love all the action and the emotions that come from Max. It shows us how much love can hurt and how much hate you can have for one human. I would then say the second movie because there really isn’t love. It just shows us how to be respectful and caring. Caring in away were he don’t like showing that he cares. But he helped the people with their gas. Last but not least would be the third I didn’t really like this one but I would say it had its point when it was good. I loved the part at the end when Aunty let him live. Also would say the most realistic would be the third, second, and then first. They are just so hard to believe this could really happen or a cop could do something like that in real life. I would say I would go see the fourth one to relate them together.

Zach Frantz said...

The film slowly shows how the conditions on earth slowly get worse as time goes by. They start to run out of some supplies like gas food and water. Mad Max has to eat dog food that his dog later eats. The first film you can learn a lot about how to be a better person and how to act. The second one shows how we need teamwork to get things done. The second one shows how we need to be strong and smart but its hard to find the best. The end of the series you can tell they got a bigger budget. So the more amusing ones were at the end of the series. Barter town seemed more realistic than an gas plant working. The bad guys are pretty realist in the first movie i could see them doing a lot of the bad things. I think the first mad max is the most violent i would say in man vs man then in the second one its alot of man dying do to machines and then in barter town they are getting killed by non trustworthy people. But they forth looks like its gonna be really good. The movies are all good because you can really learn a lot about our life and the people who live in the world now. The fact that there are snakes and evil people who live with the good people are a shame because everyone wishes that the good guys have everything go their way. But the world just depends on how we as a society treat the earth and want it to be.

Morgen Burkman said...

The film making between each movie has changed a lot. In the first they didn’t have a big budget. So somethings didnt look as realistic as things did in the second and third movie. In the last two movies they got to travel to different places so they could more of an effect.
I think that the second movie was the most entertaining of the three we saw in class. Because there was more action and when he worked with the people in white it made me feel that he started to trust other people after his wife and son died. The thrill level it had was the right amount for me. I’m not a big fan of chases and killing but this movie was really good and it had that stuff in it. The 2nd most entertaining movie was the first one. Even though we were just starting to understand Max and what he does for a living. We got to know his family and meet the people closest to him. This one also had some thrill in it but also the gore. Like when his friend got set on fire and seeing him all wrapped in the bandages grossed me out. It also had an emotional side to it. We always feel upset whenever a kid or an animal dies in the movie. In this case both a dog and a kid died which made me get the emotional attachment to that part of the movie. I didn’t really find the third movie as entertaining, it was hard to follow and it was a little all over the place. But when it got to the suspenseful spots of the movie you really started to scoot to the end of your chair.

I really liked watching all the movies. I haven’t seem them until we watched them in class. It shows us how fast a world can really end.

Morgen Burkman

Caleb Van Hemert said...

The three movies progressively get worse and worse. In the first movie they have more things than they have in the second and third movie. I am hypothesizing that in Mad Max 4 there will hardly be anything and people will have to scavenge for everything. There will be even more violence because they progressively get more and more violent. They also have more of a budget for Mad Max 4 so there is going to be more explosions and more action than the first three Mad Max films. The first film was not as good as the second and third film because there was not as much explosions and action in them. I hope that there is going to be a ton of action and explosions in Mad Max 4. The world continues to get worse and worse throughout the films.

Anonymous said...

The film makers definitely had a plan that made the movies make sense. The order of the movies shows the down fall of civilization and the few that still have morals to uphold common decency. All the movies were good but I didn’t enjoy Thunder Dome as much as the other ones, but it did have some educational meaning behind it. So the order the films were made definitely determine the importance and educational value. So that brings me to the next topic. The least entertaining… The Thunder Dome was by far the least entertaining, due to its lack of consistency. The film had an ok plot, but it was very spotty. For instance how did the kids in the oasis have anything to do with barter town? I understand the symbolically they represent the innocence and the new begging of society while barter town represented the evil and unknowing. But other than symbolically meaning something. It was rather confusing for me to have action going on in one place and then completely flip a 180 and go to a bunch of inbred plane worshiping kids. That part of the movie didn’t really make sense, but that is just my opinion. The films in general weren’t all that realistic. In all honesty they would have tried to armor there vehicles like in the book of Ely to protect themselves from others attacking them. And the outlaws lived on the road and were always in the elements so it highly unlikely for them to only wear a leather harness for a shirt and a pair of ass-less chaps. In my opinion the film wasn’t really believable. The films in my opinion are already ranked in the order they were filmed, but they did start to go down hill especially The Thunder Dome.
Jake Garner

