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Tuesday, March 17

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What are the differences within that lead some people to do selfish deeds of savagery while others do unselfish deeds of integrity? 

What savagery do we see in the Mad Max film trilogy? 

What integrity do we see in this trilogy?


  1. I think that it majorly depends on what kind of backround that person had when they were younger. Some people who were raised in a very friendly family environment will be more likely to help out other people whereas someone who wasn't railed right will not be as likely to donate to someone else. The kind of savagry we see is way more than I can put on paper because for instance the most recent film there was a scene where a guy was hit into a big boiling bowl of pig crap and I think that is one of the worst ways to die that I can think of. The kind of integrity was when the people in the second one had helped max even though he was an outsider and they had no clue who he was they still gave him medical care and everything.

  2. The way I see it, is its not completely based on what's inside you that determines if your evil or not. It’s the way your raised. There's some cases where you could be born with a mental defect that could affect your state of mind and you may not always act appropriately but other than that from the time you're born the way you behave is up in the air. I heard a story a few years back about two identical twins that were separated at birth. One twin was raised by a nice couple who lived in a very nice home, the other twin was raised by a couple who fighted all the time and lived in a pretty rough neighborhood. As you could guess the first twin grew up with pretty good grades and quite close to family. The second twin on the other hand ended up in jail for constantly stealing, fighting, and drugs. She distanced herself from her family and society. I think that if they were kept together at birth or switched around the other way we would have seen a difference in each of them. This is a good example of the Differential association theory( or the thought that deviant acts are often seen in children who were exposed to it) raise a kid good and show them the correct ways to behave and you’ll often get good results. The main act of savagery that I saw in the Mad Max trilogy was the thing that kinda started it all. When the bikers killed Max's wife, and baby boy. Their was really no point in it other them to be mean and maybe get a rush, but they do it anyways. We see a lot of integrity in this film with Max. He always does the right thing and helps out other people. Even if theres a good possibility that he'll die from doing it.

  3. I think the thing that leads people to do selfish deeds are because they are selfish. You are willing to do anything to just survive. While there are other people in this world who are trying to do the same. What makes it any different? If we are all trying to survive in this world why would you be selfish and get rid of other people when all they want to do is find some place safe to stay so they won’t get killed. That’s when the unselfish people come in and make almost everything so much better. With not being selfish it will show that you are willing to put others in the same boat you are, before you. That you are willing to put a kid who doesn’t know how to stay alive, before you in case of emergency. I think the savagery that we see in the movies is when Max starts to get mad with all the bad guys. He is willing to do anything to save himself. In the first movie it was all about him and his family. But after they die it’s all about him. Once in awhile he helps others, but only to get things to help himself. And at the end when the people he helps invite him to stay with them, he turns them down because he did his duty with helping and now that he is done he is ready to move on because again. He has everything that he needs. Some integrity that we see is in the 3rd movie when he helps the kids. I think the only reason he helps them is because he didn’t get to help his son do much. He is trying to fill the void in his heart where his son and wife are supposed to be.

    Morgen Burkman

  4. Examples of savagery in MAd Max Trilogy:
    1. Fighting for something for no reason in order to survive.
    2. Raping and killing innocent people, then eating their bodies.
    3. And then stealing their goods after killing them for their own selfish needs, or just do all this for a kick. Just like Humungus and his men trying to fight for the tanker, in order to get the good guy's fuel.

    Examples of Integrity in the trilogy:
    1. Fighting for what you think is right, not for what is always right or necessary, or maybe even what others do.
    2. Keeping your head up, and think light on your feet, much like what Max did throughout the movies.
    3. Helping others in a time of need or despair, even if it means risking your own life in the process, just like when Max and the tribesman helped Master escape BarterTown and fight off Auntie's goons, which do act like The Dogs of War in Road Warrior when they were chasing the tanker in order to get fuel, but were instead fooled when they found out the tanker was filled with sand.

    This is my philosophy on or about life: The way you act influences the kind of person you will be later on in life, and maybe a little bit of outside influence from others, such as friends and/or family.

