Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Chapter 2 Blog Task

1.) This is one extremely smart author. Type one excellent sentence (word for word, with exact punctuation) here. Write about Lowry's sentences--how they flow, how they communicate, how they help the reader imagine. Lowry has won many awards for this novel.

2.) Write about one fear you have about graduation. Write about one thrill you have about graduation.


  1. By Alex Whitlock
    Then I didn't pay much attention to the tens and elevens. I don't fear graduation I don't see a reason to its a good time I know what I want to do or at least what I hope to do and im not scard about not getting that job because there's always something else.

  2. 1. He pictured his father, who must have been a shy and quiet boy, for he was a shy and quiet man, seated with his group, waiting to be called to the stage.
    2.The fear that I have about graduating this year is next semester I have 8 classes straight and I have to pass all those classes to graduate with my class.
    The thrill I have about graduation is I become a adult and go into the real world and I am really ready to go into the real world (what I mean by the real world is having a life of a adult).

  3. Kyle Frearson
    I had always loved the newchildren more than anything. Lowrys sentences flow very smoothly, they help the reader to understand how the characters feel in the story.
    I fear life after graduation and all the responsibilities I will have after graduation. I look forward to never going to school again. I will like how i will be done with school

  4. I like this book because it is like the hunger games and insurgent, but this book came before both of them. In chapter 2 we learned that in this world jobs are chose for a person. But it is not only there jobs that are chosen for them, it is there jobs, wives, and children. His father was telling him about how it was for him. This is somewhat like a kids life because there is a lot of stuff that is not up to them, but that is because a lot of the time they are not ready.

  5. But the committee would never bother The Receiver with a question about bicycles; they would simply fret and argue about it themselves for years, until the citizens forgot that it had ever gone to them for study. She is a good writer and this sentience is brilliant because it is so long and it's not a run on it stay's interesting threw the hole thing.
    2. One fear I have about graduation is that am I going to be successful. Thing I should be happy about is that I get to start a new chapter in my life

  6. 1.When Louis Lowery is writing and coming up with these sentences she is giving you a mental image of what is going on in the book and she is good about giving you a mental picture of what is going on during the book.

    2.Most kids are exited for graduation but..I really like school and feel like I am going to take graduating really hard because I will be stepping out into the real world and it may be the last time I ever see my friends or teachers again as we go our separate ways across the world and do what we want to do that will make us lots of cash and stuff.

  7. 1. she adds details like there at a table and there expressing there feelings and you can just picture how they would look what there surroundings look like
    2. I am scared I am going to fall or choke during graduation because I don't know a lot of people here and I get very nervous. When I graduate I will be happy because if I graduate at semester I graduated a year and a half earlier then my boyfriend. (he went to school as a super senor) and even if I don't its a year earlier. Plus I get to get away from these kids here because there not that nice.

  8. Collin L.
    1. I think that Lois Lowery makes really good sentences and they all kind of flow together.

    2. I fear graduation because that is when I am put into the adult world and have to either work or go to college. One thing I thrill about graduation is not having to come back to school so I won't have to wake up early everyday and I won't have homework to do and don't have to worry about my grades or studying for a test.

  9. "It had been obvious to them, too-what my aptitude was." I find it interesting that she uses - so many times in this story so far. I don't know what the purpose is for and its probably beyond me but I see it allot so it must have some kind of meaning. Plus she used the word aptitude which means the ability to do something, I don't see that used often anywhere.
    My fear for graduating is not knowing what the heck I will do next. Being as lazy as I am doesn't help in the slightest. One reason why I'm thrilled about graduating is because I don't have to go to school anymore and that just amazing to me.
    Keaton Leopold

  10. Though he had been reassured by the talk with his parents, he hadn't the slightest idea what Assignment the Elders would be selecting for his future, or how he might feel about it when the day came.
    I do not have a fear for graduation because I think it will be fun and a great experience that everyone has to go through at some point in there life. Yes people will miss there friends but you are going out into the world to pursue a career in a choice that you want to do and you can make new friends along the way.
    Lexie Godwin

  11. "That you'll movie into a new group. And each of your friends will. You'll no longer be spending your time with your group. I like how the sentences flow with each other and how when I read it I can imagine it. One fear I have about graduation is what I want to do after I graduate and what I want to do with my life. I know I want to go to collage but I don't know what for. I am thrilled about graduation because then I get to start my life.

  12. Kennedy Jellis
    "Good changes, though," his mother pointed out. I liked that sentence because it is very good, I will set an example, when your on any type of bad substance and your becoming out of control where you can't control how much you consume or what your doing or where you are or who you even are, now when you start to realize that is not the life you want and that it's a horrible state of mind and you decide that treatment would be the best for you to get the help you need and you go, and then after 90 days or longer, depends on how long they want you to stay, and you come back and you feel much better, you think your life in on track and you get a job and cut off all the negative and stick with the positive. That is what would be good changes, when you do good then that's where the positive comes out and you become a better person.
    One fear with graduation is honestly nothing, I can't wait to be done with school and leave all the people I thought was there for me behind, I can't wait to build myself up even higher as a better person and realize what's best for me, I'll have fun on graduation day. I'm honestly excited, not having fear. One thrill would be graduating and going to college and having fun and getting my dream job and be successful as a human. Graduation will be the best day of my life, both graduating from high school and college.

  13. 1. Lois Lowry is indeed a very intelligent author. She does an excellent job describing the setting and the emotions of the characters.

    2. One fear I have about graduation is the idea of being out on my own and taking responsibility for everything. I am excited about finally graduating and hopefully moving on to college.

  14. “He remembered when his family received Lily, the day she was named, the day that she had become a One.” I chose this sentence because the book is a little confusing to me as of right now. It’s a favorite different world that the author is writing about. This sentence is the sentence that kind of helps me with the story and realize a little more about what she is talking about. Families are pretty much put together by others picking who will be their significant other, who their children will be, and their jobs. It helps it all come together better.
    One fear I have about graduation is what will happen after high school and where I’ll go. One thrill is that I will finally have completed my education.

  15. 1)Jonas watched as his father poured a fresh cup of coffee. He waited. Her sentences are like very understanding. She uses good descriptive words.

    2) I don't have any fear about graduation. I'm happy for graduation because that mean i'm done with high school and I don't have to come back.

  16. Task #1
    “I remember that I enjoyed the Ones, as I always do, but that I didn’t pay much attention to the other ceremonies, except for my sister’s”. This sentence stands out to me because honestly I’d love to be one again I feel like I’m getting really old really quick.

    Task #2
    One fear that I have about graduation is that after I walk the stage it’s only me the world becomes more real if you ask me you have to actually go out and do things and get money. The thrill is getting the chance to actually do something I like to do. Instead of wasting my time doing things that really don’t need to be done.

  17. 1. that you'll move into a new group.And each all of your friends will . You'll no longer be spending time with your group elevens. That means there is no longer reaction hours. She is saying that when you are done with school no longer going to be with your class and you guys are going to separate. You have to face the world on your own.
    2.My fear is that I don't know what to do after high school.

    Morgan Rolfson

  18. "You're very close to being eight, and when you're an eight, your comfort object will be taken away. It will be recycled to the younger children. You should be starting to go off to sleep with out." This saying that you are not always going to have some one by and lay with you. There may be a point in your life that you might have to do things on your own.

    My fear about graduation is that I wont get to see everybody that I have going been going to school with anymore after I gradate.
    Madison Wojciechowski Pd 4