Monday, November 9, 2015

Thursday Unforgiven Blog Task

This task must be 20 minutes long. Which means, write for 20 minutes. Due today. Earn credit for writing the whole time and trying.

1. Summarize the film. What has happened so far. Make a list.

2. Write about gender roles. Will women ever become fully equal with men? Will we have a woman president soon? What powers, rights have women gained over the years? Why have gender inequalities existed? What gender roles do you see in the film?

3. Write about authority. What authority exists in our lives? Why do we listen to authority? Why do we sometimes ignore authority? What authority exists in the film?

4. Write about your new predictions (not the same as Tuesday) for the rest of the plot.

5. Write about why people seek revenge. Why are we not good at forgiving?

6. Write about how people make decisions. Why do we decide what we decide?


  1. 1. So far William Munny is offered a job in killing two cowboys who cut a woman's face. William is reluctant at first because he doesn't kill or drink anymore. But because he is struggling with his farm and needs extra money, he enlists the help of Ned Logan, who is his old partner in crime back when they were younger. English Bob is introduced into the story after the girls set a bounty on the cowboys, English Bob rides into town to search for the bounty.

    2. Will women ever become as equal as man is unknown, but it seems throughout history there have been some dramatic improvements. If we will ever have a woman president is unknown too. Over the past women have gained rights such as suffrage. I don't know why gender inequality exists, but in this film, women have a very small role in society and it is only to serve men.

    3. We have laws and policeman. We obey authority to stay out of trouble but some just don't care and disobey authority and suffer the consequences. There may be a few instances where you might disobey authority if it goes against your judgement and human morale.

    4. I predict that Munny and Bob will eventually have a show down for some reason just because they are both very experienced killers and both are old.

    5. People seek revenge when they feel like they have been wronged and want to make things even. We aren't so good at forgiving because it takes many years of experience to know how life goes, we haven't even graduated high school yet.

    6. Why people make decisions is because

  2. During the movie so far, the girls in the movie are not being treated very nice and that is showing that woman wer not treated good back in that time.A man was beating a girl because she hired a hit-man to kill him,he then finds out that the girls really don't have any money and something bad will happen when the man comes to collect the money and the girls do not have it.
    People seek revenge when something bad happens to that person and they have all this anger built up inside them and they want to get someone back and get revenge they are not thinking right and then they go and do something that they will regret later in life and that could get them in-trouble or put in jail. In life you need to make some big decisions and some small ones that both can impact your life in the long run sometimes they might wanna do something fun and then something else comes up and then they are forced to make that decision on what is truly right. We make them to ensure that we live a good life and whats best for us.I predict that they kill the cowboys.

  3. So far a man cut a whore because she laughed at his small manhood part. He cut her in the face. Now three men are going to kill the two guys that were behind the attack. The one that was offered the part in the killing first by the young kid is an ex felon. He used to kill people when he was a hard drunk. His wife before she passed straightened his ways. Also beef between lil bill and english bill are occurring. Gender roles in the movie are very clear. Women dont really have a say and it's a man's world. Women will hopefully soon be equal. I hope one day there is a women president that gets voted because the people see her for what she represents and her views and beliefs and not just because she is a women. I will not vote Hillary Clinton just because she is a women because I do not agree with her views. Authority should be respected when it does an action worthy of respect not a minute before nor after. Authority is everywhere. Every business, household, and public forums all have some sort of authority. We ignore authority a lot, some more than others. When english bill went to a town they had a no firearms rule. His gun was seen and he refused to hand it over till they all made him turn it in. The father and ex felon is going to die and english bill will kill lil bill. People seek revenge because they have to get even with people. Sometimes people need to fill a hole they have inside.We are not good at forgiving because peoples prides are in the way. We decide what we decide because our minds tell us thats what we need to do.

