Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Get Low

Write 400+ words about the film Get Low.

You have options.

Research a review of the movie.

Summarize the plot.

Write about the value of land. Or any topic related to the film. Revenge. Guilt. Forgiveness. Generosity. Storytelling. Nature. Funerals (should they happen before death?). Solitude. Happiness. 

You decide what to write on. Use Google Drive to keep your 400+ words safe.


  1. Get low is basically about how this man named Felix was dating a woman named Mattie and then fell in love with her sister who was already married so they were going to run away with each other and get married and start a family, but sadly the woman that was already married was not where they were suppose to meet up at and leave so Felix went to her and her husband's house and found out that the husband hit her with a hammer and got into a fight with the husband and Felix went to go upstairs to check on the woman when he went to help her up but she was dead and then the husband threw a lamp at the wall and started the house and man on fire and so the man ran out of the house and saved his life. So after that Felix built a house and could it jail and locked himself in it, but after 40 years of doing that Felix wanted to throw a funeral while he is still alive. So he went into a funeral home and told Frank and Buddy about what he wanted to do and they agreed he told them he wanted to invite everyone that has a story about him, but then he said if people come and send $5.00 for a lottery when he dies the family that wins will get to live in this house on this huge land. Felix went to his friend named Charlie that was a pastor and asked him to speak at the party but Charlie said no so then Felix tried to cancel it but the people that planned the party named Frank and Buddy told him no and then his friend said that he would talk at the funeral and then Felix asked Charlie “if I can’t tell them my story will you tell them for me?” Charlie said “yes but, you has to try to tell them his story.” The time came and Felix walked out to where he would have to tell everyone his story and he walked up and slowly but surely told everyone his story and that he asks for forgiveness. The party went on and he went back into his house and was by himself. Shortly after Felix died and was buried by his dogs and Mattie put a picture of her sister in with Felix and then walked away crying.

  2. So this movie starts out with a house on fire and already you have questions, then you see a man jump out of the window on fire and then more questions arise. After that the setting changed to a small cabin in the woods with a kid throwing a stone through a window. The kid starts to run and then eventually gets caught by the man who’s window he broke, And right there you can tell who the main character is. The story revolves around Felix Bush, a creepy old hermit that lives out in the woods alone whos only company seems to be a picture and a mule. One day he decides that he wants to “Get Low” and heads to church to see if he can arrange a funeral and when he is asked if he has made peace with god he just leaves. There you can already sense that something is haunting Felix and it has something to do with forgiveness. You can tell throughout the movie that Felix is a clever man and is ready to die but the most odd thing is that he wants to celebrate his funeral when he is alive, but the real reason he wants peop;e to come to his funeral is so he can confess. Confess about his love and the fire and how after that day he could never forgive himself and he blames himself for everything that had happened.
    I don’t like the idea of somebody random winning the lottery and winning all of his land I feel like that, I feel like Buddy should have gotten it for his devotion to Felix. I think that maybe perhaps in some form Felix found a form of happiness in being alone for 40 years, I mean if he couldn’t handle it he couldn’t possibly keep it up for 40 years could he? I like how at first you get the impression the Frank Quinn isn’t going to be a “bad guy”. But you later sees that he is unhappily divorced and an alchoholic but as you see later on in the movie, He is very dedicated to his job and you can tell this when he goes and gets the preacher up North for Felix when he fails to get the preacher himself. The ending was interesting, I think the person he sees is the ghost of his love and at that point he is fully ready to die.

