Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Giver = Pleasantville


Type 300+ words about the novel and the film. What/how you type is entirely up to you.

Math-like equations? Like Jonas + Gabriel = Hope.

Help the rest of us be as smart as you are.


  1. Collin L.
    I think that the film pleasentville is like the novel the giver very much. First I think that the characters Jonas and bud are alike. In the giver jonas becomes someone who wants to change the community for the better so they have a choice in something and don't have to follow the same routine everyday. Bud in pleasantville at first doesn't wanna change the community he just wants to go along with it but mary sue then engages in activities with a male and it makes him see red. After a while bud sees that change is good in this community so that people don't have to just do one thing and he sees that some people are bored of doing the same thing and don't know what to do when that thing doesn't happen. Also in the ending of the movie and novel are very alike. In the giver jonas is on a sled and he seems to find a new community with music and lights and choices. But in the end it doesn't tell you what really happens you have to decide what happens unless you read the other books then it is apparent that he is still alive. But the way i perceived the ending is that jonas had a near death hallucination and died in the snow from the cold. In Pleasantville the mom and dad are on a bench talking and sharing a laugh but then one second the camera zooms in on the mom then it shows the character that the mom actually finds out that she likes and she doesn't like the husband. So when the movie shows the other guy I think that maybe time has passed and that maybe the mom marries him. Or maybe the character that they show at the end is the guy in the soda shop but it changed because maybe now that things were different he thought that he was able to be with her.

  2. We have been studying 2 great things in class a great book and a fabulous movie
    I absolutely loved both of them…In the movie Pleasantville it is simply about a world that is nothing but perfect and pleasant these 2 teenagers find themselves in the popular TV show Pleasantville and everything goes downhill from there when they start breaking the rules, every time the rules are broken then stuff will get more colorful and not pleasant everything is black and white and they do not like colors they are used to the same routine every day and doing the same thing at the same time and they do not get sick of it. Every time that something happens the town people will get scared and not know what to do and then they will freak out and bring the town together…One night there is a tree fire and Bud runs to the fire station and tells them to hurry up and the fireman just sit there like nothing is wrong and then Bud yells Cat and then then the fireman get ready and go to the house and buy this time all the people are outside looking at the fire and then the fireman arrive and they just stand there and look at it and Bud tells them to put it out and they don’t know how to so Bud grabs the water and puts the fire out and then he goes to the Dinner and then everybody is there and then they ask him Bud how did you know how to put it out? Bud says where I come from those were common and then someone asks where you used to live. Bud says outside of Pleasantville and then the room goes silent people ask what it like out there is… In the Giver the only way to get memories is by having your back touches and there are only 2 people that can get good memories the Giver and One more person The Reciever.

  3. Pleasantville and The Giver have only two things in common in my opinion, and that is both stories take place in a black and white setting, and both protagonists want to change their society. In the Giver, Jonas wants to change his community for the better. He wants to introduce them to feelings, memories, and culture. Jonas leaves his community to pursue whatever lies beyond the river. He travels very far away from his community, escaping drones and search parties. Bud and Mary Sue accidentally introduce “new feelings” into Pleasantville and that eventually turns everyone into “normal” individuals with different feelings and when they begin to experience love, they turn to color instead of black and white. What I like about Pleasantville is all of the references to the past about riots and change. They burned books like the Nazis, and destroyed a store with color in it just like the riots during the Civil Rights Movement. I also like all of the references to the Bible in Pleasantville such as the burning bush, and biting into an apple. I think it is neat how they put those in there even though I’m not religious. In the Giver, I like how Jonas goes back to save Gabriel instead of gaining courage and strength from the Giver. Jonas sacrifices many things for Gabriel and risks being released for breaking the rule of giving out memories. Bud risks going to jail to prove a point that feelings can’t be controlled and even exposes the town mayor in front of everyone. Both stories demonstrate courage by the protagonists by rebelling against their own order and attempting to change it for the better. To answer the question on the board, “Is there a Gabriel in Pleasantville?” I don’t think there is one. I don’t see how there can be a character who Bud is taking care of that maybe related to him.

  4. The novel and the film are kind of the same I think because at first in the novel and the film it is all perfect and everything happens in a certain way and everything happens for a reason and then when one person starts to see the color red everything changes. I think the TV repair man is like the Giver because he gave the two kids a remote to got to Pleasantville and have a fun time but at first they hated it then they liked it and in the novel the kid liked it but then hated it. I think Bud is like Jonas because they both are the first people to see the color red and they both are the ones who changed their world. I think there is a Gabriel in the novel I think Gabriel is Jenifer. Or then if I think about it even more there could not be a Gabriel in the film. The counsel in the film and the old people in the novel are the same because they both decide what to do and what happens. I think it is kind of similar when in the novel it snowed and in the film it rained. I think the novel is the not the same as the film because in the end of the film it is nothing like the novel. I liked the film more than the novel because I have read and seen the novel more than once and I have never seen Pleasantville before and I thought I wouldn’t like it but I turns out I kind of liked the film way more than what I expected to. I think if there was a book called Pleasantville I would probably read it even though I hate reading. But if I liked the move I probably will like the book.

