Monday, November 9, 2015

Tuesday Unforgiven Blog Task

This task must be 20 minutes long. Which means, write for 20 minutes. Due today. Earn credit for writing the whole time and trying.

1. Summarize the film. What has happened so far. Make a list.

2. Write about your favorite character. Open a link to make sure you know their names.

3. Write about your least favorite character.

4. Write about your predictions for the rest of the plot.

5. Write about how events become tall tales or "fish stories" (the fish grows in size over time). How do our versions of what happened become exaggerated? Why?

6. Write about how people can change, for the better and the worse.


  1. So far we have seen that there is a bounty on two guys heads for hurting a whore in a brothel but the story is extremely exaggerated but that just incites the men to go out and get the bounty, Will wants to get the bounty so he can help his kids on their hog farm that is not doing so well. He hears about this bounty through another kid who has heard about his past and wants to partner up with him to go retrieve the bounty. After Will gives it some thought he decides we will go get the bounty and gets his old partner to come with him to split the bounty. There is this one part where this english guy gets the crap beaten out of him but that part didn't really make sense to me, i'm guessing I probably missed something there. My favorite character so far is Ned because the actor is Morgan Freeman and that's the only reason. My least favorite character is that one lady that seems to be the head of all of the girls in the Brothel she seems really annoying. I think their gonna go and kill that guy and try to get the bounty and realize there is no money so they kill everybody in the brothel instead. Will changed from a big bad man to a nice man that owned a hog farm all thanks to his wife who has unfortunately died from smallpox and now things don't seem to be going all that well for him.
    Keaton Leopold

  2. in the film so far we have found out why the main character doesn't kill anymore. and we found out why he is going to kill the men in whiskey. my favorite character is the one that Morgan freeman plays, because he supports the main character but tried to talk him out of going to kill the cowboys. I do not like the kid that they are travailing with because I think that he is somewhat of a racist. He was nice to the main character at the beginning, and once he met Morgan freeman's character he got very rude to the both of them. I think what is going to happen next is there will be more trouble in the town with the people in the brothel. The stories became very exaggerated because moats of the time that is what happens when a story goes from person to person, and that kid wanted to get the main characters help so he made the stories worse than it was. The main character has changed from how he was before the movie for the better. He used to kill people for the smallest things like cheating at cards. But he changed because his wife wanted him to and it was hard for him to take this job but he needs to feed his kids and save his farm.

  3. 1. So far whats happened is that a couple people came into town and they brought guns with them. They were not a loud to bring guns with themselves, but they did anyways. So the sheriff confronted them about their weapons and they did have em so he took them and beet the crap out of him.

    2. My favorite character so far is client east wood's character. Why because he is such an interesting character, For being a alcoholic and a ceriel killer he sure did turn his life around for the better. He is a very calm and pasiant person.

    3. My least favorite character is the guy that cut that girl up. He is my least favorite because he is a coward, no real "man" would attack and cut up a woman. Then he hasten even said he was sorry he just doesn't care.
    4. Some of my predictions are that Client is going to get shot and die and his children are going to be left with Morgan Freeman. But they are going to get them guys.
    5. Event's can become tall tails when the story happened so long ago and passed threw so many people story's can change. People also feel as if the story wasn't as interesting so they improve on it.
    6. They can change because they have people that care about them and they see there bad ways.

  4. So far someone has been cut up in the face and now the her friends are pulling money together to hire people to kill the the men that did it. Will Munny has been visited by the Schofield Kid about helping him kill the two men. Will doesn't except the offer right away and then after a while decides he wants to do it so he can get the money for his kids. Will hasn't fired a gun in about 11 years and is a bit rusty. After he gets going he goes to visit his old partner Ned Logan. Ned decides to come along and split the reward three ways.
    My favorite character would be Ned Logan. He is funny and awesome.
    My least favorite character is Little Bill. He is not a very nice guy and doesn't seem to care to much about the certain people.
    I predict that they will get to the town and kill the two men and find out that there isn't a thousand dollar reward.
    It was exaggerated how bad the one lady was cut up.

  5. Someone cut up a girl and his punishment is give up some of his horses. The other girls hired a hitman to kill the man who cut the girl up. The women said they would pay $1000 for the job, but the girls dont have that much money. Clint Eastwood is the hitman. He has not shot a man for 11 years.
    My favorite character is Bill Munny. Bill is a man that lost his wife and he has two kids. Bill lives on a little farm and he has pigs that are sick. Bill is low on money and skill so he decides to to the job with very little skill. Bill is Rusty. My least favorite character is Little Bill. He is a mean guy and he beat up a old man.
    I feel like Bill Munny will come in and kill the guy that cut the girl. Bill might get killed in the process. I think that after Bill kills him he will be arrested.
    Events become fish stories from people telling stories wrong and changing them to sound cooler. A fish story is a story told