    Keaton Leopold

  3. I think that a man was running from his past but before he died he wanted to get what happened off his chest. what happened was when he was younger he started seeing his girlfriends sister, while her sister was married and one day they were going to do something and she didn't show up so he went to her house looking for her when he knocked on the door her husband answered the door and he had blood on him so he punched him and found a hammer with blood and hair on it next to the stairs and at the stop of the stairs she was dying. the house started on fire when the guy was trying to save her and the girl and her husband died in the fire and he live so he imprisoned himself by himself forever.
    After 40 years he wants to tell the real story what happened that day to let everyone know and to get closer. He know he was close to death and he didn’t want to die knowing that people thought he kill her because he loved her and he was sorry for not being able to help her. so thats why he wanted to have a funeral before he died.
    At the beginning of the movie he was a mean old man not talking to anyone and not wanting anyone on his land not even kids but after awhile he started talking to people trying to get a funeral before he died and he started to talk to more people and he became nicer and nicer as the days went on but on the first day he was in town he beat a guy up for throwing rocks at him and telling him not to come in the dinner. He also didn’t like going to town because he thought he was a mean killer and that he hated everyone and was not a nice guy but they were all wrong because he didn’t even do anything wrong he just tried helping the girl he liked.
    I feel like he was relieved that his ex-girlfriend forgave him for what he couldn't do and know forgave him for blaming him for something that he didn’t do. He was also happy that everyone now knows the truth about what happened and why he did what he did and why it was so hard for him to tell the story and why he ran from the past.
    -Alex Whitlock

  4. Get low is an excellent film with a good story. This movie is a love story with a little bit of fear and evil. In this movie the main character is an old man and his name is Felix. Felix is like a legend in this town. Felix is like a myth. Several stories have been going around the town about Felix. There is only one true story about Felix. Felix was dating a girl. At one point Felix fell in love with girlfriends sister, Mary Lee. Mary Lee was married to a man and Mary was also in love with Felix. Felix and Mary had a plan to run away together. One day Felix was meeting up with Mary and her husband was at the house. Felix and mary’s husband were arguing and fighting well in the fight before Felix killed Mary’s husband with a hammer one of them managed to knock over a kerosene lamp and it started the house on fire. The house caught flame very fast. Felix was freaking out. He had killed Mary’s husband and now he had to try to get mary out of the house. Felix found Mary, but she was laying on the ground. Mary did not seem to be awake. Felix approached Mary and he began to get scared. He had worried that Mary could have been dead. Well she appeared to be dead, Felix tried to get her up. Felix had then noticed that he himself was burning in flames. Felix does not remember how he made it out. Felix managed to make it out of the house through the window but, he forgot one thing, Mary Lee. Felix was so upset. Felix thought to himself, there is no way I killed my true love, but he did indeed. Felix was so sad. Felix didn't tell anyone. The only person Felix told was a priest. After Felix told him Felix built himself a prison in the middle of nowhere and he locked himself up for 40 years. Eventually Felix wanted to have a funeral before he had died. Felix wanted to hear all the stories everyone had and he wanted to tell the true story to the people. Felix wanted to have a raffle $5 a ticket Felix will have a drawing and whoever wins the drawing will get Felix’s house and land. Felix has over 300 acres of land. His land has lots of valuable lumber on it. The purpose for the drawing is raising money for the funeral.
    Kyle Frearson

  5. Get Low is about a film of an older man who has seemed to be living a life for the last 40 years that is fake. Where people talk about him and how bad of a person they all think is he. He is never greeted, visited, loved, he is like the townsman evil man. He is very frowned upon and nobody wants anything to do with him. He lives alone out almost out in the middle of nowhere, that way nobody can get to him easily and his home is vacated, surrounded by huge, bulky trees. And one of the only times he goes into town, the people just stand there and stare at him as if he doesn’t belong there, as if he is some creature from somewhere else. Men started yelling rude and hateful things, began to throw rocks at his horse and carriage he road into town with. As any person would, he stuck up for himself, but of course while doing that, the townspeople saw him hit the man with his gun and made himself look even worse. Nobody ever really did get to see him happy or smile, beside one man. And that was Buddy who at one point in the movie got Felix to chuckle a little bit after discussing if his live funeral should go on or not. You could tell that Felix had lived a hard life not being able to express the real truth behind the house 40 years ago. For some reason he never went out into the town to tell people how it really was, what had really happened. There were many times that kids would run around his acreage and around his house and chuck rocks through his window breaking them multiple times. For years and years he felt guilt of not telling people the story, of falling in love with his spouse's sister, for feeling as if he was the whole reason behind everything. Why she died, why the house had burnt down. He lives his own life without interacting with anybody else because everybody has only heard bad about Felix and was he has supposedly done to the lady he loved. Until the day he died, he had thought to himself everyday what if he just had never said hi to the lady or ever even acknowledge her because of how life for not only him, but all the others around him that had been affected by the situation.