Caleb Andree said...

The movies of Max are very unrealistic in a way the some action part are very disturbing that person would not of lived. The more movies that you watch of Max theres will be more cars that have weapons that met for harm than good it seems like. The villains are more like their own self that any time they mint blow up on each other. The villains are very comets.

The Lion King
The Road
Max 2
Max 3

The Road
The Lion King
Max 2
Max 3

The Road
Max 2
Max 3
The Lion King

Eli (5 Star)
The Lion King (5 Star)
The Road (3 ½ Star)
Max ( 2)
Max 2 (2)
Max 3 (2 ½)

Riley Bennett said...

With each upcoming movie in the Mad Max trilogy, there are major improvements that make the series much better as a whole. As you might have been able to see, the budget for the Mad Max movies has been increased by a substantial amount. The result is a much more visually pleasing movie with amazingly well done special effects. In the first movie, the special effects are lackluster (except for the Nightrider's death scene) and the
camera work is limiting to the film's full potential. If Mad Max had a larger budget, I firmly believe that they would have gained a larger interest from the public and critics. Movie buffs are have named the Mad Max trilogy (I'm not sure if I should call it a trilogy anymore because of the upcoming sequel) an instant cult classic. After the first movie's success, the production crew decided to increase the budget. Due to that decision, Road Warrior was born and it was even better than the first (in my opinion). Naturally, the film did great. At this point, the producers and director saw that the franchise was something special and decided to create a third, high budget movie. Originally, Beyond Thunderdome wasn't supposed to happen. The movie was going follow a group of children, much like in "Lord of the Flies", but the storyboard eventually came to Max Rockatansky leading the children to redemption. For some reason, they had a relatively long pause in the making of the fourth installment of the series, but you can definitely tell that they massively increased the budget. Fury Road, as you can tell, has an extremely large budget. Essentially, the budget gets larger and larger with each successful movie until they run out of ideas for the franchise. Overall, the movies have jumped in budget size and quality throughout the film-making process.

Andrew Alexander said...

The Mad Max movies got a lot better from the first movie. In the first Movie it seemed low budget and the storyline was slow and not very interesting. In the second movie the story was better and it seemed like they had a bigger budget for the movie. The third movie was in my opinion the best and most exciting. I liked Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome over the rest because it followed a good storyline. I like how they had the kids living in the middle of nowhere and showed how they have been living ever since the adults left. It also was a little confusing which was a nice touch because you were always questioning the movie and thinking about it so it made it more interesting. The least entertaining movie we watched was the first Mad Max. The second least was Mad Max 2. Then the Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. The most entertaining movie we watched in my opinion was The Book of Eli. I found that movie the most entertaining because it was more visually pleasing and it had a really good storyline with a great twist at the end.

Joe Irvine said...

The film making of the mad max movies evolved as each one went by in more then one sense. First they showed how civilization got worse and worse as time went on yet max still show compassion even in small ways about others and in each one he seemed to help more and more people threw everything that he faced. They also got more intense in story line showing that things were getting worse in the world and only the strong survived including the stronger "bad " guys yet he still prevailed threw all of his adventures.
i believe for 3 and 4 they are in the order the story lines go as they made the movies they got better and they seemed to prove that we dont know the future and anything can happen along with things we hope would never happen but bad things make people to horrible things to eachother.