  5. They are almost exactly alike. They are similar because Don Knox is like the giver. He sends Bud to this t.v. show like the giver did to Jonas. Than Bud really didn't want to change anything in the beginning but he started to change his mind when he saw how robotic everyone is. Then he knew what to do when everything went to crap or was different. Like Jonas when he went further away people I assume got their memory back. Like when Bud saw that house on fire he knew how to put it out. Jonas knew what everything was and colors. Then when people in pleasantville started to change they changed color and saw color. Another thing is that they all had similar names like Bud, Buck. Then when they felt out of order they didn’t know what to do so Bud helped them kinda like the giver. Every one said the same thing and did the same thing every day like the giver. They all had jobs assigned to them. Also in pleasantville it was like back in the day when wives did all the house work and couldn’t do anything else. They also didn’t have love families didn’t feel love. When Bud/ Jonas asked if his family loved him they said that was a ridiculous question. Jonas/ Bud also stood up to people did the impossible and different. Jonas/Bud were different than everybody else. But they both didn’t know how to use their power in the beginning they weren't sure.

  6. The Giver and Pleasantville air similar stories in many ways, but they are also different in many ways also. The Giver is a story where the main character is a young boy and is starting to see things differently, and the main character in Pleasantville has a colored girlfriend. Both of the stories take place in a small community that is ran by some sort of council that makes all of the decisions. This becomes a problem in both of the stories because the leaders do not want change, they will protect their way of life at all cost. In the giver at the end there is not any end for the leader of the town, but in pleasantville the leaders of the town are all changed to color by the main character and the main leader runs out of the town hall like a little girl. I would say that in the two stories the main characters play different roles in the story. In The Giver the main character gets to be the new receiver and does not feel like he needs to help the rest of the town, while in pleasantville he wants to help his mother and ends up helping the whole town and making it turn colorful. they are different because The Giver takes place far into the future, and Pleasantville takes place in the 1950s. They take place extremely far from each other. In the giver he starts to see colors one at a time and it starts out seeing them and not realising what they are, and in pleasantville they all know what color is but they forbid if in the town. He breaks the rules of the town by painting a huge mural on the side of the courthouse.

  7. There are many similarities between the novel "The Giver" and the movie Pleasantville. The Giver in the book is more or less the TV repair man in the movie. In the book the giver, is well the giver, he gives people memories because in the town that he lives in they feel nothing. In a way they don't know what love is, and they also see no color. Everything is black and white with different shades of grey. In the movie it is basically the same thing other than the TV repair man doesn't really give memories but he gives Bud this remote that takes them into the TV show called Pleasantville. One of the main characters in the book is Jonas. One of the characters in the movie is Skipp Between these two characters they are very similar. In the book Jonas is the first person in the town to start seeing colors at that time. In the movie Skipp is the same way. In both the movie and the book the colors really startled both characters. Jonas was playing catch with an apple that was the color grey of course but then all of a sudden the apple changed in thin air just for a split second. In the movie Skipp is walking up to Buds house and notices a rose but the rose wasn't grey it was also red. During the book and the film for characters who can see color, start to see more and more of it each day. In the book the weather was always the same all the time but then while Jonas and Gabe are on the bike riding out of town the weather changes! In the movie while things are getting more color and the husband has no food the weather changes from nice and 70 to horrible and rainy.
    Dwight Harris

  8. In the book and in the novel
    what people are told is what they follow
    they learn at birth to be the exact same
    and people are given only certain names
    without emotions or even opinions their life is boring but consistent
    once they learn about difference and hear their own personal thoughts
    everything goes haywire and refusal to believe in all they were taught
    the real world is harsh, yes but suppression is too
    everyone should personally decide who to be and be accepted for whoever that is
    equality is righteous and our self being should never be neglected
    memories are given to jonas and he learns about how it was
    he fights for his people's rights even when they don't know what big of an impact he will make by riding the red sled down in the snow
    now bud has also realized that his town is not right
    he gets most to see what they never have
    which is love and self independence but it’s made the rest mad
    the men want their women home and they want to be fed
    they want it back to when they slept in two separate beds
    oppression has taken over and madness has struck
    but what they will come to realize is the water is now tainted and can never be the same
    the life they used to live is now the past, the colors have been painted
    and images have been created and their world has been flipped
    a bite of an apple, a kiss on the lips
    Now no being is same, no being is perfect
    that is okay to me
    perfection should be unattainable
    our flaws make us who we are
    I would never wish for a world where my ideas would starve
    we are all beautiful beings because we are different
    it makes us unique, it makes our lives complete
    So live your life how you want to
    it’s only up to you on what you do

  9. 1. Jones and bud are both teenagers
    2. Both see the color red first.
    3. Both want to know more.
    4. They both know and seen more then others.
    5. They both are the main charters

    I think there is a Gabriel because Mary sue went with bud to pleasentville and bud took care of Mary sue.