  6. In the movie “Get Low” There is a man named Felix who does something that will follow him for the rest of his life and the town has no nice words to say about him and for what he did he locks himself in his house for 40 years as a jail as he says in the movie, and it comes to him that he wants to throw a funeral party for him still being alive and he goes to a funeral home as the actor Bill Murphy only wants to help this guy only for his money cause Felix shows up with a whad of cash and so him and his partner Buddy come up with a perfect plan to throw the old man the perfect party and they dress him up and get him a haircut and then they post many fliers to the townspeople and then to get people to come to his funeral party he goes on the radio and says come to my party and enter your name to win all my land and even my house so then this makes people wanna come and see what there is and then he wants to know what people really think of him and to tell the story about him that they wanna know. Frank goes to the church 40 miles away and tries to get the reverand to come to the funeral but for the longest of time the rev said he didn't wanna come but then he comes around and does come to speak at the party and then before the party, Felix says he does not want to have to have to party, but then he comes around and they have it and there is a good turnout for the party and he tells his story to the townspeople and then the townspeople forgive him, soon after all of this happens Felix dies for real and they have a little funeral service for him and then his land is given away to a winner and all is well.

    I Think they should have parties before the person dies.

  7. Usually when having a funeral, the person who it is for is usually deceased and has been gone for at least a day or two. In this movie Get Low it starts out with a house being on fire. About half way through the movie the main character starts going through some memory that he has had built up for 40 years. He then comes up with this great idea that he wants to have a funeral but not just any funeral. A funeral for him while he is still alive, but not only is he still going to be alive at his own funeral he also decides that there will be a drawing, not just any drawing. A drawing for his land of 30 acres. At the end of this movie we later find out that he had met this girl a while back about 40 years ago. He ends up really really liking her but the only problem with that, is that she was a married women at the time. He goes to see her sister later that day but she wasn’t home. The only ones home were Mary the lady he really likes, and her husband. he knocks on the door the husband had a hammer in his hand, it was bloody. He then beat the poop out of him and went to go get mary. After that a lamp falls from a shelf and the house started to go up into flames. Felix then goes to grab mary and he doesn’t remember what happens after that besides flying out of the window. At the end of this movie he then asks all the people who came for his funeral party for, forgiveness not just forgiveness from the people but he really only wanted forgiveness from one person and that would be Mady which is Mary’s younger sister who had thought that Felix killed her sister. That he had killed the person that he loved. For years and years Felix feels like maybe if he just hadn’t looked at her, if he hadn’t just talked to her she’d be alive still he blames himself for her death for 40 years. After his funeral party he then actually dies and instead of having the entire town at his actually dies and is later buried by his dogs next to his house
    Dwight Harris