  6. So far in the film, at the beginning there was quite a violent scene that turned into a crucial thing for 3 men to earn some money. After a prostitute giggled after seeing her mans wang, that so so tiny, almost nothing, he took a knife and began to cut her face and all over her body. The girls of Skinnies group said that anybody that will kill these men that ruined her face and pretty much her whole prostitute career will receive a $1,000 award but the problem is, is that the ladies don’t have that money. William Munny is the main character. He was approached at his house while trying to separate the hogs. A man he calls Kid approaches him and starts asking him if he would be up for this task but William is no longer a bad guy, killer, or alcoholic. He has been clean for 11 years from that stuff but eventually decided to go because he needs the money. On his way to catch up with Kid he stops at an old friend's house, his old partner Ned. They begin their two week trip and eventually catch up with Kid who shoots at them at first because he thought they were just some people following him, but soon realizes that its William and his partner.
    My favorite character so far in the movie is William. I say this because even though he is doing a task that involves killing two men, and he has been clean from killing and alcohol for 11 years, he knows what he needs to do and he knows that with this money he can get from this, it will only help him support him and his two kids better for the moment.
    My least favorite character so far is Little Bill because of the way he beats up that old man in front of the whole entire town pretty much.
    My prediction for the rest of the plot is that William, Ned, and Kid will eventually make it to Wisconsin and once they get to Big Whiskey, Wisconsin they find the man and the prostitutes and that's when they tell them they don't have the money.
    A exaggerated part in the movie is when they hear what happened to the girl that was cut up. it was said they cut out her eyes, cut off her fingers, and even her tits. But in all reality the man really just cut up her face pretty bad.
    Anything can make a person change whether its a job, work, school, a boyfriend, another friend, or changes in your social life.
    Amber VanDeMore

  7. 1. It starts out by 2 guys having fun with 2 girls and then a guy gets mad or something and starts cutting the girls face up with a knife then she calls a hit man on him. The guy she calls to be the hit man didn't shot a gun or even drink for 10 years I think it was so he tries to shoot a pistol and cant really shoot.
    2. bill is my favorite character because he is the hit man in the movie and I always thought that hit man in movies were always the best. I kind of like quick mike to because its funny how a old guy has the best aim and is the fastest shooter.
    3. My least favorite character would probably have to be the guy who cut the girl I don't think they said his name though. I don't like him because you should never do that to a girl.
    4.My prediction is that bill will end up dying before he is able to kill that other guy.
    Dusty Josten


  8. In this film there are two main things going on. There is an ex-con living with his family trying to do good. Then there is a group of whores that work at a brothel. In the very beginning there was a man that horribly messed one of the whores faces up. This got them very upset and they called a hit on the guy that did it for $1,000. Once word got to a local bounty hunter he wanted to claim the prize. He soon realized that he would need help and this is where william comes in as the ex-con. This is the summary of what happened so far during the movie.
    Since we are still very early in the movie I can't pinpoint a favorite yet for me, but one character that sticks out is Strawberry Alice the mother figure of the whores. The reason why I picked her was because she is like the caretaker of all the girls and makes for sure they're all well keeped.
    My least favorite character would have been chosen for the same reasons I said in num 2. I would pick English bob because he is a very cocky person and i dislike that.
    I feel william will feel guilty about his wife and not kill the man.
    As of right now i think that the only fish story was about the girl and how she was attacked.
    Antonio Erickson pd 4th

  9. 1.The girl got cut in the face.
    2. the girls got all the money together to pay to have the guys killed
    3. William munny is trying to separate hogs
    4. the kid comes up to his house and talks to him about killing to guys that cut the girl in town. The kid told him the price for killing to guys and told him if he does it that he will split the money in half with william.
    5. william

    Collin hodkinson

  10. 1. Summarize the film. What has happened so far. Make a list.
    His wife died so he has to take care of the kids by himself and they have sick hogs. They need money because since his wife died they have no money. He used to know how to shoot and was really good at it but his wife changed him and made him better. He left his two children at home alone trusting they could do it even though they are so young. He and his partner went and eventually meet up with the other guy again and they were being shot at till he said “Hey kid” and told him who he was then they had to discuss it and continued on the journey and that's where we stopped. There was also guys that went to do the shooting but lied about not having guns and one guy got kicked a bunch of times.

    2. Write about your favorite character. Open a link to make sure you know their names.
    Ned logan is my favorite because even though he is old he still knows how to shoot. Also he is a really good actor. He is just really smart and made bill munny think about what he was willing to do. He also reminded him how long it has been since he shot a gun before agreeing to help.

    3. Write about your least favorite character.
    My least favorite character is Ned because he kinda reminds me of a lost puppy dog. He is very naive like if you become stubborn and you're not that smart things will go your way.

    4. Write about your predictions for the rest of the plot.
    I feel like they might get talked to and maybe one of them might get hurt because of what happened to the other guys.