  4. Kennedy Jellis

    I think this film is good so far, I am kind of lost on this old guy with white hair, what did he do that made everyone not like him? What has happened so far in the movie would have to be:
    1. A girl got cut in the face.
    2. The guy who cut her didn't get punishment just had to give up horses.
    3. Girls are making up to get that guy killed for cutting one of their people.
    That's all I really can tell, we stopped at a good place yesterday and I understood what was going on and then we start the movie back up and I have no idea what was going on, I don't know if she started at a different place then where we ended, I have no idea, just really confused on where this old guy with white hair came from and why hes hated so bad. I think women are pretty equal to men right now, maybe not fully, but we are close. I think women are aloud to work jobs that men have and they do it just as well or possibly better. We could possibly have a woman as a president but not for sure when, I guess it all depends on when people want to take a change for awhile and see what happens when we get a girl president. The most powers that woman have gained over the years would probably have to be the jobs, you know like the military, woman weren't even aloud to go into the military but now they are. I think gender has always been a problem and I think because men thought they were better at doing things that they just thought that women couldn't do it. I see that girls are pretty much the whores of the place and then there are the men who protect them when things go wrong but not really I guess, when that girl got her face cut up the guys were going to beat him with a rope but didn't even do it, they made him give up his horses which I thought was 100% bull, I think they should have been beat and give their horses up and not have a great life, pretty much be a slave, if you can have the courage to hurt someone like that and cut their face up then I think you can live your life being a slave and being disrespected. I predict that maybe the girls will become the new men of the town and over run it and make sure that when something bad does happen that people do pay for what they did and not just sit there and do their dumb things and just get away with it, that guy cutting that girls face was so wrong in so many ways, and I really think he should have been hurt bad or killed.. bad to say but he's a horrible person and should have horrible things done to him as well.. I think people seek revenge just so they can have the feeling those other people did. I watched a movie one time and this girl was kidnapped and beat and this 911 dispatch girl was always on the phone with the girl who got kidnapped and the dispatch found the girl and the dispatch and the girl did all the bad things to the bad guy that he did to the girl, and it wasn't the first girl he did bad things to, his sister had died and every girl that he took he tried to make them into his sister and it never worked out because they were not his sister and they were scared on why he was doing the things he was doing so they would freak out and then he would get really mad when they wouldn't calm down and he would just kill them, it was a great movie but heartbreaking! I think revenge is crazy but on certain levels it is necessary. I don't know how to describe how people make decisions to be honest, I just think about stuff and decide if what I am about to do is good or bad, usually they are all good, but I cant predict or decide for other people on how they do things, it's all up to them, not me. But the movie is awesome and I would for sure watch it again after we are done watching it!!!!!!

  5. One of the Ladies got cut in the face a lot times
    The men got wiped for his punishment
    The father went away from for a little bit
    Then we found his partner his real name Morgan Freeman

    My favorite character is the father because he sticks up for his children and he takes care of them. He raises them to be hard independent workers. My least favorite character is the man who was shooting.
    The black man probably will get killed
    The crazy guy who was shooting went with the 2 other guys.
    Morgan Rolfson


    In the film I have seen that Bill was a mean and killer. But then when he got married and his wife changed him to be a better and caring person. Then Bill wife died, leaving Bill to raise their kids. Bill also had hog farm, but the hogs keep getting sick. Then one day a kid came to him and he said that there was a cowboys that needed to be killed and that there is 1000 dollar reward. So Bill decides to that he need that money so he goes to meet up the guy.

  7. today it seamed that will started to get sick right before the storm. And it got worse as the storm got worse. They found out that the kid is blind, and that he is not a good shot at long range but close quarters he is a very good shot. When they got to the brothel two of them went upstairs to get some special services and left bill down stairs. the Sharif got word that there were people with guns in the town and went to make sure they were not up to no good. he asked bill to give up his gun and bill made the mistake of lying to him and said that he didn't have a gun, so the Sharif got mad and beat the crap out of him. will started to crawl out of the bar and his partners left him to fend for himself. we left off right when he fell down the stairs and into the rain.