  8. Felix Wanted to host his own funerals And to get a lot of people to go he was selling his land that's good for farming, getting wood, and it's a lot of land. He was making people pay 5$ for a chance to win the land. At the funeral Felix started talking about his true love that died in a fire. His ex girlfriend was there and his ex girlfriend's sister is his true love. Felix was really sad because his true love died right in front of him and he couldn't do anything to help. Felix wanted everyone to go to his funeral so he wanted them to put it in the newspaper. They wanted to take a picture of Felix to put it in the newspaper and they were looking for Felix and saw he was trying to get a haircut. They stopped before he could get a haircut to tell him not to get one till after because no one will recognize him. Everyone that went to the funeral were like on their tip toes because they all wanted to know if they won all that land for only 5 dollars. A Lot of people thought that Felix was just a creepy old man who killed people. That is one of the main reason why Felix wanted to have the funeral because he wanted people to know who he really is before he dies. He made plans to run away with his Wife's sister. He really only got married to his wife and stuff because he wanted to get closer to his wife's sister. Mary lee and her husband died because they were fighting and her husband tried to kill himself with a lamp and it ended up catching on fire and Mary lee caught on fire too. Then when Felix tried to go save Mary Lee he ended up getting pushed out the window by Mary Lees husband. Then he tried to get back in to save them but he couldn't make it back in. Everyone tried to Blame Felix for killing Mary Lee and her husband but he didn't actually do that.Things get more complicated when an old mystery is remembered, involving a local widow named Mattie Darrow , who was Bush's girlfriend in their youth, and her deceased sister, Mary Lee Stroup. With the help of a preacher who insists on Bush telling her the truth, Bush tells those gathered at his funeral party, particularly Mattie, what happened forty years earlier. He reveals his affair with Mattie's married sister, Mary Lee.
    Dusty Josten

  9. Get Low is compiled with multiple different lessons to be learned. A single one that attracted my attention was that of forgiveness. It seemed to be a major part of the movie’s plot as it was brought up several times. Google defines the word “forgive” as a verb that means to stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for offense, flaw, or mistake. In this film, the main character Felix Bush had committed an offensive action by wanting to run away with his girlfriend’s sister, who at the time was married. When the husband found this information, he acted and killed his wife and burnt down the house; and all of this was the fault of Felix Bush. Felix looked for forgiveness but would not accept it until 40 years later with a funeral before his soon to be death.
    There are two types of forgiveness I have discovered with this film: basc forgiveness and self-forgiveness. The more common forgiveness, basic forgiveness, is where someone else is forgiving the person who committed the offense, flaw, or mistake. Usually this can take minutes for children, maybe months for older people; but for Felix it took what seemed to be the rest of his life to gain forgiveness from those who still lived whom he had wronged. Self-forgiveness seems to be a more emotionally based type. It appears also to be one that does not come over easy on the emotions. Felix seemed to be unable to forgive his ownself until the point of his death. He also began to doubt whether he should be forgiven when no one else wanted to let go of the horrible event that had taken place so long ago.
    I feel that the idea of forgiveness is placed more on religious views in our day and age, which seems to aggravate many people. But as this movies seems to portray, forgiveness is just a human way of letting go of what haunts our lives and hurts us so much. I am beginning to believe that the topic of forgiveness has not lost its religious value, but gained one that is secular and more modern so that people in this generation and the one yet to come can become closer to each other and less angry. Modern day forgiveness is strong and can be used maybe to even benefit our worldly nations find peace. Get Low has shown me that this power is one that should and forever shall be valued in the American culture and on the international level.

  10. Felix the main character who lived in the cabin for 40 years because what he did. He loved a married woman which was Maddie's sister. Her name was Mary Lee was a beautiful woman. What happen was Mary Lee husband was beating her because she was having an affair with Felix and she liked him. He sat the house on fire downstairs and Felix was trying to save Mary but it was too late, she wasn’t getting up she was on fire. Felix killed her husband by hitting him with a hammer. Felix ran out of the burning house and he was standing there he felt really bad. Now 40 years later he wants to do a furnal before he dies. He put the money in his casket he got a haircut and dressed really nice. Felix was also picking out caskets too. He picked the most valuable, beautiful one in the whole room. Maddie loved Felix and always admire him they dated a long time ago but until she found out he had love affair with Mary Lee, Maddie hated Felix. Felix wanted to have a funeral party at his house, and thousands people went and he give us tickets which was each 5 dollars and he us a prizes like it was 30 acres of land that he would of gave. He built a really beautiful church out in the woods. He was a smart, intelligent, sweet man believe or it not. At Felix’s party he gave out a speech what happen that night and everybody shock they didn’t know what to think. After when the party was done everybody was happy and enjoying themselves. Maddie came into Felix’s room and talked to him and contort him. It was only a matter of what when Felix was going to die he was getting more weak every day. He was having several heart attacks each day. He wanted a lot of people to come to his funeral because so they know who he was. At first people knew him has gross, untalented man but when he gave out his speech, they know he was more. He thought he was alone all 40 years, but actually he wasn’t after all. Felix didn’t have any children or grandchildren because he had no wife and he regrets it all, he always wishes that he wanted a family. Felix even told the guy I can’t even hold a baby. At his funeral Maddie put a picture of Mary Lee in his casket.