    5. Write about how events become tall tales or "fish stories" (the fish grows in size over time). How do our versions of what happened become exaggerated? Why?
    Because the girl only got her face cut up but it healed. Our imagination of what could have happened mixes with what happens and it just gets worse and worse.

    6. Write about how people can change, for the better and the worse
    Bill changed for the better because his wife didn't like that he used to kill people for money and she changed him and made him better but she died. After she died they were poor and didn't have any money and when someone asked if he wanted to come and kill with him for money he thought it would be a way to make money.

  11. son finds the dad with his partner
    son starts shooting at them
    English bob get himself beat up by bill daggett
    The daughter Delieh gets her face sliced up by one of the bad guys for laughing at his thing.
    Alice offers 1,000 reward to whoever can kill the cowboys.

    My favorite character is Alice because when her daughter got hurt by sliced face she tried to get the cowboys killed and a 1,000 dollar reward which she wasn't going to pay. Madison Wojciechowski

  12. So far a cowboy was with a woman and she chuckled at him and he didn’t like it so he started yelling at her and so his partner ran in that room and held her down so the other man could cut her. The two cowboys got in trouble and had to bring the man that owns the woman horses and they did but the woman hired two men to kill the cowboys that cut up their friend. My favorite character is Ned Logan because he is a great actor. My least favorite character is Lil Bill because he is not a very nice man. The cowboys get killed and the three men don’t get payed only the kid does. I think events become tall tales because we think we know what is going to happen even tho it doesn’t happen. People can change for better or worse by who is in your life.

  13. 1.So far William Munny has been offered a job to kill two cowboys who cut a woman's face. William enlists the help of his old partner, Ned, and they go after the bounty in Big Whiskey. English Bob does the same but is arrested and sent away. When William arrives he is thrown out of the saloon by the sheriff and exiled.

    2.My favorite character is William because he is old but still may have a fight left in him.

    3. My least favorite character is the schofield kid because he seems annoying and arrogant.

    4 I predict that William and his partners will get revenge on the town sheriff after what they did to him.

    5. The story of the woman's face being cut up went to being how her eyes were cut out too. Also when the sheriff is reading the story about English Bob he remembers that he was there and none of that stuff happened and English Bob should've died.

    6. William Munny has changed for the better because his wife straightened him out and he stopped killing people and drinking whiskey. He is about to change for the worse though because he is pursuing a bounty to kill someone so he can provide for his kids.

  14. Kennedy Jellis
    Pretty much everything that I wrote on the comments before are what I really want to write on here again, nothing has really changed with my feelings about the movie. I really don't understand why they cant bring guns into this town? I think it's dumb the old guy has to sit there and keep beating up these poor old men just because they have guns, it's very selfish if you ask me because if there is no guns aloud why do the cops have them? Hmm, doesn't seem right that only cops can have guns and nobody else can. With the fish stories it would have to be when everyone was going around saying one of the girls had her eyes cut out and her boobs and other stuff but that wasn't even true, she only had her face cut up and they were pretty bad cuts, sometimes I really have to think about this movie because some parts just don't make sense or it feels like some scenes of the movie shouldn't have even been there, I could be wrong but that was just my opinion on how I feel about the movie. The movie was good from the start but I'm starting to not understand so it's getting confusing at times but very easy to get back on topic later on. Everyone changes on so many different levels, you can change bad and good for the people you surround yourself with for too long, a job could change your time of hanging out with people, I know I for sure find myself hanging out with my boyfriend more than my friends but right now everyone knows the situation so they understand, but I do hang with my boyfriend more because I seem to be much happier around someone who is themselves and not hide who they are. With my job, I am a lot more tired more often, I don't like being out much like I used to but I don't mind it cause then I just sit at home and watch a lot of movies with my amazing family and awesome boyfriend! I've had a lot of friends change me, they've made me realize you don't need that many friends, and it's hard to put trust into someone when they've lied so many times. Everyone has their reasons to change and people will judge but they shouldn't because it's not their life and nobody should live their life trying to please anyone.

  15. 1.The 3 men are beginning their journey to kill the cowboys and they are fighting and having to sleep in the rain and they go into town and go to a bar and Will is sick and out numbered when the town people s around him with guns and they force him to give up his gun and one man beats him to hell and 2 other men run away.
    2.My favorite character is Will because he is a bad man and he is not afraid to shoot people to save himself.
    3.My least favorite person is the town cop, he think's he runs the town and can do whatever he wants whenever he wants he beats up will for no reason.
    4.The men are gonna get to the town and kill the bad cowboys and do it being total ba's.
    6.People change as they get more and more into life .

  16. In the film I have seen that Bill was a mean and killer. But then when he got married and his wife changed him to be a better and caring person. Then Bill wife died, leaving Bill to raise their kids. Bill also had hog farm, but the hogs keep getting sick. Then one day a kid came to him and he said that there was a cowboys that needed to be killed and that there is 1000 dollar reward. So Bill decides to that he need that money so he goes to meet up the guy.