  8. Elizabeth Buthe pd 4November 12, 2015 at 11:37 AM

    So far a cowboy was with a woman and she chuckled at him and he didn’t like it so he started yelling at her and so his partner ran in that room and held her down so the other man could cut her. The two cowboys got in trouble and had to bring the man that owns the woman horses and they did but the woman hired two men to kill the cowboys that cut up their friend. The three mean go to where the woman live so they can find the two cowboys but Will gets hurt because he had a gun and the other two men that was with Will left without Will. Back then women had to stay in the house and take care of the children and keep the house clean, while the men have to work and pay the bills. Authorities that exists in our lives today are like the law about drinking and driving, stealing, murder, smoking illegal stuff, shoplifting, parking illegal, and a lot more. We listen to these because we don’t want to go to jail. I believe that the cowboys will get killed and the men won't get paid. People seek at revenge because they are hurt when people are hurt they seem not to think about the consequences. We make decisions when we are angry, confused, depressed, frustrated, happy, mad, sad, and upset. They can be bad, dumb, good, and stupid decisions it all depends on how we feel. We make decisions because we always have to.

  9. English Bill left big whiskey and his writer did not follow. Instead he stayed and is now writing about little bill's life. The three assassins came to big whiskey tonight. Little Bill kick the poop out of Will which was uncool. The other two were upstairs getting it on with the whores. Then the whores told them to run so they pushed them out the window and sent them on their way. Did I care to mention it was raining out? It was actually pouring so everything was just so inconvenient at the time. Little is too extra for me I do not appreciate him.

  10. 1. Summarize the film. What has happened so far. Make a list.
    His wife died so he has to take care of the kids by himself and they have sick hogs. They need money because since his wife died they have no money. He used to know how to shoot and was really good at it but his wife changed him and made him better. He left his two children at home alone trusting they could do it even though they are so young. He and his partner went and eventually meet up with the other guy again and they were being shot at till he said “Hey kid” and told him who he was then they had to discuss it and continued on the journey and that's where we stopped. There was also guys that went to do the shooting but lied about not having guns and one guy got kicked a bunch of times. They got to the town and bill got beat up for having a gun and he got kicked a few times and he crawled out the door and the other two guys went upstairs.

    2. Write about gender roles. Will women ever become fully equal with men? Will we have a woman president soon? What powers, rights have women gained over the years? Why have gender inequalities existed? What gender roles do you see in the film?
    No they will not because men are considered more manly even though we can have really strong woman too. We probably won't have a woman president any time soon because people always say that if a woman was president then the economy would be worse because she would just shop and use money on dumb things. They have existed because way back then all woman did is cook bare babies and clean as the men made money and worked.

    3. Write about authority. What authority exists in our lives? Why do we listen to authority? Why do we sometimes ignore authority? What authority exists in the film?
    We have laws on things like you can't kill people and speed limits and stuff. We listen to authority because we don't want to pay an expensive fine or go to jail.We sometimes ignore authority because sometimes people think the speed limit is too slow so they speed.

    4. Write about your new predictions (not the same as Tuesday) for the rest of the plot.
    I feel like he will find the guys and kill them and he will go back to his kids.

    5. Write about why people seek revenge. Why are we not good at forgiving?
    People seek revenge because they feel pain either for himself or for others and they think that they are doing everyone a favor by getting revenge. People aren't good at forgiving because we are selfish we think that everyone should just do things for us.

    6. Write about how people make decisions. Why do we decide what we decide?
    We make decisions on what benefits us the most. We decide that because we are human.

  11. So far what has happened in this film is that they are going into big wiskie. They get caught in a storm on their way their. The Sheriff threatens the writer to shoot him but he dosent he eventually lets that one guy go.
    2. I feel like how society is going today women will defintley become equal with men and that we will most likely have a women president because more women are running for election each year.
    3. authority in are lives is the gov. We listen to them to keep order in society today. Sometimes we ignore authority because we feel their wrong.
    4. I feel like clint is going to die.
    5. Because they don't feel like it's right for some to get away with something.
    6. What they feel is right.