    Morgan Rolfson

  11. In the movie Get Low there is a guy that lived in the woods all by himself. He lives all by himself because back in his early years he met a girl and then fell in love with her sister Mary Lee but Mary Lee had a boyfriend. One night when he went over to the Mary Lee house to see her, the house started on fire and he tried to put it out but it was too big and late. All three of them started on fire but he wasn't able to get them out. Since that day it happen he lock himself down in a cabin by the woods with nobody to talk to because he felt guilty of what he done. He shunned everybody out of his life because he didn’t want anybody to talk to. The sister Mattie that he was dating, moved about a mile out of town because of that day and what had happen to her sister Mary Lee. She was a mad at felix for years because she couldn’t believe that Felix could have fell in love with her sister behind her back and what had happen to her sister years before. Felix was planning alive funeral to hear all the bad thing said about him. He got all fix up and ready for that day. He got a haircut and got nice clothes for this big funeral. He went back to Arkansas to see his old friend/Pastor to see if he would like to come but the pastor told him he might not be able to go. On the way back from the drive he told one of the boys to let him out so he can walk home to some air. He went back to see Mary Lee grave and talk to her. Then went to Mattie house to talk to her but she really didn't want to talk to him. He wanted to talk to her about Mary Lynn and what happen between Felix and Mary Lynn. Then Mattie got mad and kick him out of her house. Then the next day Felix had his alive party. Felix and the pastor went up in front of everybody and told what happened to Mary Lee and the whole fire and how it started and talk about his life. He also talked about how he loved Mattie but he cheated on her with her sister Mary Lee and he felt bad for doing that. He knew it was wrong of him to do that. Later that day Felix died and was buried by Mary Lee.
    Madison Wojciechowski

  12. Get low the movie is a sad tale. The beginning is not so sad. It starts out with Felix the crazy hermit that lives in the woods alone. He is looked at as an evil man, who kills without hesitation, who has no heart or soul for any living being. People do not know him though. The people who believe the rumors to be true don’t try to get to know him either. They choose to believe what they hear regardless of what is true and what is not. It is sad to me no one gave him a chance all those years. No one tried to stick up for a man that in reality nobody knew nothing about. He did isolate himself though. For forty years he wanted to be alone. He wanted no contact with anyone. He let people believe what they wanted to. Then finally as his bones were getting very brittle and his hair was white and grey, he decided it’s to enlighten the town of false statements and the truth. That is where buddy comes in. Buddy doesn’t believe Felix is such a bad guy. Felix wants a funeral why he is still alive. Buddy didn’t understand why Felix would want a funeral why he is still breathing and to want to hear all of the nasty stories about him. He says he wants to hear every story people have heard of him but most of all he wants to tell his. He decides there will be a raffle. Anyone who has a story to share will place five dollars for their name to be collected, written down, and raffled to win his land. Thirty acres of untouched timber wood. A rare and valuable land. Many many people are interested in this land. He received a ton of money just because so many people wanted to participate from all around. At one point he even wanted to call it all off. Telling his story was not easy for him. His heart ached with pain. His story was about Mary Lee, a married women. He fell in love at first sight. She ended up falling in love too. They were going to run off together and start a family. The day they were supposed to she did not show. He went to her house and the husband answered the door with blood on him. Felix barged in there was a hammer on the floor with blood and hair on it. He beat the husband up and ran upstairs to Mary Lee. He saw her dragging herself on the floor. As he was about to get her and escape the husband came up after he set the downstairs on fire. Then the upstairs began to abrupt with flames as he called at to Mary she did not respond. He then realized the harsh truth she was set on fire and there was no way to help it. He lost the only love of his life that day. Never except the reality first presented to you.