  5. Some people know how to keep the lead and stay at least half way decent. But the ones who become savages may not last as long as the leaders stay decent and continue to live a normal life. Because savages will eventually get caught in there act or mess with the wrong person and get a face full of knuckles. The savagery we see in mad max is that people are always stealing stuff and making the most of the stuff they steal or are going to steal. Just like all the vehicles looks like all scrap metal that was savaged off of other things to make the machines that they drive. Also see the gangs killing others to take what they have because they are savages that have no respect what so ever. Also you see barter town people have to give something to just enter the town and the things they give up the town just sells for cash to make profit and become more powerful and higher up then the others. The integrity we see is Max tries to stay a decent person and he is always in for one things but always seems to get tied into other things that he does not really want to be apart of and then when he becomes part of other things he becomes a savage at some points. Sometimes he uses peoples weapons against them and somewhat becomes a savage by killing others and taking there weapons to survive in the crap world that he is living in right now. But even out side of Mad Max we see savages in real life people who steal things because they want money or people who just take things from others because they feel a need to have it because they don't wanna buy it so instead they steel it and to me those people will always be guilty. Also to me I feel that savages don't really have a smart mind they are thinking from. We also have great people who do great things for the United States, for individual states, cities, towns, building and many things that people do for others. The good people will always make it farther then the savages, but the savages may have more things then you just because they steal but at one point they will loose at that just like at one point everyone in life will loose everything but we hope we never have to live through bad things like loosing everything you own, because you loose a job or we have an apocalypse, or people just got crazy and we have World War 99.

  6. There are a lot of people that do selfish and savage things in the Mad Max films. There is also people that are choosing to keep their dignity in the midst of all of the chaos. Some people take full advantage of other people and they will do anything to get what they have. In the Mad Max films the good people are building a community around the gas and the bad people are trying to take what is theirs. The good people do what they can to try and save the gas and get it to other people but the bad guys want it all for themselves. Instead of giving the bad guys the gas they set a bomb inside by the gas and so it explodes. They would rather have the plant blow up that let the bad guys get the gas. This is very smart of them to do because if the bad guys had all the gas they wanted they would be able to drive longer distances and keep on destroying things and killing people. There is also good guys in the mist of all of the evil. Poppagallo keeps his dignity and does everything he can to help the people in the community to strive to be better humans in such an ugly world. It also would take a lot of integrity to be Max and want to drive the truck knowing that the bad guys are going to go after you and try and steal the gas from you. There are also savage people in the world that we live in. There are people that kill each other and rape each other. A savage thing dosen't have to even be that bad it can be simply taking advantage of someone to get what you want. There is also good people in this world too. There are people that do whatever they can to keep on carrying the fire. Some people work at orphanages for the less fortunate. Some help out by donating things to the homeless. If this world turned into complete chaos I would hope that everyone would stay descent and not turn into savages. If you are a bad person you in an apocalyptic world you will probably have more things that the good people because you would steal things. Even though you would have more things you would actually have a way smaller heart than the good people.

  7. The leaders difference between the two leaders is that Max have seen the mess out beyond the horizon and the people that are was found in a valley where there was water. Also they were in a plain crash. They believe that their home which is the city is still active but Max keep on telling them that there was no such thing any more because of an apocalypse that came over the earth. The kid are brain washed by the teens are teaching them while they were in the valley with some resource to live.

  8. I believe we do bad things because sometimes people tell us its okay to be a certain way, some people tell us its ok to do something but i think we ask ourselves is this really ok to do this or should I listen to my inner self and do what is right.

    In the mad max trilogy we see things such as focus with the nuclear bomb. Mad Max drives a gang to saverage, crazed mind filled with a loss of a child.