  12. Collin L.
    1. So far in the film a prostitute got cut in the beginning and the prostitutes are saving money to hire someone to kill the person that cut up the prostitute. The schofeld kid goes to will munny to get him to join him and split the one thousand dollar reward for doing it. Will is a poor hog farmer and he used to be a ruthless killer but ever since he got married he stopped killing and stopped drinking. Will says no to the kid but after a while thinks about it and goes to ned his old partners house and he joins will. Will and Ned start to travel towards Wyoming and when they get close to the kid he starts shooting at them because he thought they were people trying to kill him and follow him. After he stops shooting at them they go to him and the schofeild kid says that Ned couldn't come with then Will says if he don't go I don't go. So the kid allows him to come with and on the way Ned says he is blind and that makes him mad so he grabs Neds canteen and shoots it. So the ned asks if he can see the hawk in the sky and he says yes but there wasn't actually anything in the sky. It start to rain really hard when they were going to Big Whiskey the town where the prostitutes are. When they arrive they go to the brothel and the Schofeild kid is upstairs talking to alice the prostitute thats wants to hire them, then Ned goes up because he is taking to long. Then the sheriff bill comes in and asks will to give him his gun, will says he doesn't have a gun so bill makes him stand up and takes his gun. After he gets his gun he starts to beat him up then william crawls out of the brothel, Meanwhile Ned and the kid are upstairs and the prostitutes warn them about the sheriff and they jump out the window and run to their horses.
    2. I don't think that women will ever be equal to men just because for some men they just can't see women doing the same thing as them so they don't think women should be able to do the same things as them. With hilary clinton winning the democratic polls so far it is safe to say we could likely have a women president soon. In the film the girls are pretty much prostitutes and thats the only job they can really have.

  13. Now the old guy is out of prison. We found out that the kid cant see very well at all. The kid claims to have killed five people. The old guy was yelling about all the girls when he was riding away. The old guys partner stayed in the town. Women and men will never be equal. I think we wont have a woman president. They have the power to control men that like them. The women get money and the men get food and protect the town. I think the old guys assistance will kill the sheriff. I think the kid will ruin the job of killing the man. People seek revenge for many reasons. revenge happens when people do something to someone else and the other person gets mad at them so they get revenge. Kyle Frearson

  14. 1.the officer told the other guy to shot him but he wouldn't so the other guy said what if I let the guy behind bars take the gun and shoot you and the officer said ok so he was handing the guy behind bars the gun and the officer but his hand right next to the gun. Another thing that happened was the guy hit a girl.
    2.I think woman will become equal to men. I don't know if we will have a woman president soon but to be honest I think we kind of need that and i think it will bring good things too use. That they can leave the house and they can work with minimum wage. I think gender inequalities existed because people thought woman couldn't do what men can do but it is not true.I see that the guys use the girls and they hurt them a lot. They don't treat woman equal to men.
    4.I think that maybe woman will take over like there will be a girl who is better then anyone at shooting and ends up beating everyone

  15. They meet up with the son
    They ride to the town on the horses
    The Prostitutes are there
    The genders roles are yes eventually women do become equal to men and Maybe we will might have a women president soon. Women rights are that we can vote, have a real job, can be a president. I see the men role in the movie because all the women do is take of each other and the men go out the fight for their rights and food. My prediction is that the girls are going to kill all the bad guys and not give out any rewards.
    Madison Wojciechowski Pd4

  16. The three men went to the whisky bar and then they went to sleep with those girls and they got money. They were running from those guys and they left Will behind too. The crazy wanted to go to Wyoming to water jugs.
    My authority is my mom and dad,teachers,coaches,managers,bosses.
    When I ignore my authority is when I get mad at someone or i'm sad and im feeling different emotions. My new prediction is that the crazy guy will try to kill those two men because he is getting jealous of them.
    They see revenge because they are trying to catch those three men because for the money.
    Morgan Rolfson