  13. It started off a in the beginning of the movie a house was on fire and a guy was jumping out of the upstairs window. Then he got up and ran into the woods while he was on fire. Then there was some little kids on his land and one of the little boys picked up a rock and thou it at his window and broke it (Carle off the walking dead). The little kid ran into the barn and ran into to the old man Felix. He thou up and ran out of their with his friends. After that the old man (felix) put up no trespassing sights to try to keep out people that he did not want on his land. Then it went to the old man (Felix) chopping wood in front of his house. His house is in the middle of the woods. Then a guy came up to him while he was chopping wood and told him that someone that he knew died. After that he went into town to the funnel home to take to them about a living funeral for him. On his way out a lot of people looked at him because of something that he did a long time ago. He was getting on his carriage to go back home and a guy was yelling at him. He did not want him to go into one of the restaurants that was in town. Felix did not pay attention to him so the guy want over to him and spooked his mules and broke something. After that he beat that guy up and then rode off home. The guys at the funeral home go out to his house. one of the funeral home guys stays in the car while the other guy (buddy) goes up to the door. He knocked on the door but no one came to the door. so buddy looks through the window. As he looked through the window the old guy (felix) shot out the window. He recognized him from the church in town. He told him to come in and he did. Felix feed him and buddy when back to the car to go back to town. felix when to town to talk to the funeral people about his living funeral agen. Felix and buddy went to felix's friends church to talk to him about coming to his living funeral. The guy does not want to. They he goes out to the car. charlie starts to talk to buddy and asked him if he knows a lot about him. After that they leave and felix told buddy to stop the car so he can get out. When he got out he goes over to a grave and talks to it.

    collin hodkinson

  14. I thought this movie was fantastic, it was a well put movie and it had great characters. When the movie first started I thought it was going to be boring and slow and no point, but then the movie started to get further and then the movie got exciting, it caught my eye very much. I was never so connected with with a movie like I did before, I thought this movie would have been an old fashioned movie to be honest. But it had started the movie with a house burning, and it’s almost as if you can hear the screaming from the house but can’t tell who. This old man by the name of Felix, he comes to the funeral home saying he want’s to set up his funeral but he is still alive, he wants people to come and tell stories. He ended up saying that he would give his land away. So what had happened was they had all got together and Felix had to get his picture done to put in the paper so he got his picture taken and then went and got his haircut and he looked better than before, then he got outfits for himself but he didn’t buy them, Frank had bought the outfits and his haircut. I thought it was crazy that he was known for having a lot of money but he had others pay for his stuff, but I guess I’d understand why he would have Frank buy his stuff because Frank had wanted Felix in the paper and wanted him to get a haircut and wanted him to get fancy clothes, I thought this had brought Felix to come out into the world more and have his real story be told and have the other stories that are going around about him to stop, and have the real one be told. His funeral was eventually brought up and a lot of people had showed up, probably the whole town had showed up. He told his story and a lot of people were shocked, especially Mattie, when she was finally told the real story how her sister had passed away she was more trustful when it came to Felix. Buddy was a main roll as well, he clicked with Felix a lot more than Frank and others. Buddy was getting everything ready and even drove Felix to where he needed to go, I think Buddy was becoming more of a family member then just a funeral director. Felix had either passed away or ran off somewhere, but I think he had passed away and is a lot happier now.