  9. The way people lead is part of the way they were raised. Some people are born "leaders" the people with drive to be better or better their surroundings. and others follow, but some don't like the way they are being lead. The ones that are leaders try to better the situation they are in. but on the other hand the revolting followers are trying to do the complete opposite and they believe they are right.
    Jake Garner

  10. Austin Toyota SorensonMarch 17, 2015 at 11:21 AM

    Well when it comes to leaders it seems the leaders are all greedy little lazy son of a guns and they don't do anything but organize people to do things for them like aunts she was having everyone do all the work for her and when it goes wrong she ends up chasing them and still the soldier mad max is awaiting for her and he could be a leader but he doesn't want to end up like them so he goes on his way and every movie it has someone else talking about how strong, cool and smart he was he was a soldier and he just try to do his own and ends up helping the whole town now other famous leaders like Hitler once again they don't do much everyone else works there but off to become high up and Hitler just chills there and becomes very famous I sure as H^^^ don't know anyone else from Germany that was under Hitler but I do know he was lazy just like all the other leaders and in saying that we don't need a leader we just need people who are willing to work hard for there country like Max. And that what i have between the leaders and max i would much rather have max then a leader

  11. Zach Thomas
    I believe that it depends on how everyone is raised. People in our world have the money and the fame. But others have food and house but have to pay for it. In my life I have my family and my friends. There are people who are savageries in our world because they get whatever they want if they ask their parents. Unlike me who has just food to get through the week to car that gets me point A to point B. We have the rich people who have rich kids that think because they have money they can do or get whatever they want but if you are poor who have to get food only one week or month at a time and can’t afford more than two cars. They savagery we see in the movie is toe cutter who will take anything from max and his family. In the third movie you have Auntie Enteny is trying to help people but if no one is on her side then they can’t be in her dome. Auntie show us how power will get to your head when you get too much power. Max is so what of a savage because he kills people in his way. Max has the integrity to go steal the tanker truck and go driving through there area. Max as has it because he saved the kids in the third movie. In the second movie the people in the compound had integrity to protect their gas and what they have. In the first movie May had the integrity to push all of toe cutters gang into the barn and lock them in. Toe cutter is a savage by trying to take the max’s wife away from Max. Max and everyone in the movie have tons of integrity in any way.

  12. In society, people can be compassionate or they can be completely selfish. Just today, I had a debate with someone on Youtube. The debate was started because my "opponent" referred to African Americans in a way that I didn't believe was fair or necessary. Although I couldn't get my point across to this man, it taught me that some people have vastly selfish views on certain subjects. Maybe the reason that this man was so racist was from how he was raised. I would hope that people would have a conscience and consider other people's feelings, but the world isn't perfect. We have selfish people in the world because there are differences. Differences will never go away, but someday they could be accepted. In Mad Max, it seems that even though they have become savage, they can look past Master's height and respect him. I thoroughly believe that the world will eventually come around to the idea of respecting everyone. Until then, people need to stand up for the "underdogs" and give those people integrity. Speaking of integrity, it seems that people who were raised among a diverse group of people have a higher level of understanding. After hanging around a group of many different nationalities, you start to understand their way of thinking. Personally, I think parents need to help their kids by teaching them to be thoughtful and respectful of all people; no matter what race they are. Once children learn these lessons, there will be more and more people who have the ability to be selfless. People will start to expand their interests and spread their knowledge. Everybody (or almost everybody) who learned these lessons would be able to help others and quit hating certain people for their skin color or other genetic characteristics. The most important moment of integrity that Max has had in the movie was when he refused to kill Blaster. Max realized that he was just doing as he was told and that he didn't deserve to die for how he was born. That is what I mean when I say that people need to have integrity.

  13. The differences between people doing selfish things and people doing unselfish things is wanting to live and putting people before yourself or not putting them before yourself. People that put others first are unselfish people because they are caring. People that do not put others first have to stop and think. If you were in need of something and someone had it you would want that person to share. If you want others do that and you don't do that you are a selfish fellow.

    The savagery in the Mad Max movies is people raping other people, its wrong now matter what. Have respect for others.

    Max has integrity because he does what he was contracted to do and does the job.