  17. Task #1
    The movie begins with these two cowboys who are in a whore house and the one gets a little angry because the girl thinks it’s funny that his buddy down stairs is small. The cowboy then proceeds to cutting her face with a knife until his friend comes and pulls him off of her. The sheriff in town then says that they shall be whipped for what they have done but then changes his mind right at the last second and tells the 2 men that they owe the owner of the whore house horses in return. After that happens we meet the main character Will and his children, Will owns a farm and has hogs and chickens. He then gets the news about how this girl had her toes and nose and even her boobs were cut off! Will then has some decisions to make, which is he either goes and kills these two men for the money, or he stays with his family at the farm. At first he doesn’t take the offer because he thinks about how his wife might react to him going to do something like this because she is the one and only who changed him from being a killer to a lover. At the end of the day he takes the offer but first goes to his buddies land to see if he’d watch over his kids while he was gone but instead, he decides to go with him and help out. They then are both on their way to find this kid who told them about what happened. They ended being shot on on their way there and found the kid.

    Task #2
    The difference between men and women in this movie. Women are selling their bodies to make money, usually they are widows and what not but yeah women now days would rather not sell their body for sexual favor to men. I think that because probably because it’s a little nasty do sell your body just because you need money or for whatever your reasoning would be. Men they had a few options It’s either you’re the bad guy or you’re the good guy. I feel like there wasn’t a whole lot of room for in between. I feel like the day we have a women as a president is the day that the US has made another historical change in our nation.

    Task #3
    Authority, authority is something that is put in place so things don’t get out of hand if and when they every do. It’s basically just a set of rules that you have to abide by or else you pay the consequences. At the end of the day we all have decisions to make weather it be good ones or bad ones we all have them to make, and that’s just the way it is. Without rules or some type of law put into place this nation, this world. Would be crazy just for the simple fact people would be in the mindset that they think they can do anything they want. Which is true yes you can do whatever your heart desires, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get into some type of trouble. In this film authority is like when the sheriff is basically going around making examples out of some people so they understand not to bring guns into his town. Duke was the first victim to come into his town with a gun and then he was then beat up in the street and taking to jail for not being cooperating. The second victim was Will, and he also had his gun on him and was also beat up in a bar and later crawls out.

    Task #4
    My prediction of the movie is that Will, will eventually grow stronger like back in the day he and his partners will go back to the town and the only two left will be the sheriff and Will in a shoot out.

    Task #5
    The way I see it is that if you have a problem with someone they you should ask about and solve it in a nonviolent way. Seeking revenge for someone is only bad karma the more good you do for others. The good things that may happen to you, if you ask me it’s always good to treat others how you would want to be treated.

    Task #6
    There are good decisions and there are bad decisions, at the end of the day we always think we’re making the best decisions for ourselves. If you ask me you should always go with your gut, and if that doesn’t id then ask myself what either one of my parents would do in whatever type of situation I’m in
    Dwight Harris

  18. In the film so far Bill got his old partner with him and the kid with him. They were going in the town and they saw a guy bad injured. Then when they arrived to the town, the cops told them to take out their gun and give it to them. After that Bill refused, so the cop got mad and bit him up.
    I don't think that that there is full equality with men and women because the police would have arrested the guy who cut up the woman's face. But because she is women they let him off with getting ponies.
    Also I think that Bill will kill all the men.

  19. Little Kid shot a man while he was going the bathroom in the out house.
    They found out that Ned was killed by Little Bill and they went back into town
    Then they found Ned in the open casket and fire surrouned him
    Little Kid and Dan went killed Little Bill and some of his men.
    Little Bill wasn't killed well enough so he almost shot Dan but shot Bill
    Dan went out of the place and said if any man tries to shot me I will not just shot you but your wife also. He also said too I promise ill come back and shot you all.

    I think its manly because he sticks up for himself and he is really brave. He shot alot of people too and killed and hurt many but he did it for a good reason. He superposed his family.