    Kennedy Jellis

  15. In the movie Get Low there was an old man named Felix who lived alone in middle of forest. He locked himself in a house with no human contact for forty years. Then one day he went to town to ask the priest if he could have a funeral and gave him money. The priest refused. But then one man named Carl saw that he had lots of money. So the next day he went to Frank Quinn who worked in the funeral home. After that he told Frank that there was a man who was looking for funeral and that he had lots of money. Then Frank agreed and they both went to see Felix. When they got to Felix house they agreed to do a live funeral party. Then he also said he wants to invite anyone who talk behind his back and has story to tell. Then he will reward them by giving the 50 acres of land. After that he went to this town to see his old friend from long time ago. His old friend was happy to see to see him and he asked his where he was for all this years. Then Felix answered I locked myself in my own jail for forty years because of what I have done. Felix’s old friend then asked his if he had confessed to the law or God. Felix said no but he said I want to come to my funeral party. Then Felix’s old friend said I won’t be there unless you confess. Then Felix got mad and walk out. After that he told Frank that he didn’t want a funeral party. Frank then asked him how about the land he promise to give to the people. Then Felix answered I don’t care about the people. Then Frank went to Felix’s old friend and pursued him to come. Then finally Felix’s old friend agreed to come to the funeral party.
    The day finally come the funeral party. Everyone was excited to see who will win the 50 acres of land but Felix was scared. But he got over it and he started to speak. And he told a story about how he fell in love with a woman who was married and both of them together decided to run away together. So they set up a date and time to meet up. But the woman didn’t show up. So Felix went to her house and rang the bell. Then her husband answered and he had a bloody hammer with him. The hammer also had that woman’s hair. Then the Felix fought the man and rushed to upstairs and he saw the woman he loved in the ground crawling. He tried to help her but the husband already started to set the whole house on fire. Then Felix saw that woman on fire and he try to help but somehow he jump out the window and he survived. And from that day on he punished himself for what happened that day. Then the all the people and Felix’s friend forgave him.
    After the party was over Felix died.

  16. Although I just recently joined the class Applied English, and I only got to see the rest of the extraordinary film “Get Low”, I thoroughly enjoyed what I did get to see. The topic I chose to write my +400 words on is funerals and if they should be held before someone takes their last breath. Personally I am torn, funerals are a time of sadness and mourning and as we are all taught at a young age, funerals are held after someone takes their last breath or after someone says their last words and shares their last memories, but if funerals could be before death I personally believe should not have been portrayed as it was in the film. If anyone is attending a funeral, I believe they should still act accordingly. In the movie the funeral “party” is portrayed as people celebrating and cheering, and overall just having a good time, and to me personally I think that is very disrespectful to the family or friends who have just literally lost someone who may have been a very big part of their life. But at the same token it would be a good thing because the person who is dying can die in peace knowing they died in a casket of their choosing, that they caused good memories for people, and that they know they had a very beautiful ceremony. If a funeral is being held before someone dies I feel like they themselves should be treated with kindness and care, and they everyone should follow the funeral setting; mourning, giving condolences, sharing their memories, and paying respect to the person who is dying. I still think we as people should pay respect during funerals that’s the way it should be and has always been. Although the film itself portrays Felix Bush as an old, lonely, scary man, there were still people in the film who respected him as a citizen and there were still people who cared or learned to care about him as a human being, so just to be respectful I think the movie should have made the funeral party scene a little more towards reality than have the people celebrating and cheering about the death of Felix. I also believe they should not have had Felix try and have a drawing for his land, again I feel like they should have played it towards reality and I think Felix should have given his land to who he cared about the most to the people who helped him organize his funeral. If I personally had to choose between an after death or before death funeral, I really couldn’t because both are in their own ways a good and bad thing, and I really am not the type of person to tell what people want or what they should do with their lives.

  17. I feel as if it was kinda pointless to have a funeral before his death. But he did this Not because he is dying but because he wants to get the town around him so he can tell them the story of why he is out there, and why he acts that way. You must have to go threw a lot to build a house and live in it for forty years without any contact to the outside world, no people visiting and so forth he also said this house was his own jail. The funeral home guys were shocked when they found out that he wanted a funeral before he was even dead. But they helped him out I even feel like they changed his life a little bit. Yes you have a lot to do with a large plot of land but you would start to get lonely. How would you even know how to act around people after forty years. Phelix was a very crabby man which is understandable being away from people for so long. But he was a very good craftsman. It was crazy at how well and fast he can build like the church that place was beautiful phelix was very upset about whatever he did back in the day. FLory