  14. Differences in the world lead people to do selfish things, no food or water can drive somebody crazy or can just kill them. Power, power makes people do crazy and selfish things. Aunty does selfish things because she wants to be in charge of bartertown and have control of the trading, with everyone in it. Master also does selfish things by making blaster his “slave” in a way, doing the dirty work with hurting people and making them do what they want. We see savagery in the humungus because they didn’t have feelings or hearts or anything they just wanted what they wanted and would do anything to get it. We see integrity in Max, he may not be on the right track all the way but when the time comes down to it, he does the right thing for other people and always tries to help people that need it. But, Max is a good symbol of how you can be good in a bad situation, the world is ending around him, but yet he still is a good person. He is the the definition of integrity.

  15. The things that make people different is that some people make bad choices and some people make different choices that wouldn't be good. some of the things that people do are very dangerous and things that could hurt them. I see integrity in some people that try and do things that are impossible.

  16. The way I think is the human brain lead the people to do the selfish and bad things, and the human's heart lead us to do the unselfish and good things, because when someone born, they are not natural evil, but the things happened during that person's life time can really effect their mind, there brain. if there are many good memories in that person's brain, he will be a good person, but if there are many bad memories in that person's brain, maybe that person will be a bad guy, and he or she might do a lot of selfish things to other people. the savagery I saw from the film is when the father and the son who drive the air plain knocked Max off from his car, I think this is very savagery. the integrity I saw in the film is from the end of Mad Max 2, when Max told the leader I have to drive that tanker, and he said thats something he have to do, and at the end he save many people, there showed me the integrity in the Mad Max film.

    Kevin B.

  17. We do bad things because our brains tell us we need to do things that help us survive. Our body want to live as long as possible and we will do what ever it takes to survive. So the savages see them as doing good but in reality they are only causesing more harm than good. Because they are thinking with there brains and not there hearts. But as soon as we start to think with our heart then we start to care about others and the people around us. But we see max want to change what is around him and he cares because he has a big heart. The kids in the movie are a huge sign that shows us that we start out good and honest and caring and we only want good to happen. But as they age and others find short cuts to the top. Others will follow them and began to turn savage. Its a good movie it shows who you hang out with really does effect how you act. The savages are always togather and they are all doing bad things. Max at the end finds it in his integrity to help the kids and make them happy and take care of what they got. He does want any thing bad to happen to them and he will do what ever it takes to take care of them. He wants to dystroy barter town and end them all.

  18. Kallie Folk
    There are so many differences within that lead some people to do selfish deeds. In the movie there are so many people who are selfish. I would say that Auntie would be selfish. Why would I say that because she is all about herself? She runs the town and they have to follow what she says. If it’s not her way it’s no way. Kind of like when the bikers killed Max's wife and kid. They killed them for no reason. Like when they stole Max's wagon in and then in the end Max helps them out and lets them live. In these movies there is so much selfish and unselfish. By him killing people can make him a savage. Even outside the movie we have real life problems with killing and being a savages. Also they would rather have the plant of gas blow up them have the bad guys get the gas. That they would take as much gas as they could and have the rest blown up. Would you blow up the gas or keep it there for the bad guys? I personally would blow it up why let the people have gas to come and try and kill you. It takes a lot for Max to be so kind. He is one of the kindest guys in the movie. He may not seem like he is but in all reality he is. He kept to his promise about getting his truck and bringing it back to the gas station type thing. He also went back and helped them move the gas out of the station. The movie is really set on savage.

  19. Things lat lead some people to do selfish deeds of savagery are a lack of authority and morals while others have learned morals and are more willing to do unselfish deeds of integrity. But I think that some of the people with morals would turn selfish in an apocalyptic world. I think they will because they want to survive. In Mad Max the bikers act like savages. Because they ran Max's wife and kid over on their bikes. Max became a savage because he started killing people. Max has integrity, he likes to help people like helping the people get a semi for the tanker.

  20. The differences between the selfish and unselfish are easy to see when you look closely.
    For one selfish people are people who dont care besides for themselves and they want things for themselves regardless of how they have to get it even if it means killing others to get it. Where as the good or selfless people are the people who want good and just good for the people even if it means something bad for themselves for it to happen and they still do it. another difference is how they were raised selfless people had good parents who showed them how to act and gave them the fire to move on whereas selfish people maybe didnt even have parents so there was no one to show them right from wrong and no one to pass them the fire.