  10. The giver is about a boy named Jonas who lives in a small town and they go by rules that apply to the chief of the town. As every year they grow, they get a present to show how old they are and what group they are in. The dad of Jonas works at a daycare and if there is twins in the city they have to put one of the newborns down. There was one boy named Gabriel that the dad brought home from the daycare. He brought Gabriel home because he was having problems at the daycare with him. Then he stared sleeping in Jonas rooms and that’s when he stared having dreams that Jonas was having. One night Jonas stayed the night with The Giver, Gabriel didn’t sleep at all and they were going to put him down and Jonas ran away with him at the end. He has a little sister named Lilly. She was eight and she loved Gabriel. She got a button up coat for her age group and next year she was getting a bike.

    Pleasantville is about a boy named David, in which he lives with his sister and mother and the mother is never around because she’s going on trips with guys. David and his sister were fighting over the remote that they got from the guy that came to their house to give them a new remote. While they were fighting the TV remote, the remote sucked them into the TV. The got sucked into the show, Pleasantville,they lived in the city that buddy and Mary Sue lived in.

  11. Pleasantville is like The Giver because is has some similarities. Like is colors for the first time like the color Red. There are both teenagers want to know more. They have ex piered more than others and seen. Jonas and Bud are main characters. They are both pleasant. The Giver Gabriel got released he was sick. The mother was daycare lady and dad was the judge. there was racist towards colored who can see colors. IT was the a book and really good movie. Morgan Rolfson

  12. There is alot similarity between Bud and Jonas. The first is that both them see the color red when they break the rule. Second is both of them are controled by elders or men. Third is that both of them were heros.
    Also I hink that there is a gabriel in pleasentvile because in the giver Jonas bring Gabriel with him just like Bud bring his sister.

  13. List of Pleasantville things

    • Jennifer and David were fighting over the remote

    • David wanted to watch Pleasantville, and Jennifer had a guy coming over to watch TV with her

    • David and Jennifer were fighting over the remote and it slipped out of their hands and hit the wall and broke.

    • Bud and Mary sue were fighting over something on the show.

    • The TV repairman came to repair the TV

    • The TV repairman and David started to talk about Pleasantville

    • David knew all the answers to all the questions that the TV repair man was asking him.

    • The TV repairman gave David the new remote

    • He said it has more power

    • The TV guy left David and Jennifer.

    • David and Jennifer stared fighting over the new remote that the tv guy just gave them.

    • They pressed a button on the remote and it put them in the middle of Pleasantville marathon

    • They got called to breakfast

    • They went to the kitchen and found lots and lots of food that their mom made for them.

    • David and Jennifer ate breakfast and went to school.

    • On their way to school one of the neighbors said hi to David and Jennifer

    • Jennifer asked david if he know who that was

    • Jennifer didn’t know who that was

    • David did know who that was from the movie

    • David and Jennifer got to school

    • Jennifer’s friends were waiting for her

    • David and Jennifer went to class and there were apples lined up acrossed the teachers desk

    • David went to basketball practice and he made all the shots that he tried to make.

    • When they were leaving all the basketball players shot and made all the shots altogether.

  14. The Giver is a reading that really made me think. It was extremely different from any other book I have read, and I don’t read at all. I only read books that my friends have recommended to me to read knowing that it's something I would enjoy reading and be able to actually get into the book. Before we started reading it I kind of judge the book by its cover and thought it was going to be boring and something I couldn’t get into. But The Giver really made my mind think and run. I was beyond confused for about the first half of the book, I didn’t understand the Community, the families, the Government if that's what you want to you call it, and because of this, I would actually sit and think about what is going on in this book. Once I figured out what the author what writing about and trying to get across to the reader, my mind was changed. In some parts it made me think about Harrison Bergeron and how in that short story everybody is equal. No person is prettier, stronger, smarter, more handsome, no one person is better than anybody else. And in The Giver everybody is essentially equal. It’s a whole new world these people live in. To have your job picked out specifically for you, you don’t find your soulmate and get to feel the desire of love, you are chosen who your significant other is, children don’t go to school, instead they are taught specific things at certain ages and get special privileges the older they get. Every person in the community is required to take a daily pill that restricts them from any emotional, physical feelings that people in the past felt. This pill would eliminate hormones, the feeling of love, passion, sad, angry, what it's truly like to care about a person, instead parents are proud of their children instead of loving them, children get irritate and talk about a situation instead of feeling angry about a problem. Children and families are only allowed to eat at certain times during the day. Mistakes or broken rules are announced through the entire community for that person to realize and notice to not do that again, and also for the community to understand that whatever has happened is not allowed. It brings your mind to a whole new way of what life may be like in hundreds or thousands of years. It brings to your mind a way of life nobody could ever even think about living because of the way we live here in America, or just around the world.

  15. The giver ≠ Pleastville